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Order Status Workflow in Magento 2

Order Status Workflow in Magento 2

Following Order Status Workflow will help you understand how the ordering process is when one is placed by a customer. Otherwise, the order status workflow will show store admins that each order status is corresponding to a state.

For example, the first stage of a new order that is not paid and delivered, Magento 2 system will auto-set it to “Pending”. Once you complete an invoice or you update the shipment, the status is changed to “Processing”, and when you both generate an invoice and you ship the order the status is changed to “Complete”.

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Let’s have a detailed view of the order status workflow with the chart below.

Order Status Workflow

Magento 2 creates predefined states such as: New, Pending Payment, Processing, Complete, Closed, Canceled, On Hold, Payment Review. Some predefined status are Processing, Pending Payment, Pending Paypal, On Hold, Suspected Fraud, Pending, Complete, Closed, Canceled, Payment Review.

Now we will explain the terms in the workflow to you:

  • New: when customers just created an order and have not made any payment
  • Pending: when the invoice and shipment have not been created
  • Processing: the order has been either invoiced or delivered
  • Complete: when the order has been both invoiced and shipped
  • On hold: admins can assign the On hold status manually
  • Canceled: when the order has not been paid for, the store admin or the payment gateway will decide to put this status.
  • Closed: a credit memo is included and the refund has been made.

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Final words

Understanding order status workflow in Magento 2 helps online stores greatly in the order management process. However, we understand that you may have different demands in this matter, so feel free to check our solutions or address those and we will try our best to help.

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