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RMA for Magento 2   v1.0.0

-21% RMA for Magento 2
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Magento 2 RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) helps store owners manage product returns and exchanges from customers conveniently and effectively. With Magento RMA, the return procedure becomes clear, easy, satisfactory for both customers and store owners

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Problems, Solutions and Benefits

Common Reasons For Product Return

  • clearIncorrect product or size ordered

    This is the most common types of product returns. When there are a number of product types/sizes, store salesmen can note the wrong items or the shipper give customers incorrect ones. Therefore, it is common that the customers complain about the wrong items or wrong sizes; then return requests (RMA requests) will be raised.

  • mood_badProduct features are not what customers expected
  • report_offThe merchandise is damaged
  • priority_highCustomers simply change their mind

Suggested Solutions For RMA Requests

  • undoReturn ordered items

    Customers send the items back to the store. There is not any extra action (commonly in case customers no longer need the item and have not made payment yet)

  • buildRepair the errors
  • cachedExchange with another item
  • attach_moneyRefund
  • credit_cardCompensate with the store credit

The Importance Of E-commerce Return Policies

  • thumb_upHighly-considered by customers

    A survey by found that 86 percent of online shoppers rated return policies of significant importance in choosing an online merchant.

  • check_circle_outlineEssential for online stores
  • settingsGive customers a feeling of security
  • add_shopping_cartIncrease sales by showing product trust

How does RMA extension work?

After a return request has been sent, store admins and customers discuss for a solution, then, the order/item will be resolved as the mutual agreement (returned, exchanged, refunded, etc)

Easy RMA requests for guests

RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) allows non-login customers to return items. With Magento 2 RMA, the customers who have not had the accounts but have placed the orders are able to send RMA requests (to require for returning/replacing purchased items) easily. This is very convenient for guest visitors.

RMA link is displayed at the top link or footer link of the homepage, so customers can easily access and raise requests conveniently.


Apply RMA by conditions

RMA can be applied based on conditions for orders and conditions for products.

Customers with the orders meeting the specific conditions such as subtotal, total weight, status, purchase point, customer group, payment method/region/country, etc will be able to use RMA.

Besides, admins can assign conditions for each product. The conditions will be based on Product Attributes such as SKU, Categories, etc. Admin can set RMA eligibility rules without any limitation.

Flexibly select RMA items

Magento 2 RMA extension handles return requests for each item, some items or the whole order.

Customers after placing an order can request for replacement/refund for the whole order or specific items only. Therefore, RMA requests are very flexible to any shoppers.

At the RMA form, there are two separate options for customers: all items or each item. With each item, customers will click to select one or some items they want to replace.


Custom RMA reasons, solutions and more


Besides the default order information such as Order ID, Billing Last Name, Email, store admins can create fields for RMA information including:

  • Available reasons such as wrong items, poor quality, change mind, etc.
  • Available solutions such as return, exchange, refund, etc.
  • Add any other fields
  • Allow/Disallow uploading images as evidence

Customers can select quickly options as suggested reasons solutions, which facilitates them during sending RMA requests.

Keep alert and discuss via emails

Customers and store admins are always alerted by emails whenever there are any updates related to RMA Requests.

Admins instantly are notified when there are new RMA Requests sent. Also, customers can be notified when their RMA Requests have been approved or rejected.

Especially, admins and customers can make any discussions via emails conveniently before reaching the final agreement. The conversations are recorded at the end of requests at the admin backend.


More features

Return Shipping Label

Create shipping labels and apply by shipping conditions. Store owners and customers can print and attach with the returned items.

Cancel requests by customers

Customers can cancel

Reject/ Approve RMA requests by admin

Admin can reject/ approve the RMA Request by changing the status

Admin create RMA Request

Admin can create new RMA request right from the backend.

Grid management

Manage all RMA requests via the grid. Admins can view and edit or create a new RMA request quickly.

RMA link

Select position for RMA Request Link and RMA Policy Link at Top link or Footer Link

Support all product types

RMA is viable with all types of products

Multiple RMA status

RMA status can be changed flexibly such as Pending, Processing, Rejected, Completed, Cancelled. Admin can set RMA Status and the allowed actions at Manage RMA Status grid.

View all RMA requests at the frontend

Customers view all details, conversation and submit a comment for an RMA at My Dashboard

Auto email when RMA status changes

Auto send emails to customers when RMA status has any updated

Multiple Stores

Support RMA with multiple store views

Extension Compatibility

Properly compatible with Google Recaptcha, SMTP, Store Credit

Full Features List

For store admins

General Configuration

  • Enable/ Disable the extension
  • Allow/ Disallow showing RMA for Guest
  • Select position to show RMA link: Top link or Footer link
  • Select page to include RMA Policy Page
  • Select position for RMA Policy Link: Top Link, Footer Link or RMA Request Page
  • Set RMA ID Increment Pattern (Only ID or with prefix/suffix)

Request Configuration

  • Allow/ Disallow creating RMA for each item in order
  • Allow uploading attached images
  • Set allowed attached file formats
  • Enable/ Disable Google Recaptcha
  • Select Default Request Status
  • Select status which allows customers to cancel request
  • Enable/ Disable Google ReCaptcha
  • Select the default status of RMA requests
  • Select RMA status which customers can cancel the request
  • Set order condition to apply RMA
  • Set admin name when replying

RMA Information

  • Add reasons available
  • Add solutions available
  • Add additional fields

Manage RMA Shipping Label

  • Set name, status, description for RMA shipping label
  • Set Return Shipping Address
  • Set store views applied with the RMA shipping label
  • Attach the image to the label
  • Insert barcode value: Order ID, or RMA ID
  • Select information of shipping label: logo, order shipping address, order ID, RMA ID, RMA information, return shipping address, print date, request date, barcode
  • Set priority level
  • Set shipping condition to apply with the label

Manage RMA Request

  • Select status for a new RMA request
  • Add comment
  • Attach files
  • Input Order Increment ID
  • Input RMA information
  • Send a reply to make a conversation
  • View, edit all RMA Request via a grid

Manage RMA Status

  • Set status name
  • Enable or disable
  • Add backend description
  • Select allowed actions according to the status (Create New Credit Memo, Reorder, Add shipping label)
  • Set the label of the status
  • Set default comment

Manage RMA Rule

  • Set name and description for an RMA rule
  • Enable or disable the rule
  • Select website and customer group
  • Set priority level
  • Set the condition to apply the rule
  • Set reason, solution and additional information for the rule

Email Configuration

  • Enable sending notification emails
  • Fill emails of admins to receive emails
  • Fill notification email templates
  • Select email templates used for admins and customers

For customers

  • Support customers to request for refund/ replace orders or specific items
  • Easy to discuss with the store via emails to reach the best solution

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