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Magento 2 Translation

Magento 2 Translation

Magento 2 translation will be now much easier to configure than ever. With the latest and continuously updated dictionaries, the localization and customization of Magento instances are effectively enhanced. Moreover, code coupling and duplication are minimized to ensure the performance of the translation. From now on, you can totally adjust your store with multiple languages for various regions and markets.

Translation file is located in i18n folder.

This is example of Mageplaza Mageplaza One Step Checkout extension

CSv file is located at: app/code/Mageplaza/Osc/i18n/en_US.csv

In this topic, we will show you how to translate string from English to other language.

Let’s take an example of translate to es-ES

Namely, they need the following changes: Place Order => Realizar pedido

place order

Now create a new file app/code/Mageplaza/Osc/i18n/es-ES.csv

Find string Place Order on the second columns and replace with Realizar pedido

After that, you save the save on your server. If you edit it locally, you should upload to your website.

Then Flush Magento cache


place order

It comes to the end of the tutorial: Magento 2 Translation.

Posted by Jacker in Services. November 07, 2018

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