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Order Grid for Magento 2   v1.0.0

Order Grid for Magento 2
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Magento 2 Order Grid extension adds more columns and group them logically, helping store admins easily view order grid, manage and process orders better and more effectively.



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Compatible With

CE, EE 2.1.x, 2.2.x, 2.3.x


Great Innovation From Magento 2 Order Grid

The limitation of Magento 2 Default

  • error_outlineThe order information is limited

    The number of columns containing order information stops around 20 only. The problem is that the store admins would like to show more details of orders at the order grid, because the more details, the better they can manage orders from customers.

  • warningThe order attributes are displayed separated, not neatly

Better Order Grid, Better Order Management

  • playlist_addAdd many more information columns at the order grid

    There are the supplement of nearly 30 columns related to customer, billing, shipping and purchased items. Store admins can select any information they find necessary to display at the order grid. This helps stores manages orders better.

  • playlist_add_checkGroup the order column logically and neatly

The benefits to store admins

  • moodNot miss any necessary information of orders

    When there are a lot of attributes added to the order grid, store admins can select and show the important ones, so it will make sure the store admins do not miss any necessary details of orders.

  • assessmentHide or show any columns as store admins want
  • check_boxProcess orders better and effectively

Extend Order Grid with extra nearly 30 columns

Magento 2 Order Grid allows store admins to show various extra columns at the order grid.

Besides around 20 default order attributes available at the order grid, Better Order Grid supports nearly 30 new ones, which allows store admins to select and show any necessary information they want.

magento 2 add new column to order grid

Display order grid with billing/ shipping information

magento 2 Display order grid

Although there are a lot of attributes for orders, Magento 2 Order Grid extension help store admins easily manage by dividing them into 4 main specific groups: Default, Billing, Shipping, Product.

Billing Group and Shipping Group contain all the information columns related to billing and shipping data of orders. The extra information includes:

  • Shipping/ Billing company
  • Shipping/ Billing city
  • Shipping/ Billing country
  • Shipping/ Billing region
  • Shipping/ Billing postcode
  • Shipping/ Billing telephone
  • Shipping/ Billing fax

Add multiple item details on order grid

The orders become much more clear and informative with extra item details shown on order grid. The item details belong to Product Group:

  • Name
  • SKU
  • Product Type
  • Product Options
  • Price
  • Tax
  • Quantity
  • Row Total
  • Thumbnail

The selected item attributes will be displayed at the table format clearly, allowing admins to view and compare information easily.

magento 2 Add multiple item details on order grid

Hide/ show orders on grid by status

Hide or show orders on grid by status

Another noticeable feature of Better Order Grid extension is using status to hide or display orders at the backend grid. From the setting, store admin can select the status, then the orders with selected one will be hidden from order grid.

  • Canceled
  • Closed
  • Complete
  • Suspected Fraud
  • On Hold
  • Payment Review
  • Paypal Canceled Reversal/ Reversed
  • Pending

This helps admins to filter to view orders with particular status they are concerning.

More features

Change column header

Allow/ Disallow adding editing section of column header

Work well with filter function

The added attributes appear at filter section to sort orders

Extension compatibility

Fully compatible with Order Attributes, Order Labels, Mass Order Actions, Order Export

Full Features List

General Configuration

  • Enable/ Disable Order Grid extension From the backend, stores admins can select Yes to turn on Mageplaza Order Grid extension. If they want to disallow Order Grid extension, they can easily select No.
  • Allow/ Disallow adding editing section of column header purchase Admins can allow changing the column header or not as they want.
  • Select status to hide orders at grid One of the most striking features of Magento 2 Order Grid is using status to hide or show order at the backend grid.

At Order Grid

  • Extend order grid with nearly 30 extra order attributes Better Order Grid for Magento 2 allows store admins to display various extra columns at the order grid.
  • 4 groups containing order attributes at columns tab The columns are divided into four groups, including Default Group, Billing Group, Shipping Group, and Product Group.
  • Click to show any order-attribute column Store admins can click on each group and select the order attributes which they want to display.
  • Change the header of any column (if allowed) At the Order Grid from the backend, store admins can edit the column header (if allowed).
  • Filter function works well with the extra selected columns Mageplaza Order Grid module comes with the great filter function that helps admin view particular columns they are concerning.

Benefits to store admins

  • Do not miss any necessary information With the support of Magento 2 Order Grid extension, store admins can easily select and show the important attributes in the order gird. As a result, it is likely for them to get the necessary details of orders.
  • Show or hide any column they want Store admins can manage the order grid better and logically through displaying or hiding any columns as they want.
  • Change the column name It is easier for store admins to change the column name according to their wishes.
  • Manage orders better and effectively When the details of orders are shown clearly at the order grid, store admins will manage order better and process them effectively.


  • filter_drama Is Better Order Grid module compatible with any extension?
  • filter_drama After configuring in Configuration, where do I go to continue?
  • filter_drama Can I show / hide the column in groups?

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