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How to Add Search Terms in Magento 2

Add Search Terms

Adding more Search Terms is a necessary thing to make the customers’s finding any items with ease. In this tutorial, let feel comfortable to apply new words for searching your products in the catalog. If you want to learn how to configure the Search Terms, follow our previous topic, and track the Search Terms Report in the next one.

How to Add Search Terms Search Terms

How to Add Search Terms in Magento 2

Add a new Search Term

  • On the Admin Panel, Marketing > SEO & Search > Search Terms.
  • Click on Add New Search Term button, and set the General Information:

How to Add Search Terms General Information

  • In the Search Query field, enter the words for the new search term.
  • Choose the store view from the dropdown list in the Store field if you support multiple stores.
  • Provide the Synonym For field if the term is a synonym for another search term. You can fill in other terms, and any search for the synonym is automatically navigated to the page of that search term.
  • In the Redirect URL field, insert the URL of the needed page to redirect the search results to that page.
  • Make this search term available as a suggestion for any search with no results, choose Yes in the Display in Suggested Terms field.
  • Save Search to complete.

Modify a Search Term information

  • From the management grid including all existing search term, click the row of the needed term to open the edit mode.
  • Make any changes of the search term as needs.
  • Save Search to complete.

Remove the Search Term

  • On the management grid of the search term, tick the checkbox of the term you want to remove.
  • On the Action box, choose the Delete option.
  • Click on Submit to complete.

How to Add Search Terms Remove Search Terms

In addition to the Search Terms, I have a search tool for your inquiry, Magento 2 Advanced Search module from Mageplaza that certaintly helps improve the search engine ranking better and better.

It comes to the end of tutorial: How to Add Search Terms in Magento 2.

Please leave comments if you have any questions, feedbacks.

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