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Magento 2 Supro Theme Review - Why it's the best selling theme on ThemeForest?

If you own an online store, but it looks cluttered and unattractive with customers visiting every day. That’s right, no visitors are interested in the product on your website if things are very messy and not tidy. And now, you don’t know how to improve that persistent problem.

Don’t worry because you have found the right topic. Your problem right now is to change the interface of your online store, and the most effective way is to install a Magento theme for your business.

Considered as a business’ storefront, a Magento theme plays an essential role for any business.

It is time for shopkeepers to change the interface of their online stores. In this topic, we will discuss Magento 2 Supro Theme - Why it is the best selling theme.

Magento 2 Supro theme

How to choose a Magento theme for your online store?

Which features suit your needs?

Which features suit your needs?

A theme has many excellent features; however, you need to choose an essential thing you think is extremely necessary for your business. Below are critical suggestions when you choose a Magento theme for an eCommerce store:

  • Brand Represents: You want to know how your business looks in your customers’ eyes; Magento themes will help you indicate the overall look thanks to tons of different themes and a variety of designed colors.
  • User Experience: Magento theme is built and designed to attract customers at first sight. It integrates fonts, images, and the layout beautifully. Moreover, it is also easy to use and brings the best customer experience.
  • Page Load Time: Designed cleanly and freely, the Magento theme makes navigation easy for visitors when they access your website. This also helps the page loading time be quicker. That’s why customers are happy and desire to come back to your online store next time.
  • Support & Upgrade: To absorb features as well as limit the problems relating to security holes, themes need to be usually updated. With Magento themes, store owners can easily upgrade to the latest version without the support team’s assistance.
  • SEO Optimization: Thanks to various intelligent devices as well as flexible code on the Magento theme, it can help optimize the website search. Customers can easily find your online store in millions of other online stores.

Which categories suit your business?

Which categories suit your business?

We believe that there are many merchants getting difficulties in choosing the category for their business. They don’t know how the category is suitable and popular to start quickly as well as get many significant benefits. The following are some ideas we recommend; hope that it can help you choose the best category for your online business.

  • Food & Beverage: Food is considered the most necessary food for each of us. Opening a restaurant may bring significant profits because everybody’s jobs are often busy, and they often choose a restaurant to order food instead of cooking it themselves. Food is the main thing, but the shop owners can integrate more drinks, side dishes, etc. Food Themes will most likely give your business a big surprise.

  • Travel: After days of hard work, the trips to relax and discover everything worldwide is anyone’s first choice. Travel Themes were built to help you find travel services easily thanks to search engines such as hotels, transportation.

  • Fitness: More and more people are passionate about fitness, which helps keep the body healthy, balanced, and a healthy life. Fitness themes are created to provide an overview of your fitness service customers.

  • Garden: Gardening is a perfect choice for anyone after a hard day’s work. A green life, fresh air, and beautiful scenery will bring a feeling of happiness. The Garden theme is suitable for garden blog posts, and it will give the reader a fresh feeling.

  • Fashion: The fashion theme is the most popular theme in all, which helps attract customers as well as increase their purchasing power. As you know, the opposite person will always pay attention to your style and appearance first. It is important for anyone to take their looks and fashion into the eyes of others.

Overview about Magento 2 Supro theme

Supro is a clean & minimal AJAX Magento 2 Theme, which is suitable for online businesses. Supro is created by a standard UI/UX design, proving that it makes your website impressive and attractive to clients as well as helps enhance your conversion rate quickly.

Designed with 16+ homepage layouts, the Supro theme can be suitable with any eCommerce store, such as garden stores, furniture stores, cosmetic stores, decoration stores, etc.

Moreover, Magento 2 Supro theme is easy to use and optimize whether you are a beginner. With tons of functionality and benefits, why not apply this theme to your website and experience all?

Magento 2 Supro theme

14 Highlight features

1. Front-end CMS Page Builder

Developed based Front-end CMS Page builder with 36+ block elements, Magento 2 Supro theme makes the compatibility with 3rd-party extensions.

This feature enables you to edit CMS pages effortlessly and visually at the front end. More specifically, you may see what you’ve done immediately, whether it’s a minimal adjustment action on the user interface. Moreover, all adjustments on CMS pages do not require coding knowledge; you can still perform with ease whether you are not a developer.

Front-end CMS Page Builder

2. Separated Mobile Theme

It’s so exciting that the Supro theme can be responsive on mobile devices. The developers of Supro theme focus on building a unique theme on the mobile platform to bring the customer experience better.

Separated Mobile Theme

3. Customize Theme Settings

This is the first Magento theme that allows developers to customize theme settings.

4. 16+ homepage layouts

Supro theme includes 16+ homepage layouts, store owners can choose any layout that is suitable for their store. All concepts are modern and minimal designs, we sure that they will make you satisfied with you.

16+ homepage layouts

5. Fantastic Header Styles

Supro theme provides 6+ header types for Magento 2 online stores. Store owners can select the suitable header and adjust it based on their needs.

Fantastic Header Styles

6. Powerful admin panel

Everything becomes easier when you can check and manage theme settings thanks to a powerful admin panel.

7. Fastest AJAX Quickview extension

With Magento 2 Quick view extension, customers can view the product details, which they love quickly. From that, store owners can boost the customers to purchase the product so quickly and enhance their store’s conversation rate dramatically.

Fastest AJAX Quickview extension

8. Fastest Fly AJAX Cart Extension

It’s impressive as now customers can check items that they added to the cart at the button quickly by AJAX add to Cart Extension by Mageplaza.


AJAX Cart for Magento 2

Speed up your shopping experience with the add-to-cart pop-up function and AJAX loading

Check it out!

9. AJAX Layer Navigation with Price Slider

Ajax Layer Navigation with price slider is an interesting feature of Magento 2 Supro theme. Your online store has many products, and one product will be set at a different price. It’s so difficult for customers to choose and purchase your product. Thanks to this excellent feature, customers can find and choose the wanted product easily. Besides that, customers can also buy products based on their budget by price slider quickly.

AJAX Layer Navigation with Price Slider

While your online store has millions of products, how the customer looks for the desired product, the question is that they can search any product with keywords or SKU instantly as well as purchase them quickly. That’s an Instant search feature.

Instant Search

11. Product Variation Swatches

This function allows store owners to create color, label, and image swatches that display variable attributes such as colors, sizes, styles, etc. Customers can select attributes based on their hobbies.

Product Variation Swatches

12. Instagram Shop

Magento 2 Supro theme will help shopkeepers have a chance experience on Instagram. It enables you to turn your followers on Instagram into actual customers.

Instagram Shop

13. Professional Blogging

Wow, store owners can make their blog become attractive, beautiful, and professional with Supro’s blog styles.

Professional Blogging

14. Optimize website

Interestingly, Magento 2 Supro theme gets the highest page speed score. The following are some useful integrations to optimize your website.

  • Defer parsing of JavaScript
  • Merge JavaScript code inline
  • Merge HTML code inline

Other features list - Magento 2 Supro theme

  • Multiple Google fonts available & 5+ custom font types
  • Social Share
  • Unlimited Colors
  • Too easy to Install Sample Data
  • Allow configuring Product Grid, 2 to 8 products per row
  • Show/hide options on product page
  • Popup newsletter
  • Sticky menu
  • Custom background color, image and pattern
  • Back to Top button
  • Price slider filter
  • Different product ratio
  • Custom product tab
  • Up-sell slider
  • Multiple loading effects element
  • Cross-browser and platform compatibility
  • Compatible with all devices
  • W3C Validation

Compatible with tons of extensions

  • Mageplaza One Step Checkout.
  • Mageplaza Shop By Brand.
  • Mageplaza Layered Navigation.
  • Mageplaza Social Login.
  • Mageplaza Auto Related Products.
  • Mageplaza Ajax Search.
  • MGS CMS Pages Navigation.
  • MGS Advanced Form.
  • MGS Delivery Date & Time.
  • MGS Advanced Content Manager.
  • MGS Google Rich Snippets.
  • MGS Advanced Report.
  • Aheadworks Layered Navigation.
  • Aheadworks Automatic Related Products.
  • Aheadworks Smart One Step Checkout.
  • [Magento 2 Reward Points.
  • BSS Commerce One Step Checkout.

Installation & Price - Supro theme

The regular license of the Magento Supro theme is $99. This is a reasonable cost for any store owner to purchase a theme for their store, while it brings various benefits for online business. The installation of the Supro theme is as easy as installing any application. Please make sure that you have purchased and downloaded the license code. Then, you can use an FTP tool or access the SSH of Magento hosting to install it. To get more information, you can visit the Supro official documentation.

Supro theme - Support & Compatibility

Magento 2 Supro theme is totally compatible with Magento Community Edition such as 2.1.x, 2.2.x, 2.3.x, 2.4.x. More importantly, it is developed based on a variety of free/ premium extensions for Magento 2 stores such as Ajax Layer Navigation, Megamenu, Instant Search, Shop By Brand, Store Locator, Product Tabs, etc.

What’s more, the Supro theme offers free support within 6 months. If you get any problems relating to complications with 3rd-party, bugs, issues on your online store, all you have to do is open a ticket to the support team, and they will help you resolve them quickly.

Download Magento 2 Supro Theme here!

Final thoughts

Magento 2 Supro Theme is one of the perfect choices for looking for a theme for your online business. Besides that, it is suitable for all eCommerce store types on Magento 2. Also, this theme is integrated with various extensions, which helps your online store run smoothly. Furthermore, in case you set some issues, you can completely trust the support from professionals of Magento theme. It’s high time for new merchants to install and experience this fantastic theme.

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