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Order Labels for Magento 2   v1.0.0

Order Labels for Magento 2
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Magento 2 Order Labels allows adding extra columns, then auto-assigning labels with colorful images or any icons to orders at the backend order grid. Order Labels helps to clarify the orders recorded at the admin backend with better information and illustration.



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Compatible With

CE, EE 2.1.x, 2.2.x, 2.3.x


Order Labels, better solution with great benefits

Limitations in Magento 2 Default

  • errorUnable to create extra columns at order grid

    With the configuration of Magento 2 Default, admins are not allowed to create more column to fill in other information of orders at the order grid.

  • error_outlineUnable to add notes/ flags or any badges to remark orders

Current concerns of Magento 2 stores

  • not_interestedLack space to add more necessary information at order grid

    When stores have many orders and collect various order specifications, they would like to show it out to the order grid to quickly view and notice.

  • mood_badMiss the important/urgent orders due to not having any special remarks

Order Labels, better solution for order management

  • control_pointAdd unlimited columns to include order information

    With Magento 2 Order Labels, store admins no longer are worried that they miss necessary information of orders. Extra columns can be added easily and without any limitation.

  • bookmark_borderAdd remarks to orders to highlight easily
  • moodEnhance working experience of store admins

Add unlimited columns at order grid

Magento 2 Order Labels allows store admins to add extra columns to order management grid at the admin backend. These columns will contain the attached labels of orders.

New columns supports store admins to add a lot of labels working as notes/ remarks for orders. Besides default Magento 2 columns, store admins can add any new ones such as Priority, Notes, Shipping Methods depending on specific purposes.

This feature is really significant to online store to save and view the important information of orders conveniently.

Auto-assign labels for orders by conditions

Auto-assign labels for orders by conditions

Being included in the extra columns are order labels. Interestingly, the labels of orders can be assigned automatically based on different conditions from order attributes such as:

  • Total: Grand Total, Total Qty, Total Weight, etc
  • Status
  • Customer Group
  • Payment Method
  • Shipping Method
  • Shipping Location

With the support of automatic assign-label process, admins can simplify the admin tasks and save time for other activities. The assigned labels are based on conditions so this makes sure the accuracy and unity.

Beautify order labels by lively icons

The assigned labels for each order can be beautified by colors, icons or any uploaded images.

In details, admins can set the order label as text only, image only or the mix of text and image with one click selection. The color of text, background are freely customized.

The images can be flags, badges or any icons which will works as the remarks for orders. For example, admins can set the priority levels by attaching signal icons with different colors: red, orange, blue, and so on.

Beautify order labels by lively icons

Attach images to order status labels

Attach images to order status labels

With Mageplaza Order Labels extension, the order status now can be modified by adding icons or any images. The label of each order status can be beautified with uploaded images, colorful text and background.

For example, store admins can attach a clock icon to the "pending" status, or a check icon near "complete" status. This helps store admins can quickly recognize the current situation of orders

More features

Change labels via pop-up

Easy to change the current labels by selecting the new one via a pop-up

Sort order for label

Set the order for the label to display at the pop-up

Multiple labels per order

Allow multiple labels applied for an order

Full Magento 2 Order Labels Features

General Configuration

  • Enable/ Disable Order Labels extension From the backend, stores admins can select Yes to turn on the extension. If they want to disallow this extension, they can easily select No.
  • Add new columns and names With the support of Magaplaza Order Labels, store admins are able to add unlimited columns and names.
  • llow/ Disallow removing manually-added labels when using auto-assign conditions Admins can chose to skip manually-added order labels or not when applying auto-assign conditions.
  • Click "Run" to activate the auto-assign conditions to set labels automatically. One of the most striking features of Order Labels extension is auto-assign labels for orders based on different conditions.

Configure Order Labels

  • Create name for new order labels Order Labels extension allows store admin to create a name for new order labels.
  • Enable/ Disable the order labels It is easy for store admins to allow/ disallow the order labels by selecting Yes/ No option in the backend.
  • Select the columns which include new order labels Mageplaza Order Labels support the admins to choose the column to include the order with ease.
  • Set the display order for each label By entering the number in the Sort Order field at the backend, admins can easily set the display priority for the label.
  • Set the display type for the label: Image or/and text There are many display types of the label, including Image Only, Text Only, Image And Text, and Text And Image. From which, admins can easily select the display type for the label.
  • Upload the image for the label With Order Labels module, the label of each order can be more eye-catching with uploaded images.
  • Enable/ Disable auto-assign labels At the Auto-Assign Labels configuration, store admins can select Yes/ No option to allow/ disallow auto-assigning labels.
  • Set the auto-assign conditions based on order attributes Interestingly, store admins can apply automatic labels for the orders which meet the particular conditions from order attributes.
  • Add labels for order status at the Order Status grid Order Labels extension allows admins to add many labels working as notes/ remarks for orders. Hence, online store owners can conveniently save and view the essential information of orders.
  • Compatible with other extensions: Order Grid, Product Labels, Order Attributes, Same Order Number,


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