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Table Category View extension displays the Category Page at the table view format. Customers can view, compare products, add product quantity and pick all to the shopping cart easily and quickly right from the table view category page.


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Table Category View

Table Category View for Magento 2

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Table Category View for Magento 2

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Problems and Solutions

The category page by Magento 2 Default does not allow customers to compare the products easily by criteria such as attribute options, price. Therefore, shoppers find it hard and time-saving to find out their preferred one.

On the default Category Page, the information such as product description, SKUs, stock status is not displayed while in fact they are very important to customers.

A customer is unable to add to cart the qty of a product larger than 1 on the default category page.

He has to redirect to the Product Page to fill in the wished qty, which wastes time and causes inconvenience.

Another limitation of the default category page is that customers have to add each product to the cart one by one. They can not add different products to the cart in one click.

By display as the table view, customers can easily view all the available belonging to one category. They can compare their criteria quickly to find which product they want.

By Table Category View, store admins can show customers more extra helpful information including the product description, SKU, stock status

Customers can add their preferred quantity of any product on the Category page via the Qty box - an additional useful element.

After selecting quantity for each product, via one click, customers can add all the selected items to their shopping cart instantly.

Hence, customers can save much more time and have a better shopping experience on the Category page.

View categories in table format

This noticeable feature in this module is bringing shoppers a new look of Category Page in the table view. This is the new experience to refresh the shopping site, attracting customers effectively.

The Category Page layout is structured with the columns and rows showing the main content of products belonging to a category. The interface is much more convenient and clear to absorb the information. More importantly, with the table view, customers can compare the products in one category easily. Therefore, customers can access their preferred items quickly.

Customers can select the custom options of the configurable products right on the table-view Category Page. Compared to the Magento 2 Default, customers have to redirect to the Product Page to select the custom options, which is time-wasting and reduce shopping experience on the site.

By contrast, with the support of Table Category View, shoppers can stay on the category page to process the custom option selection easily via popup. All the custom options related to a product will be displayed clearly and fully on the popup and ready to be selected. Definitely, this will make customers feel much more convenient and shop with more pleasure.

Extra product information on the Category page

A very outstanding feature of Table Category View is displaying extra important information related to the product on the Category page. On the new appearance of the Category page, customers can view the additional features as below:

  • SKU
  • Product Description
  • Stock Status
  • Configurable Product Grid View

All the information is helpful to shoppers, providing them with more knowledge of the products. When customers understand your products better, they are likely to make the purchase decision much more easily.

Ready quantity box on the Category page

With Table Category View, a customer can set the quantity for any items right on the Category Page easily without having to go to the Product Page of each item. The Qty column is ready on the table allowing customers to enter their wanted number of each item quickly.

Even though the qty box is small but very effective on the Category page. It minimizes all the redirection actions to product pages to add responding quantities. Because it helps customers save time, their shopping experience is definitely better.

Add all to cart at once

Another typical feature of Table Category View is the Add-All-To-Cart button. When a customer already set certain quantities for their preferred items on the Category page, they can add instantly all of them to cart in only one click.

Via this click, a popup opens and summarizes the product list added to the cart with notified status. Customers can continue shopping or to view cart and process checkout. As a result, the shopping process on the Category page becomes very simple, convenient and time-saving. The new functions have optimized the efficiency of the Category page amazingly.

Custom Category Page with ease

Interestingly, store admins can customize the content and design of the advanced Category Page with ease.

For the content, the admin can show or hide columns as Add To Cart button, Product Image, Product Short Description, Product Review Rating, Stock Status, Configurable Product Grid View. The amount of information on the Category page is controllable.

Besides, the color design of the main elements can be configured from the backend easily:

  • Add-All-To-Cart text color
  • Add-All-To-Cart button background color

More features

Customer groups

Apply the category table view with customer groups

Table View as default

Set Table View as the default category view

Add to cart buttons

Show the Add To Cart button of each product or show merely the Add All To Cart button of the whole category.

Popup supported

A popup opens when selecting product options and when adding all to cart

Show Configurable Product Grid View

Able to show Configurable Product Grid View if the extension has already installed.


Properly compatible with Mageplaza Configurable Product Grid View

Full Features List

For store admins

Table Category View Display settings

  • Show the Add To Cart button of each product or show merely the Add All To Cart button of the whole category.
  • Set the text content for the Add to cart button
  • Set button text color
  • Set the background color of the button
  • Show/ Hide product image
  • Show/ Hide product short description
  • Show/ Hide product review rating
  • Show/ Hide product stock
  • Show show Configurable Product Grid View if the extension has already installed.
  • Select product types to apply popup when selecting product options

General configuration

For customers

  • Able to compare products on the table view category page
  • Have extra information on products on the table view category page
  • Add different products to cart quickly and easily from the table view category page
  • Have a better shopping experience on the table view page


Table Category View will bring the new look for category in your store site with columns and rows. Therefore, you can view the product list with clear layout and much more details.

With the new category, store admins can show customers SKU, Product Description, Stock Status and Configurable Product Grid View.

Yes, definitely. This is the typical feature of the extension. There is a quantity box column so you can input the quantity number for each item on the product list easily.

Yes, at the admin backend, you can configure this function easily at the Show Add To Cart button section.


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04 February 2021

Wonderful support

Thanks for your wonderful support. I'm glad that I chose Mageplaza because of your instant replies. Even after purchasing for a while and I asked for the support you guys still were more than willing to do it.

Arale -Verified Purchase
09 December 2020

Page becomes very clear

The extension works great. Categories with a large number of articles are particularly clear.

Guido -Verified Purchase
01 July 2020


Table Category View, Brought the table view. Installed easily and did what was expected. Be nice if the grid had a total for all orders selected at the bottom of the grid like quick order. Another enhancement would be when you click on add all to cart, that when it returned to the page it would clear all values previously selected Also what would be nice if the configurable product grid was a bit more user friendly.

rodger -Verified Purchase

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