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Magento 2 Promotions extension enhances cart price rules to help e-commerce stores create many more discounts and promotions to attract customers and boost sales significantly.


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Special Promotions

Special Promotions for Magento 2

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Special Promotions for Magento 2

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Special Promotions - Solution for Magento 2 Promotions

Magento 2 Default only offers conditions based on product and cart attributes. In case store owners would like offered discount on order conditions, it is unable.

In Magento 2 Default, rule actions is limited to only 4 options:

  • Percent of product price discount
  • Fixed amount discount
  • Fixed amount discount for the whole cart
  • Buy X get Y free (discount amount is Y)

In cart price rules grid of Magento 2 Default, only some general information such as Rule name, coupon code, valid date, status, store views are displayed. More details such as discount type, discount amount, etc are not shown. This causes the inconvenience for store admins.

In Magento 2 Default, the discounts are applied to the whole cart. In case, store owners would like to narrow the application to specific cart items, it is impossible.

Magento 2 Special Promotions allows store owners to create more discounts based on extra order conditions:

  • Total quantity
  • Total paid amount
  • Total refunded amount
  • Average amount
  • Order status
  • Order Created Date
  • Order Created Within (days)

New interesting discounts comes from the enhancement in actions of Special Promotions:

  • Set to-fixed amount discount
  • For each $X spent, get $Y discount
  • For each $X spent, get $Y discount for the whole cart

Special Promotions allows narrowing the discount result to cart items in the following cases:

  • Apply discount to the cheapest items
  • Apply discount to the most expensive items

Store owners can view more details of discount via the grid:

  • Discount type
  • Discount amount
  • Additional item action
  • Action(edit)

Here are some cases of discount rules thanks to the support of Special Promotions

  • Buy 3 products of the same type, discount to only $ 20 per product
  • Buy 3 products of the same type, discount to only $ 20 per product, and only apply to the cheapest product in cart
  • For order created early than 30 June 2019, Buy 3 products of the same type, discount to only $ 20 per product, and only apply to the most expensive product in cart
  • For the order created in the previous 3 days, For each $30 spent, get $1 discount for each product in cart
  • For pending or processing orders, for each $30 spent, get $1 discount for 2 cheapest products in cart
  • For order created with one month, For each $30 spent, get $1 discount for 2 most expensive products in cart

Special Promotions based on order value, status & history

With Magento 2 Special Promotions, store owners can create sales rules with the additional conditions of order specifications:

  • The amount basement: total quantity, total amount, total paid amount, total refunded amount and average amount
  • The order status
  • The order created date
  • The orders created within (days)

For example, the discount rule will be applied for the orders whose total paid amount equals or greater than $200 and order status as complete.

With the enhancement in order conditions, the promotions are applied more exactly and suitably.

Special Promotions with cart items

With Magento 2 Special Promotions, store admins can narrow the application range of discount to special cart items. Depending on selection, the discount will be applied to specific items in cart

  • Apply discount to only the cheapest item(s)
  • Apply discount to only the most expensive item(s)

More choices for Promotions types

Compared to available discount types in Magento 2 Default, Special Promotions module adds up to 4 new ones:

  • Set the final amount after discounts. For example, $10 means the final price of each item after discount is $10
  • Spend X amount, get Y discount amount. For example, for each item 30$ get 1$ discount per item
  • Spend X amount, get Y discount for the whole cart. For example, for each cart 30$, get 1$ discount per cart.
  • Buy X get Y. A customer can get Y items free when by X items. With X & Y are difference product. Example: Buy 3 tee shirts and get 1 bag.

Enhance Cart Rules Grid

To support store admins to manage promotion rules more easily and effectively, the Cart Rules Grid has been upgraded with helpful changes.

  • Extra columns: Discount Type, Discount Amount, Item Action. With this improvement, admins can view, search and filter the most necessary information of cart rules.
  • Mass action: Take actions on multiple rules at the same time such as delete, change status.

More features

Discount Breakdown

Display all discount rules separately

Developer Mode

Allow special IP addresses to view discount in details for products

Restrict total discount

Set the maximum of the discount amount for a whole cart (by fixed amount or by percent of cart subtotal)

Extension compatibility

Properly compatible with Mageplaza Multiple Coupons

Duplicate for quick rule (coming soon)

Duplicate current rules to make the new rules with some changes quickly

Cart Hint (coming soon)

Show the hint message to suggest customers about promotions

Full Features

For store admins

Create/ Manage Cart Price Rules

  • View all cart price rules via a grid
  • Input rules general information: Rule Name, Description, Websites, Customer Groups, Priority
  • Input coupon information: Coupon, Coupon Code, Uses, Valid Time
  • Set the conditions to apply the rules: product attribute combination, product subselection, order subselection, cart attribute, condition combination. In case using order conditions, select extra conditions: total value base, order history, order status
  • Set actions for the rules based on available default Magento options
  • Set actions for the rules based on new options of the module: To-fixed amount discount, For each $X spent, get $Y discount, For each $X spent, get $Y discount for the whole cart, Buy X get Y
  • Set a discount number according to each action type
  • Set maximum Qty discount
  • Set Discount Qty Step (Buy X)
  • Select Maximum Discount Type: No, Fixed amount, Percent of cart subtotal
  • Allow/ Disallow discount applied to shipping amount
  • Allow/ Disallow discarding subsequent rules
  • Select free shipping condition
  • Set conditions and actions for cart items
  • Select apply/or not for item which has Special Price/Tier Price
  • Set rule conditions based on Customer attributes
  • Rule condition: Sales rule condition (total order revenue & total number of orders)
  • Compatible with other extensions: Save cart, Tier Price, Coupon Code, Daily Deal.

General Configuration

  • Enable/ Disable the extension
  • Display details of discount
  • Set the maximum discount for the whole cart

Developer Mode

  • Enable/ Disable the developer mode
  • Input the whitelist IP(s)

For customers

  • (New feature) Coupon Pickup: choose coupon from a list of coupons on Checkout page and Shopping Cart page
  • More chances with diverse discounts
  • Have better experience with interesting promotions

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05 February 2021


I can set more promotion types like all items at X price, or buy X amount and get Y amount discount for the whole cart. Exactly what I'm looking for. Definitely recommend this extension.

Dwayne -Verified Purchase
01 February 2021

Love it

Different conditions can be set and discounts can be limited. It really works for my site. You guys did an amazing job! The support is very thorough and helpful too.

Olivia -Verified Purchase
27 January 2021

Simple solution

Totally recommend this extension. I want to set up promotions and this is just right for me. No more complicated coding and things like that. Easy to install as well.

Jeff Allen -Verified Purchase

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