How to delete customer account in Magento 2

That the current issue of privacy is getting more serious than ever before, which negatively affects customers’ willingness to shop online, urges every e-commerce business to pay more attention to privacy policies. To tackle this problem, Magento 2 GDPR extension is developed by Mageplaza to protect customers private information with a clear and concise set of rules complying with EU data protection standards.

Significantly, with this module, customers are ensured to have full rights to control their personal data thanks to some incredible features such as permanently removing their customer accounts, and deleting default addresses. This post is going to show you how to delete customer accounts in Magento 2.

Benefits of Deleting customer account permanently using GDPR extension

  • Comply with EU rules of GDPR: TIt is undeniable that the information shoppers provide belongs to themselves, not stores; so the purposes and willingness to use those data are up to customers. Hence, except for storing that information to serve for customers purposes, stores are not allowed to do anything else, yet have to offer customers full rights to provide, change or remove whatever data they want.
  • Reduce admin’s workload: Repetitive account deleting requests can take up a lot of time of admins. Allowing customers to do this on their own will significantly reduce the number of tickets admins have to handle to solve this problem.
  • Magento 2 default’s limitation: In Magento 2 default, customers find it hard to completely eliminate their accounts, which seriously violates the privacy regulation. With Mageplaza GDPR, buyers are allowed to permanently remove their accounts along with all related personal data such as names, addresses, phone numbers, ID card numbers, credit card information, etc. This is a strong guarantee that e-stores offer customers in order to gain their trust when shopping online.
  • Build brand trust: This is a strong guarantee that e-stores offer customers in order to gain their trust when shopping online. When they know that their rights are protected, they will feel safe and be more likely to come back to your store or recommend to others.

Backend Configuration Delete Customer Account

Magento 2 Delete customer account Configuration

To perform this function, store admins have to enable the module with allowance for customers to delete their accounts by themselves. Also, at the backend, the message displayed when customers are going to delete their account can be edited easily by typing in the Delete Message field. This message will be shown to make customers understand and reconsider their decision carefully before actually eliminating their account.

Of course, it is solely the customers choice of how to process their data, but as store moderators, you wouldn’t want your buyers to just leave quickly and wipe out everything completely, would you?

Frontend Display

Magento 2 Delete customer account

In Account Information, shoppers are not only able to change their information but also remove their account permanently simply by clicking on Delete your account.

With the delete message viewed right beneath the delete button, customers will have time to think carefully before making this decision since a deleted account cannot be restored. Every hasty decision can become a regret afterward, so it is worth taking consideration, especially when this is a no-going-back action.

In a nutshell, this feature is a must-have which enables buyers to fully control their data at the highest privacy level. The choice to create, maintain or eliminate their personal information stored in an online shop is completely up to customers themselves.

The owner’s decision of integrating Mageplaza GDPR into their e-stores expresses his/her advocacy of customers’ rights, which will satisfy customers and help obtain their loyalty. This mutual benefit among customers and store owners is the strongest proof for the effectiveness and necessity of having this module installed in an online store system.

Undeniably, this plugin is amongst the most powerful yet free tools for e-Commerce businesses to keep data secured with ease.

Feel free to contact us for more information on the GDPR extension or any concerns you have.


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