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Order Status indicates the state of an order during the handling process. It notifies both customers and store owners about the order progress, for instance, where the order is, whether it has been packed, shipped, or paid, etc. Magento 2 stores need to create order status to manage orders effectively, as well as build a professional image to customers. This post will refer to how to create custom order status in magento 2.

In the configuration, you can create a new one, assign it to the order state, set it as the default status for that state, or remove it. Let’s check the overview below.

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4 Steps to Custom Order Status in Magento 2:

How to Create Custom Order Status Magento 2

Step 1: Create Custom Order Status

First, you can add a new order status:

  • On the Admin Panel, Stores > Settings > Order Status.
  • In the upper-right corner, click on Create New Status.

How toCreate Custom Order Status Magento 2

  • Under Order Status Information section,
    • Insert a Status Code for the internal reference.

    The field needs to contain the letters (a-z), the number (0-9) and the underscore instead of a space while it is required to use the letters for the first character and the rest can be a combination of letters and numbers.

    • Set the Status Label for Admin and storefront.
  • Set the Store View Specific Labels for each store view on your store.
  • Save Status to complete.

Step 2: Assign an order status to a state

Next, you will assign that status to an existing state:

  • Go to the Order Status page, click on Assign Status to State button.

How to Create Custom Order Status Magento 2 Assign Order Status

  • In the Assign Order Status to State section,
    • From the existing list of the order status, select the Order Status to assign.
    • Choose the Order State to include the order status you’ve just assigned.
    • Accept the order status as a default status, tick the Use Order Status as Default checkbox.
    • Enable the order status on the storefront, please tick the Visible On Storefront checkbox.

How to Create Custom Order Status Magento 2 Assignment Information

  • Click on ` Save Status Assignment` to complete.

Step 3: Custom an existing order status

You can edit information of any existing order status

  • Find the order status in the status list, and open the edit page.
  • Customize any order status information as you need.
  • Click on Save Status to save the changes.

Step 4: Remove an order status from the current state

It is possible to remove order status, but for the currently used one, you have to disable it first.

You cannot remove the order status that is being used.
  • Find the order status that you want to unassign in the status list.
  • Under the Action column, on the corresponding row, click on the Unassign link.

Right after that, a notification of the assignment will appear at the top of the workplace. Although the order status is unassigned, it is still included in the gird and never deleted.

Final words

Thanks to the custom order status, customers can track their detailed order progress by themselves, and admins can manage orders with ease. With the above 4 quick steps, creating Custom Order Status becomes easy for any store. Comment down below or chat with us if you have any difficulties in configuration.

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