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Magento 2 Order Archive by Mageplaza is the great solution which helps online stores to archive old or unwanted orders. This will make sure the order grid is always organised and up-to-date.


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Magento 2 Order Archive for Magento 2.2.x, 2.3.x

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Order Archive for Magento 2

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Order Archive for Magento 2

The benefits of Order Archive

When the orders are outdated or no longer necessary, the store owners move them to another storage folder insteading of deleting them, which is called Order Archive.

There are many reasons why the store owners need to move some orders to another storage place:

  • Outdated orders: The orders were completed for a long time ago and you would like to remove it from current order grid.
  • Unnecessary orders: The orders were refunded and closed, so the store owners would like to hide these unimportant orders.
  • Pending orders: These orders which are at pending status for a long time due to specific reasons such as incomplete payment should be archived.

Archiving orders frequently will brings significant advantages to online stores:

  • Take good care for the relevant data: Only new or necessary orders are manage at the order grid, so the store owners find more easy to take care them better.
  • Improve admin backend performance: The order data is cleaned up frequently and moved to the suitable location, which helps the order arrangement from the admin backend becomes better organised and clear.
  • Keep order grid up-to-date: Filtering unwanted or old orders and archiving them frequently will help the order grid always up-to-date with new and important orders with more priority.
  • Better for security: With the refunded orders or sensitive orders, archive folder will be much more safer for them.

Automatically archive orders by conditions

Magento 2 Order Archive extension allows archiving orders by specific conditions:

  • Order Status
  • Customer Group
  • Store View
  • Shipping Countries
  • Order Total

When the orders meeting all the specific conditions and in the configured schedule, they will be automatically moved to the order archive grid.

Set frequency to run Archive Orders

Besides, the store owners can run archiving process on a regular basis. The orders meeting specific conditions will be archived:

  • Daily
  • Weekly
  • Monthly

Based on the business status as well as particular purposes, store owners can set the archive frequency suitably.

Email to admins when orders are archived

Mageplaza Order Archive for Magento 2 helps store owners keep updated with the archive process by sending notification emails.

In details, when any order is archived manually or automatically, store owners will be instantly informed by automatic emails. As a result, store owners will not miss any archived orders.

Manage via Order Archive Grid

> Magento 2 Archive Orders

Store admins can manage all archived orders easily via separate Archive Orders Grid. At the grid, three actions are supported including:

  • Unarchive: Archived orders will be restore to activated orders
  • Delete: Archived orders will be deleted permanently from database (With the help of Delete Order)
  • View: Detail Order page will appear with information of archived order.

Besides, admins can select one, some or all archived orders to make the same action.

API support

Mageplaza Order Archive module features API integration with the Rest API commands of Magento 2.

By using the available order structures to check the order information, invoice, credit memo of the order, the admin can quickly archive, restore archived orders, delete orders.

More MagePlaza Order Archive features

Run manually archive process

Archive orders anytime you click.

Show archive order for customers

Allow showing or hiding archived orders to customers

Extension compatibility

Well compatible with Mageplaza extensions: Order History, Order Labels, Mass order action, Same Order Number, etc...

Run Cron, command line

Use command lines to archive or unarchive any orders anytime.

Full Mageplaza Order Archive Features

General Configuration

  • Enable/ Disable the module
  • Show/ Hide archived order for customers

View Archived Orders

  • View all archived orders via a grid
  • Unarchive any orders to send them to default Order Grid
  • Delete the archived orders from the database
  • View details of an archived order
  • Archive/ Unarchive orders using Rest API
  • Archive/ Unarchive orders using command lines, cron job

Email Notifications

  • Enable sending emails to admins each time the archive process has been finished.
  • Select default sender
  • Select email template
  • Input recipient addresses

Schedule Configuration

  • Set frequency for running archive schedule
  • Set start time to run archive schedule
  • Set specific time in which orders are archived without conditions
  • Set conditions to archive orders: Order Status, Customer Group, Store View, Shipping Country and Order Total


You can set schedule for running archive process by daily, weekly or monthly from the backend configuration.

Yes, the orders can be archived automatically when they meet all specific conditions: Order Status, Customer Group, Store View, Shipping Country và Order Total.

Yes, admins will receive notification emails when the archive process has finished. The information is about the number of archived order, the folder to view them in details.

Yes, both API and command line are supported so admins quickly archive or unarchive orders outside admin panel.


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