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Hiding Category is making the category invisible in the customer view and navigation menu while it is linked to other places on your store. The hidden category will perfect the internal purpose or any demand from store admins.

How to Hide Categories Hidden Category

As you can see, Collections and Promotions were hidden by store admins. There are many ways to hide categories as you need, and the following guide will help you do that in an easy way while the customers are still sastified with your store.

To hide categories:

  • On the Admin Panel, Products > Inventory > Category.
  • Look at the category tree on the left, choose the category which needs to be hidden.
  • On the General Information tab, you need:
    • Choose No in the Is Active field.
    • Choose No in the Include in Navigation Menu field.
  • Next, on the Display Settings tab, choose No in the Is Anchor field.
  • Despite of the hidden category, you are allowed to add subcategories to the category. To activate them, follow the guide below:
    • On the General Information tab, choose Yes in Is Active field.
    • On the Display Settings tab, choose Yes in Is Anchor field.

And now, the hidden category can be linked to other places on your site but it is not visible on the Navigation Menu.

  • Click on the Save Category to finish the hiding category.

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