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Magento 2 Milestone extension   v1.0.1

Magento 2 Milestone extension
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Magento 2 Milestone helps online stores take good care for customers by switching shoppers to appropriate customer groups based on various attributes of customers, whole orders, or each purchased items in cart. The newcomers to a group will get specific benefits from the applied coupon rules.



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Compatible With

CE, EE 2.1.x, 2.2.x, 2.3.x


Magento 2 Milestone, better solution with great benefits

The benefits of switching customer groups for store owners

  • done_outlineManage and take care of customers better

    With numerous customers, it is very hard for store owners to manage without grouping customers. Segmenting customers and locate them into the same groups helps store owners manage customers better, and have the appropriate caring policies for customers.

  • adjustBetter targeting, better conversion rate from marketing campaigns
  • alarm_onCost and time saving
  • person_addMore chances to build up customer relationship

Some examples of applications of switching customer groups

  • moodWelcome the first-time purchasers

    All customers who have placed orders for the first time at the stores will be grouped into “New” Group. Based on that, store owners can create special policy and discounts to welcome and motivate such customers.

  • favoriteTake care for VIP customers
  • card_giftcardMotivate loyal customers
  • accessibility_newTarget to sport lovers

Assign customer groups based on customer attributes

Magento 2 Assign customer groups based on customer attributes

Milestone allows you to automatically switch shoppers to suitable groups based on a variety of customer attributes including customer data, customer default shipping address, customer group

  • Customer Data such as date of birth, name, gender, email, VAT number, etc.
  • Customer Default Shipping Address such as city, zip/postcode
  • Customer Group means the original groups of customers

For example, in May, you can switch the customers whose DOB is in May to “Discount In May” Group. This group becomes the data to help you in marketing campaigns in the upcoming May.

Flexibly switch customer groups

With Milestone, users will be switched to suitable customer groups automatically based on rules which are configured by store admins.

Customers will be changed from default groups to new groups which are more appropriate to their profile and purchasing history. Therefore, they will be taken care of better by stores.

The conditions of rules can be set up flexibly based on various attributes of customers, orders or cart items. Store admins can mix to create condition combination easily.

Group shoppers based on ordered product attributes

Group shoppers based on ordered product attributes

Another interesting feature of Milestone extension is dividing groups based on the similarities in the attributes of ordered products such as category, color, quantity of an ordered product.

Depending on this, store can get the information the popularity of each item available in store and have the business strategies suitably.

Move customer groups by order data

The customer groups can be moved by the attributes of orders. Customers whose orders share the similarity will be moved to the same groups, such as the number of orders, total order amount, average order amount, etc. For example, all customers with the first order will belong to “New” group and receive welcome vouchers.

Store owners can take advantage of this feature to run loyalty campaigns for customers depending on order attributes.

Add coupons when joining a new group

Add coupons when joining a new group

Store owners can create a coupon rule to apply for the destined group. It can work as the benefits of customers when they join a new group. Customers will receive coupon information via email. This is the way to show store appreciation and motivate customers to make more purchases as well as become loyal shoppers.

For example, after customers join VIP groups, for each order at least $50, they will get free shipping.

Activate switching groups by events or cron

The processing of switching rules can be activated based on events or cron.

With events, there are two options. The rules will automatically run when there are any new actions anytime related to creating and saving customer accounts. Secondly, the rules will be activated when there are any updates related to orders such as creating an order, creating order invoice, etc.

With Cron, the rules will be run by frequency by daily, weekly, monthly, etc. Customer Groups will be switched timely.

Activate switching groups by events or cron

More features

Logs management

Manage all customer groups via a grid

Manually change customer group

Instead of auto-assign, admins can switch customer groups manually with Apply Rules button or edit customer account from the store backend.

Display customer group at frontend

Show/ Hide the information about group at Customer Account Dashboard

Define rules priority

Rules will be processed orderly by prioritization

Full Features List

For store admins

General Configuration

  • Enable/ Disable the extension From the backend, stores admins can select Yes option to turn on Milestone extension. If they want to turn off this extension, they can easily select No option.
  • Allow showing group for customers on Customer Dashboard Store admins can display the information about the customer group at Customer Account Dashboard.
  • Schedule to run cron timely such as daily, weekly, monthly Milestone extension allows admins to set schedule to automatically switch customer groups on a frequent basis as daily, weekly or monthly.

Customer Notification

  • Enable/ Disable notifying customers when changing groups You can enable/ disable notifications to the customers via email when they are switched to new groups
  • Select name of email sender It is able for store admins to choose the sender of the customer notification email.
  • Select email template There are many customer notification email templates for admins to select.

Admin Notification

  • Enable/ Disable notifying admins when changing groups If the admins want to be noticed via emails when changing customer group, they can allow sending notification emails to admin function. If not, they can easily disallow this function.
  • Select name of email sender The merchants can select the sender of admin notification emails when switching customer group.
  • Select email template The merchants are able to choose the admin notification email template as they want.
  • Fill in the email addresses of recipients The admin notifications emails can be sent to multiple recipients whose email addresses are listed in the Send To field from the backend.
  • Set schedule for sending notification email Store admins are allowed to set schedule to automatically send admin notification emails according to their wishes.

Assign Rules

  • Set the name, description, status for an assign rule From the settings, the merchants can set the name, description, status for a rule.
  • Select website to apply Admins can freely choose the website to apply the rule.
  • Set the valid time of a rule Milestone module allows store admins to set the active time for the rule.
  • Set the priority for processing order of a rule If several rules meet the conditions, the rules will be processed orderly by prioritization.
  • Set the condition for the rule based on customer data, order data, item data According to the various attributes of customers, orders or cart items, the condition of the rules can be flexibly set up.
  • Select original group Store admins are allowed to select the original group from different customers groups, including General, Wholesaler, Retailer, and VIP.
  • Select destined group Store admins can easily select destined group from the backend.
  • Select processing type The process of switching rules can be activated based on events or cron.
  • Select processing type: Events or Crons The assign rules will be activated based on two processing types: events or cron.
  • Select actions for event type: Account Creating and Saving Actions or Order Creating and Saving Actions With events, the rule will automatically run when there are any updates related to customers account or orders.
  • View, edit all created customer groups via a grid From the Manage Logs in the backend, merchants can easily manage all customer group.
  • Switch customer groups manually with Apply Rules button or edit customer account from the store backend In necessary situations, store admin can change the customer groups manually instead of auto-assign.

For customers

  • Be taken care of better when being grouped separately
    Be taken care of better when being grouped separately When customers are segmented, they are likely to receive the appropriate caring policies.
  • Be offered with suitable policy and programs The merchants often create welcome, discount, or loyalty programs to build up, maintain, and tighten the relationships with the targeted customers. Therefore, being in a group, customers can enjoy great benefits from these programs.
  • Have better experience when shopping at store The better customers are taken care of, the more satisfied they feel with the online store during their shopping time.


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  • filter_drama Based on which conditions are the customer groups assigned?
  • filter_drama When is the assigning process activated?

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