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How to Configure Popular Search Terms in Magento 2

Search Terms are configured by admins on Magento 2 stores, that means customers need to type the keywords of the needed products and get them on the search results. And interestingly, you can make an small survey of the customer demands via the search terms by tracking what the clients are looking for in your store. When the number of searches for an unvavailable product are large enough, it is time to add it to your catalog.

Today, this tutorial will describe the way to configure the Popular Search Terms easily, and you can also get the guides about the adding search terms and search term report when coming to the next topics.

Enabling the search term links in the footer of your product page allows your visitors access to their interests quickly, simultaneously, see possibly the popular search terms used by other customers. The popular search terms are considered as a search engine optimization tool without connecting directly to the catalog search process because the search terms page is indexed by search engines, and any terms on the page can help make your search engine ranking higher and the visibility of your store.

Tips to optimize Magento 2 Search Terms

However, at times that customers leave without any item, you can adjust the following ways:

  • Landing page: With the landing pages, you can use a content page, category page, a product detail page or a page on a different site for the search.
  • Synonyms: The synonyms are one of the best ways to make the catalog search easier and more flexible because people can use different words to describe an item they are finding. For example, allow entering the synonyms of “computer” such as “PC”, “Tablet”, “Mobile”, etc.
  • Misspelled Words: This way helps you detect the common misspelling when customers search for your products and lead them to a relevent page.

Read complete guide of Magento 2 Search Settings

  1. On the Admin Panel, Stores > Settings > Configuration.
  2. On the left panel, under Catalog, select Catalog.
  3. Open the Search Engine Optimization section.
  4. Enable Popular Search Terms.
  5. Save Config to complete.

How to Configure Report Search Terms Magento 2 Seacrch Engine Optimization

A Magento 2 search tool for your success

In addition to the Search Terms, I have a search tool for your inquiry, Magento 2 Advanced Search module from Mageplaza that certaintly helps improve the search engine ranking better and better:

  • Support Autocomplete search
  • Allow instant searches from only 1 letter
  • Flexible Search configuration option to show or hide other product information in the search results (price, images, etc.)
  • Set maximum search results (usually 10 results)
  • Supports 10,000 SKUs
  • Supports all languages.

Besides, you can also try the Layered Navigation for Magento 2, which includes search and other navigation features for a better store exploration experience.

The bottom line

Online businesses can configure Popular Search Terms in Magento 2 to create dynamic suggestions and searching experience for customers. With such smooth navigation, shoppers can search for products they want in a blink, hence they may decide to purchase more quickly. Moreover, this can also give stores an opportunity to track customers’ behaviors and make business changes accordingly.theme-an-intelligent-choice-for-online-stores.

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