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How to Configure SEO in Magento 2


The Search Engine Optimization in the basic settings of each product in order to make it easy to approach many kinds of clients. From Magneto 2, configuring SEO is smothier and smoothier when it only contains primary fields that support very well to search the product by search engines.

With SEO configuration in Magento 2, the incorporation the meta keyword in both meta title and meta description is the best solution for the better SEO while the default value for each meta data field is auto-generated depending on the configuration setting. Thus, you don’t have to waste much time on improving your SEO page of a Magento site.

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How to Configure SEO in Magento 2

In this article, we will guide

How to configure SEO for a Product

From Magento admin panel: Products > Catalog > open a product. In the Basic Settings of a specific product, go to the Search Engine Optimization tab, the following settings will appear:

How to Configure SEO

Some datailed descriptions of the fields in the SEO configuration you need to know:

  • URL Key allows customers to access directly the online address of the product. The URL key is added to the base URL of the store, and appears in the address bar of a browser. Especially, by default the URL for Magento product can be based on the product name.
  • Meta Title will title appears in the title bar and tab of your browser, and is also used as the title on a search engine results page.
  • Meta Keywords list the keywords related to the product. But it is neccessary to consider which keywords are relevant for customers to find the product.
  • Meta Description is a brief overview of the page for search results listings. An ideal length is between 150-160 characters in length, with a maximum of 255 characters.

How to configure SEO for a Category

From Magento admin panel: Products > Categories > open a category. This is topic, I choose Women. and fill Page Title, Meta Keywords, Meta Description

How to Configure SEO for category

How to configure SEO for a Content Pages

From Magento 2 Admin panel : Content > Pages > Pick a page.

How to Configure SEO for content page

Reference: Magento 2 user guide

It comes to the end of tutorial: How to Configure SEO in Magento 2.

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