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How to Create URL Rewrites in Magento 2

Create URL Rewrites

URL Rewrite is one of the most awesome tools by Magento 2 that allows you to edit any URL linking to a product, category or CMS page. After enabling the rewrite, the visitors who access the old link will be navigated to the new address to get more information.

Allow store owners to insert high-value keywords that support better for the product index by search engines. Moreover, the URL Rewrite tool also allows creating extra URLs for the temporary seasonal change or permanent change while any valid path including CMS content pages can be customized by the URL Rewrite tool. But in spite of the change of the URL, the product ID and categories ID is constant. Here are some ways you can use URL rewrites:

System URL

Original URL

Redirected Product URL

Additional Category URLs

Thus, let the following guide to create URL Rewrite.

Create URL Rewrites in Magento 2

  • On the Admin Panel, go to Marketing > [SEO & Search]( > URL Rewrites to view the redirect records.

How to Create URL Rewrites

It comes to the end of the tutorial: How to Create URL Rewrites in Magento 2.

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