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How to Report Search Terms in Magento 2

Report Search Terms

Support the Search Terms Report is one of the most helpful utilities from Magento 2. The report will show the number of results as well as the number of times a term is used. Moreover, any data will be stored and filtered by terms, stores, results, and hits. Export them as you need for further analysis.

With Magento 2, it is possible to configure the Popular Search Terms and add the Search Terms for the better search in your catalog.

Track the Search Terms Report in Magento 2

  • On the Admin Panel, Report > Marketing > Search Term.
  • Under Search Query, filter the search term for the report.

How to Report Search Terms Search Terms Report

In addition to the Search Terms, I have a search tool for your inquiry, Magento 2 Advanced Search module from Mageplaza that certaintly helps improve the search engine ranking better and better.

It comes to the end of the tutorial: How to Report Search Terms in Magento 2.

Posted by Jimmy in SEO & Search. June 17, 2018

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