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How to upload Placeholders in Magento 2

Making a reservation for a product image that is coming soon is a great idea if you haven’t finished the major one yet. The replaced image is called Placeholder. This means store owners will use a temporary image on the product list page until the offical product image is ready to appear.

You may need Magento 2 Placeholders in the following case:

  • The product image is not ready yet, but you still want to live the products to get better SEO results and trigger customers’ attention.
  • You want to check how things will look like on the frontend even when the full content is not ready.
  • There are some technical issues and during the time you find ways to fix them, you still want customers’ experience to not be interrupted by displaying Placeholders instead.

By default, the uploaded placeholder image is often the Magento logo, but you are also authorized to apply other images as you need, for instance, your brand logo. The placeholder image is displayed on the catalog page as the following:

How to upload Placeholders Placeholder Image

So what is the fast way to upload the placeholder image via Magento Admin?

3 Steps to Upload Placeholder Images in Magento 2

Step 1: Login to your Magento 2 backend

  • On the Admin sidebar, Stores > Settings > Configuration.
  • In the panel, under Catalog, choose Catalog.

Step 2: Upload placeholder images

  • Expand the Product Image Placeholders section.
  • Click on Choose File to upload the placeholder image. You can use the same or the different images for each role.

How to upload Placeholders Image

Step 3: Save the configuration

Click on Save to complete.

Final words

This tutorial shows you quick steps to upload Placeholders in Magento 2, which can be useful in various situations to ensure a smooth experience for customers and support brand marketing. You can also change other images to optimize your site’s look by reading the below posts. Thanks for reading, and do not forget to leave comments if you want to know more about anything.

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