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Tier Price for Magento 2   v1.0.0

Tier Price for Magento 2
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Magento 2 Tier Price extension allows store owners to offer tier prices to customers more attractively via the automated pricing table and sounding notice. Customers will have a better shopping experience thanks to this tier-price innovation.



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Compatible With

CE, EE 2.1.x, 2.2.x, 2.3.x

Problems, Solutions and Applications

The Limitation of Magento 2 Default

  • errorNot support various tier price forms at the admin setting

    By Default, Magento comes with limited possibilities to select the price form of tier prices. There is only one option is fixed final price so store owners cannot manage or compare easily the discount prices (such as the discount percent or discount amount)

  • speaker_notes_offNot support various display layout for tier price
  • error_outlineNot able to set the title for the tier price section
  • voice_over_offNot able to apply special tier price for specific customers
  • pan_toolCustomers have to add the quantity manually

Great Improvements From Better Tier Price

  • playlist_add_checkManage the tier prices more easily

    Better Tier Price supports various forms of price: fixed price, fixed discount amount and discount percent, so the store owners can manage, compare the discount strategies clearly and exactly.

  • volume_upCreate clear notification thanks to the clear layout
  • add_shopping_cartMotivate purchase by adding the sounding title
  • groupShow special care to specific customers by exclusive tier price
  • moodEnhance customer experience via the automatical process

Automated tier pricing table

The first noticeable feature of Better Tier Price is Automated Tier Pricing table. The tiers are displayed at the form of a table clearly with the columns as Quantity, Save Amount, Price Per Item so customers can easily make the comparison and make the purchase decision quickly.

When customers make the selection of the tier price option, the quantity at the Qty box will be changed automatically. This optimizes the picking item action when customers go shopping online. For example, when selecting the tier price as $4, 30 items will appear right in the Qty box instantly.

The automatic process minimizes the workload of customers so this improves the shopping experience significantly and motivates customer

Magento 2 Tier Price

Various tier groups for quick selection

Magento 2 Tiered Pricing

With Magento 2 Tier Price, store admins can create multiple tier groups to use in different cases and occasions conveniently. For example, in Chrismas event, the tier group A will be applied, but in the Thanksgiving holiday, tier group B will be used.

Besides, creating available tier groups helps store admins to avoid the repeated setting price actions to multiple products. The products with the same tier group option will share the same tier prices.

Update the same tier price for mass products

If the store admins would like to make change the tier price of various products, mass action is supported. Mageplaza Better Tier Price is included in the Update Attributes section in Mass Action box. All the selected items can be updated with the same tier price at once.

Instead of adding tier price for each separate item manually, Tier Price in Mass Action helps store admins save a great deal of time and improve workflow efficiency significantly.

Magento 2 Tier Price extension

Offer special pricing tiers to specific customers

Better Tier Price for Magento 2 allows store admins to set price levels for special customers. Store admins can add the account emails of specific users to apply the exceptional price tiers. After the users log in the account, only they can see this price.

This is a helpful feature and store admins can apply with the important customers such as a priority offer.

Magento 2 Better Tier Price

Various types of tier pricing setting

Admin can set the tier prices in various ways. At the admin backend, there are three setting types including Fixed, Discount Percent, and Discount Fixed.

  • Fixed: Set directly the final price
  • Discount percent: Set the discount at the form of percent
  • Discount amount: Set the discount at the form of the amount

The backend forms of tier price help admin can manage well each price strategy easily.

Magento 2 setting tier price

More features

Configure tier price via pop-up

Pop-up is supported flexibly when adding tier price, tier group.

Support multiple product types

Well apply for all product types

Add sounding title

Allow adding the title of the tier price section.

Extension compatibility

Properly compatible with Quick View, Name Your Price, Catalog Permissions, Custom Stock Status, Quantity Increments

Full Magento 2 Tier Price Features

Tier Price for store admins

General Configuration

  • Enable/ Disable Tier Price extension Store admins can activate the extension via click Yes at the enable field in the admin backend. If they want to disallow Tier Price module, they can easily click No
  • Enable pricing table You are allowed to turn on/ turn off the pricing table by simply select Yes/ No option from the admin backend.
  • Auto change the qty according to the tier option When customers choose the tier option, the quantity will change automatically. The customers can quickly go to the checkout process instead of filling in a quantity manually.
  • Allow showing only the best discount With the help of Better Tier Price, store owners are capable of only showing the optimal price options to customers.
  • Set the specific customers to apply exclusive tier price One of the most useful features of Magento 2 Tier Price extension is that it allows admins to offer special tier prices for only some particular customers. It is a great way to show the store's appreciation to the important customers and build good relationships with them.
  • Set the title for the tier price section at the frontend Store admins are able to add the sounding and appealing title for the tier price section in store view from the admin backend.

Product Price Configuration

  • Add the tier prices for a product based on customer groups When store admins select customer groups to apply the tier group, the tier prices for an item will be added accordingly.
  • Add a new tier group From the admin backend, store owners are allowed to add a new tier group with ease.
  • Quickly configure by selecting available tier groups Better Tier Price extension offers various tier groups which help store owners can easily set suitable price actions to the appropriate groups conveniently.
  • Add the tier prices for specific customers By entering the customer information at the Tier Price for Specific Customer(s) section at the admin backend, store admins can set the tier price for particular customers with ease.
  • Mass action to update the tier price configuration for multiple products at once. Better Tier Price extension helps store owners to change the tier prices of various products at the same time. Hence, admins can save a great deal of time and enhance their workflow efficiency dramatically.

Tier Price for customers

  • Get clear notification about tier prices by table layout and title The first striking feature of Better Tier Price is displaying the price tiers via a clear form of the table and sounding title. Therefore, customers can easily make the comparison and buy items quickly.
  • Process purchase quickly via automatic quantity change
    Process purchase quickly via automatic quantity change With the support of Better Tier Price module, the number of products will be filled automatically after customer choose a tier price option. Consequently, the workload of customers will be minimized.
  • Have a better shopping experience at the store site The attractive tier price offers via automated pricing table and appealing notification coming from the extension are more likely to make customers content during their shopping time.


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  • filter_drama Can I set the tier price different among customer groups?
  • filter_drama Can I set tier prices for specific customers?
  • filter_drama How can I change the tier prices of many products at the same time?

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