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How to Automatic Product Redirects in Magento 2

Automatic Product Redirects

From Magento 2 backend, store admins can auto-generate a permanent product redirect whenever the URL key of a product changes. To apply the URL Redirect, let mark Create Permanent Redirect for Old URL checkbox that apppears beneath the Search Engine Optimization section. At that time, your store is already ready to set for the automatic product redirects as updating the URL key.

How to Automatic Product Redirects in Magento 2

Configure automatic redirects

  • On the Admin Panel, Stores > Settings > Configurations.
  • On the left panel, under Catalog, choose Catalog.
  • Open the Search Engine Optimzation section.
  • Choose Yes for Create Permanent Redirect for URLs if URL Key Changed field.
  • Save Config to complete.

How to Automatic Product Redirects Search Engine Optimization

Auto-redirect catalog URLs

  • On the Admin Panel, Products > Inventory > Catalog.
  • Open the Edit mode of the needed product in the Inventory list.
  • In the URL key field, do these next steps:
    • Ensure that you marked the Create Permanent Redirect for old URL checkbox.
    • Edit the URL Key as needed with all lowercase characters and hyphens excepting for the spaces.
  • Save to complete.
  • Follow the Cache Management link in the system message to flush the cache and index. Right after that, the permanent redirect is enabled for the product and any associated category URLs.

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