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Top Magento 2 Free Extensions 2018

The Top 10 Magento 2 Free extensions for Magento 2 from hundreds of the Magento 2 Free extensions as derived from Mageplaza Ranking which is using Mageplaza scores, rating reviews, search, social metrics. The bellow extensions were picked manually by Mageplaza experts, if your Magento 2 Free does not include in the list, feel free to contact us. The best Magento 2 Free list is ranked and result in 2017

Top Magento 2 Extensions

Magento Vendor Name Highlight features Description Price Actions


Banner Slider by Mageplaza

  • Can upload the images for the banner in store to attract the customers.
  • Can add button and link easily
  • Easy to add content text
  • Select flexible position of content text conveniently
  • Include over 12 effects for banner
  • Can preview banner while editing the content
  • Can put 36 positions for banner on site according to your needs
  • Support for SEO
  • Reports on clicks are displayed
  • Inserting codes to create your own slider style

Với Banner Slider from Mageplaza, you can be easy to add multi animation slide for your banner, select over 30 positions to show for the banner. Besides that, when you use our extension, you can custom the banner as you want to attract your customers when they visit your site. At the same time, it will encourage more customers' purchase and improve your sales for the store.



Blog by Mageplaza

  • SEO Friendly
  • Integrate Magento sitemap or blog sitemap
  • Posts on blog have flexible attributes
  • Optimizing RSS
  • Editing WYSIWYG by admin
  • Comment in different engines: Facebook or Disqus
  • Supporting multiple-stores

If the online store has good blog, it can attract more and more visitors. You display more information, you get more interactions with customers. The Blog in Magento 2, admin can create many posts which are so convenient to customers, moreover, easy to manage your shop.



Security by Mageplaza

  • Ability to send warning emails to selected email addresses
  • Include warning email templates
  • Enable detecting logins from blacklist IPs
  • Offer the ability to see login details
  • Easy to track and record login details from the backend

The security issue is one of the leading important problems for every online shop owner. The e-commerce stores own tons of vital information that easily be ideal prey for bad hackers. To help the store owners address this problem, Mageplaza has released Magento 2 Security extension offering the ability to detect IP addresses that attack your store. Thanks to this module, it can prevent all attacks from blackhat hackers.



Security by Mageplaza

  • Allow display automatically all warnings of possible security risks thanks to Security Checklist
  • Enable admins to set a limit on the number of failed login attempts
  • Let admins track and record all logins in a log along with its information
  • Easy to block or allow a range of IP addresses in the backend
  • Include warning email templates

Your e-commerce store contains all information about your customers. They are so important to every store owner. Once you are attacked, your customers will no longer trust with your store and they will leave as well as proceed to purchase the product from the opponent's store. That is why you need Security by for Magento 2 store. This tool helps stop break-in attempts to your online store from hackers. Thanks to an effective warning system, all valued information will be totally secured.



Product Slider by Mageplaza

  • Responsive sliders
  • Only used for developers
  • Supports: Featured products, New Products, Most views, On-sale, Bestseller, Recent viewed, Wishlist, Category ID

Magento 2 Product Slider module supports admin create many product sliders as bestsellers, highlight products or anything else that you want your customers to see in your store.



SEO by Mageplaza

  • Stop duplicating content issues
  • Structured data is added automatically
  • Dynamic and variety metadata template rules
  • Use Hreflang tags easily
  • Wonderful SEO report feature
  • Breadcrumbs is friendly for site
  • Smart Page Analysis
  • Improved HTML/XML Sitemaps feature
  • Support Crosslinks
  • Assist multi stores and multi languages

SEO extension from Mageplaza includes various outstanding features. It helps improve your site's rankings over 32%, increase the traffics for the site over 198%. Especially, this extension helps reduce 100% the duplicate content issues. Besides that, when you install SEO extension, you don't need to do any code modifications. It is also extremely friendly with your store and helps do SEO better.



SMTP by Mageplaza

  • Able to customize SMTP server and port easily
  • Assist 20+ SMTP service suppliers
  • Allow testing email before sending to the customers
  • Allow viewing Email logs conveniently
  • Support 100% Open-source code

Mageplaza SMTP extension is a perfect hco your Magento store. It gives you more opportunities to reach your email marketing customers, in particular, up to 99%. In addition, with email templates designed with sweet and warm content, will definitely attract the attention of customers. Thus, you have a successful marketing campaign.



Social Login by Mageplaza

  • Changing information of customer easily
  • Suitable for Layered Navigation
  • Customizing easily
  • One Step Checkout
  • Converting leads from Affiliate module
  • Supporting the Loyalty Program

Social Login Magento 2 which is designed and provide free for customers can be quickly login to your Magento store with simple process by various kinds of social networks.



Delete Orders by Mageplaza

  • Enable admins to delete single, many or all orders at the same time
  • Allow changing the status of the orders
  • Compatible with any 3rd-party module

We are proud to introduce you an interesting tool that helps clean your store, from that you can easily manage your business. Magento 2 Delete Orders by Mageplaza is a safety solution for you to delete all orders. It allows admins to remove one or more orders in bulk. It's time to choose it and experience.



Facebook Comments by Mageplaza

  • Numerous Comment engines: Magento Built-in comments, Facebook Comment, Disqus Comment
  • Multi-select categories
  • Multi-select tags
  • Integrate Magento Sitemap or Blog sitemap
  • Topic, Tags, Categories, Popular, Recent posts widget
  • Multi-store support

Better Magento 2 Blog Module supports 2 types of comments: Disqus comment, and Facebook comment. Moreover, it also offers you many interesting features with its responsive design, diverse categories, and integration in Magento backend. It is the perfect marketing tool for your business that not only provides update information to your existing customers but also drives more visitors to your online store.



Popup by Mageplaza

  • Allow displaying banners on all pages
  • Support premade popup templates
  • Ability to limit times to show the popup
  • After configured time, the popup will reappear
  • Appear the exit-intent popup after configured time

With the help of Magento 2 Better Popup by Mageplaza, you can easily convert visitors into customers or subscriber. Also, this will improve the traffic of your store significantly. More interestingly, store onwers can attract their customers to discount coupons, subscription or many other contents on their site. Don't miss a great chance to install a useful extension for your store.



Advanced Report by Mageplaza

  • Support 2 informative advanced reports
  • Include the report comparison
  • Support 16 report cards
  • Informative line-chart reports supported

Mageplaza Reports for Magento 2 is an innovative module which helps online stores track, process and manages their business better with advanced customizable reports. Statistical data collected from customers, orders, sales, and products on a regular basis are quickly sorted out, providing a great help to store owners in both business and marketing decision-making.



XML Google Sitemap by Mageplaza

  • Allow search engines to index quickly
  • Easily look for products, categories and pages
  • HTML and XML sitemap supported
  • Easily include and exclude any custom links
  • Allow excluding one or more products, categories, pages

XML Google Sitemap is one of the most effective solutions which may optimize your site. Sitemap helps to navigate your site more easily. It is not only good for your users but also your search engines. It's time for you to install this free extension and experience all benefits that it brings.



XML Google Sitemap by Mageplaza

  • Enhance XML sitemap
  • Easily add HTML sitemap
  • Compatible with Magento 2.1.x and 2.2.x
  • Easy to add products, categories, CMS pages

Google XML Sitemap for Magento 2 helps Google search bots find all every corner on your website to index, bring in potential benefits for your SEO strategy. Also, the HTML sitemap will help users more easily search for information on your site than only use Magento default.



Live Chat by Landofcoder

  • No limit the history chat
  • User-friendly interface
  • Allow setting a chat's name
  • Easy to manage and monitor the chat system
  • Increase the sales for the store

In order to increase the quality of the store's service, you need an online chat system that can easily answer customer inquiries. With the Live Chat extension, admins can easily interact and chat with customers. Besides that, they can totally understand their customers and make them happy with the store's service. In particular, customers will always remember your store every time they purchase something.



Robot Chat by Landofcoder

  • Include unrestricted history chat
  • Unrestricted color supported
  • Ability to enable/disable the Chatbox in the backend
  • User statistic supported
  • Ability to chat with unrestricted customers on Facebook page

Thanks to this useful tool, you can contact various customers at a time, which will be able to increase the conversion rate for your Magento 2 store. Plus, this handy extension also helps you send and receive the messages from the users immediately. Let's explore this module now!



Advanced Report by Magestore

  • Flexible data reports based on Sales, Customers, Stock, etc
  • Easy to export reports
  • User-friendly dashboard and visualizable charts
  • Enable to customize report view
  • Enable to filter data

It takes us a lot of time to have an overview of the data and number from your business. This extension will be an effective tool for you to have default reports for your Magento store. The owner of the store also can have the best view and understanding about their sales, customers, etc, therefore, their business will be more successful.



Banner Slider by Aheadworks

  • Each banner can add any number of sliders on store
  • Can create the number of banners in the whole store
  • Automatic and initiated slide rotation option
  • This extension provides usually unit tests
  • CTR is calculated by slide statistics

The Banner Slider extension offers many great options for store owners. It not only attracts customers to the website more, but also makes the website more eye-catching, more beautiful in the eyes of customers.



Banner Slider by Emizentech

  • It can be inserted anywhere using widget
  • Not conflict with jQuery
  • Admin can add number of slider images
  • Users can fix the width or height of images
  • Not limit to any confined number of links

Banner Slider is responsive with any mobile and desktop screen, friendly with users and flexible options, which brings your customers interesting when they access on your site. This is the reason why you need this Banner Slider extension.



Banner Slider by Fmeextensions

  • Able to custom title and description for the banner slider
  • Images on slider are displayed attractively
  • Your website can add banners to attract more
  • The banner can be arranged by your request
  • Only one click to enable or disable the banner slider

If you need to change the look of your website, Banner Slider extension will be a tool that you can not ignore.It will help you disguise the homepage and impress your customers when they purchase.



Banner Slider by Ibnab

  • Select from 36 locations and many effects to show slides
  • Locations with the support of widgets
  • Eye-catching images attract the attention of customers
  • Create banners or carousel sliders
  • Modify params form grid
  • Using banner slider to highlight your campaign or any promotion

With Banner Slider extension, you will bring a new look to your Magento online store. It is a useful tool to attract more customers as well as help customers feel interesting when purchasing.



Banner Slider by Magebuzz

  • Display banners and carousels on homepage
  • Edit banners and carousels in the backend
  • Include 3 types of banner slider to change
  • Customize the width and height of banners according to your requests

To attract the customers in the campaign or the promotion, creating the attractive banners plays an important role. It will help your online store have more visting of the customers and make them be satisfied with your store.



Banner Slider by Magestore

  • Attract the attention of customers with eye-catching images
  • Have over 36 positions to select & a lot of effects to show slides
  • Using banner slider to attract customers in your promotion, campaign or any events
  • Analyze reports effectively the slides

When the customers access the website, they will look at the homepage firstly. So, an attractive site is an important work for store owners to do. With Banner Slider from Magestore, it helps you have a wonderful store.



Banner Slider by Webspeaks

  • Various slide such as images, text, videos or anything
  • Responsive with many different advice
  • Smart Admin panel
  • Integrated widget conveniently
  • Variety of options on banner slider
  • Update lifetimes

Banner Sliders extension includes tons of animation sliders as well as much fantastic options, which helps your store become beautiful in the eyes of customers, then boost your sales for Magento 2 online store.



Banner Slider by Weltpixel

  • Impress the customer at first sight on store
  • Get the attention of customers from special offers
  • Impress customers for your campaigns, promotions or events
  • Using Magento widgets to insert sliders easily without coding needed
  • Planning banners to automate promotions

If you are looking for a tool that can increase your website's traffic, boost your products for your store and keep your customers forever impressed with the store, Banner Sliders from Weltpixel will be a great choice for you.



Blog by Fishpig

  • Easy to install/upgrade
  • Enhancing related blogs and products
  • Login automatically to WordPress
  • Using popular WordPress plugins

As one of the best SEO and content management platform- WordPress is so convenient for your website. With Magento 2, your Blog can integrate with WordPress, which help your store attract your customers to get back.



Blog by Magefan

  • Generate post with the best writing and categories
  • Able to comment on blog post pages or social media like Facebook
  • Enhancing Related Posts and Products
  • SEO-friendly URLs
  • Blog placed on different websites and languages

The Blog Extension is the best suitable to communicate with customers and connect with buyers and admin via emails or comments.



Blog by Mirasvit

  • Admin can decide the post visualizable or not
  • SEO friendly- URLs
  • Multiple categories of store's structure

The Blog is free, it means that you do not need to pay to have an effective tool for your online store. It also helps you to catch much more customers based on the content of the posts, images, video, etc.



Developer Toolbar by Cedcommerce

  • Include models such as model resource name, class name during a page load
  • Allow showing observer and all events like observer name, observer function, observer class and observer frequency
  • Able to display extended classes as well as parent classes
  • Easy to display name of blocks when a loaded page

Magento 2 Developer Toolbar extension helps developers lessen their concerns by fetching important information for page load. Besides that, it is a tool to effectively debug your website and avoid risks.



Dropship by Webshopapps

  • Integrated with ShipperHQ module
  • Select your carrier, place and email address for each warehouse
  • Allow multiple providers login a warehouse
  • Allow shoppers choose the shipping method
  • Automatically send notifications to email when orders

A useful solution for transporting products from different locations.



Email Marketing by Remarkety

  • Various triggers with more than 20 events
  • Limitless Emails in Chains
  • Recovery the abandoned Cart
  • Automated follow up emails
  • Customers can give the feedbacks
  • Give marketing suggestions immediately
  • Design Custom Templates

This extension is suitable for your Magento store, depending on the types of products that customers want to buy. On your website, the detail information is displayed such as amount bought, the orders they’ve placed, previous date, the abandoned cart, etc



SMTP by Sendgrid

  • Support cloud-based email and APIs
  • Multiple tasks of email delivery
  • Sending the Report

Through SMTP or APIs, this extension is a seamless integration between your store and SendGrid account. It is so useful for you to send transactional receipts, account setup emails, or even you can put the multiple tasks of email delivery.



Google Tag Manager by Chapagain

  • Quickly update tags and code snippets
  • Adding AdWords, Google Analytics Enhanced Ecommerce (UA), other tags
  • No edit site code
  • Managing e-commerce transaction easily

The Magento Google Tag Manager extension will help your website work effectively with different e-commerce transactions. It can decrease the errors because of editing codes and quickly update for your store.



Google Tag Manager by Weltpixel

  • Managing information about the Related, Up-sell and Cross-sell products
  • Configurable products
  • Adding to shopping carts
  • Removing from the shopping carts

Installed and configured easily, Magento 2 Google Tag Manager can integrate Google Analytics. Through it, you manage product impressions and either add or remove shopping carts easily in many processes in transactions. Moreover, it is able to add, edit or remove tags without changing codes.



Google Tag Manager by Yireo

  • Fast implementation of Google Tag Manager
  • Adding through observers or XML layout
  • Setting up easily and quickly
  • Inserting extra vars to dataLayer through PHTML-templates

Google Tag Manager is a good extension of Magento 2, which can help your store control all tags on Google(Adwords, Analytics) just by one site.



Help Desk by Webkul

  • Enables/disables modules from the admin panel
  • Integrate UVdesk's Help System with Magento Store
  • Only registered users are allowed to create a ticket from the user interface
  • Lets display all tickets using different labels and statuses
  • Allows attaching any file in the reply
  • Lets manage all tickets from Magento back-end or UVessk Dashboard

It's time to select the Help Desk extension for your Magento 2 store. You'll get useful features like improving customer satisfaction, optimizing workflows, and managing employees effectively.



Invoice by Eadesign

  • Allow you to change the Magento invoice PDF according to your needs
  • Allow inserting CSS to custom your template
  • Can insert templates with different designs and layouts
  • Can insert variables to change name of PDF
  • Allow sending PDF attachment to the invoice by email

This tool allows you to fully exploit the power of email templates and more. You can choose for your store a sample invoice that you like best, or can also upload to the store with the template that you design. This is probably the most excellent module for your store.



Live Chat by Happyfoxchat

  • Ability to decrease abandoned cart
  • Support multi-chat
  • Help increase the sales
  • Easy to enhance the resolution time
  • Help track and manage the chat system easily

This extension allows administrators to easily control the chat system on their website, reach more customers, and increase customer satisfaction with your store's customer service. Satisfaction with customer satisfaction is the number one criterion that every store wants to perform well. Do not hesitate any longer, choose this module for your store today.



Live Chat by Tawk

  • Allow tracking and chatting with visitors on your site
  • Easy to install and manage
  • Ability to connect anywhere as well as contact customers quickly
  • Enable increasing the customer satisfaction
  • Able to approach customers to understand them

Tawk is a live chat application that integrates with Magento. It's a great tool to get in touch with your customers. It helps you chat with your visitors on the site. This helps shop owners to easily manage and monitor customer interactions online as well as improve customer service.



Marketplace Extension by Vnecoms

  • Manage flexible commission based on multiple fees or seller groups, categories
  • Admins can manage the profile form via My Account section
  • Supports all payment methods in Magento 2
  • Support Simple, Configurable, Virtual products
  • Enable creating seller groups
  • Easy to manage all vendors from the magento backend
  • Manage the custom seller attributes to display in registration forms

This extension is an effective tool for any Magento 2 store to convert it into the multiple vendor's marketplaces. It is enabled for a seller to control their own products, sales, invoices, shipments, etc by seller panel. It is also easy to customize the storefront beautifully. Moreover, the customers totally can review as well as rate for the vendors.



Mega Menu by Ibnab

  • Allow choosing horizontal menu for your store
  • Adjust the category's label properly
  • Allow showing categories and sub-categories conveniently
  • Allow adding, deleting and editing menu items on store easily
  • Can compatible with tablet and mobiles
  • Allow use easily without coding

You are having a mess about the different products in the store, you do not know how to arrange them properly, Mega Menu extension in Magento 2 will help you solve all the problems that you are entangled.



Order Management by Iwdagency

  • Ability to delete Orders quickly
  • Ability to modify Order Status
  • Allow updating Customer, Shipping & Billing conveniently
  • Can change Payment & Shipping Methods easily

It's time for you to select this module for your niche. This tool not only saves you time in editing orders but also makes it easy to manage them efficiently.



Search by Webtexsoftware

  • Include Savvy search functionality quickly
  • Allow customizing search pop-up
  • Allow displaying relevant suggestion in the result search
  • Enable showing specific product attributes
  • Able to set search delay to increase UX

To help customers quickly find the product they are looking for, Search extension is a perfect tool to serve them. It allows the customer to search through the pop-up search box, and it also displays relevant suggestions for what the customer wants to purchase. All will help increase conversion rates and boost sales for the store.



SMTP by Emizentech

  • You can control SMTP host in Magento store
  • Easy to customize port, connection or anything
  • Allow sending email marketing directly to customers
  • Decrease the emails into spam box
  • Support open source code

The SMTP extension is used for both the client and the shop owner. With shopkeepers, they can send a nice and concise email marketing template easily to the customer, instead of being thrown into a spam mailbox. For customers, they can send emails directly to the Magento server without going through a space step.



Store Pickup by Magepsycho

  • Generate the multiple shipping methods
  • Select Pickup at Checkout
  • Give detail information of items and stores

Your store in Magento 2 will be supported the shipment methods by the Store Pickup extension. Your customers can choose any custom delivery options such as Store Pickup, Express Delivery, or Standard Delivery etc.



Who Bought This Also Bought by Mageworx

  • Help provide related product list based on the order status of customers
  • Easy to collect all available information from data system
  • Help increase the performance
  • Include smart rotation for the store
  • Able to improve sales

This is a smart solution for shop owners to increase sales and improve customer satisfaction. It allows to suggest products related to products that customers have purchased as well as arrange them anywhere on the category page, product page or cart page.



Who Viewed This Also Viewed by Vovayatsyuk

  • Enable showing related products on the product page
  • Able to suggest automatically related products to customers on any page
  • Install and manage easily
  • Help increase sales for the store
  • Save time to purchase products

With this tool, you can save time for customers when searching for products. With automated suggestions for customers, related products will show up anywhere. This helps customers buy more products and have fun experiences at your store.



Advanced Wishlist by Amasty

  • Allow tracking the quantity of the items left in stock
  • Ability to view the items that are liked the best
  • Easy to arrange items by their popularity
  • Enable collecting all wishlists of the customers at the same place

In order to collect and display the data from all wishlists of the customers, Advanced Wishlist extension is the best choice for your Magento 2. Offered by Amasty, it allows you to track the quantity of the items that left in stock. Also, thanks to this module, you can follow as well as manage the products in one place.



Amazon Payment by Amazon-pay

  • Allow customers to purchase the products conveniently
  • Using Amazon payment to pay the products quickly
  • Seamless payment process
  • Enable customers to pay via friendly mobile options

Thanks to Magento 2 Amazon Payment extension, you can increase the sales for your online store dramatically. This handy tool allows your customers to check-in and check-out on your site with at ease. Besides that, this module is totally responsive to any device. Integrate Amazon Pay today to experience!



Buckaroo Payment Method by Tig

  • Encrypted communication between your webshop and Buckaroo
  • Set the default status of orders after creating an order and pending, succeeded and canceled orders
  • Allow refunding payments
  • Support online capturing payments
  • Allow different payment methods including Afterpay, iDEAL, VISA, American Express, and Paypal

This Buckaroo Extension offers many solutions for all your financial processes. Besides, it also provides a wide range of national and international payment methods such as iDEAL, PayPal, Visa, American Express and so on.



Captcha by Amasty

  • Allow managing all ReCaptcha settings in one page
  • 3 forms from the box supported
  • Unrequired coding skills
  • Allow appearing the ReCaptcha in case of suspicious requirements

It's time to free your customers from solving the quizzes as well as 'I am not a robot' box. Using Magento 2 Google ReCaptcha, you can protect your site as well as improve the customer experiences on your website quickly. Now install Free Google Invisible ReCaptcha and feel it!



Custom Form by Ghuwad

  • Support easy-to-use backend form builder
  • Create a variety of custom forms
  • Add any number of fields
  • Easy to install and set up

Ghuwad offered Custom Formbuilder extension as a perfect solution for every Magento store. It takes only 3 minutes to install but bring provides a great support for customers who have installed Custom Formbuilder Magento module.



Custom Redirect by Ipragmatech

  • Allow setting redirect URL after login
  • Enable admins to set custom URL redirection after logout
  • Allow admins to create the rules for the different set of customer groups
  • Ability enable/disable the custom redirection from the backend

Magento Custom Redirection extension is a perfect tool that you are looking for. It is built on the Magento 2 platform and responsive any device such as computers, screens, tablets, mobiles, etc. Using this module, admins can generate the redirection rules for the different customer groups after login, logout or new account creation. It's high time to select this solution for your online store and experience it!



Delete Orders by Ibnab

  • Allow removing one or more orders at the same time
  • Work perfectly with any 3rd-party module
  • Ability to delete the orders in mass
  • Easily customize and use

If you are looking for a module that allows you to delete one or more orders at the same time, Magento 2 Delete Orders by Ibnab is the best choice. It not only allows admins to clean up their store but also help their management easily and conveniently. Also, this module can be compatible with any other extension.



Delete Orders by Magecomp

  • Easy to delete the orders in bulk from the backend
  • Auto-remove the invoices, shipments, and credit memos
  • Allow deleting orders of a certain date range
  • Ability to delete a single order or many orders from the order view page

Developed by Magecomp, Magento 2 Delete Orders comes with many outstanding features. Using this module, admins can totally remove all unwanted and unnecessary orders in their store. Just in one click, all useless database in your store will disappear. This will help you easily manage your online store. Install this free extension today, it will not let you down.



Delete Orders by Meetanshi

  • Allow deleting orders in bulk
  • Ability to remove the orders from the specific date range
  • Enable deleting orders based on order status as well as customer groups
  • Ability to delete the orders in the blink of an eye

Default Magento 2 doesn't offer the capability of deleting the orders completely. You can only mark them as a cancelled status but can't delete them permanently. Don't worry, developed by Meetanshi, Delete Orders for Magento 2 can do this. Admins can remove all unwanted orders in the blink of an eye. Thanks to this module, your store becomes cleaner as well as easy to manage.



Delete Orders by Raveinfosys

  • Enable admins to remove any order from the order page just in one click
  • Let store owners delete order with any status such as closed, opened, cancelled, etc
  • Ability to remove orders, invoices, shipments and credit memos
  • Easy to choose an order status deleted from the store

We are proud to introduce you a great extension that allows deleting the orders, shipments, invoices, etc. That is Magento 2 Delete Order developed by Rave Infosys. Using this module, admins can delete one or more orders from your store. Also, admins can only mark them with Cancelled status but can't delete. Delete Orders comes with many powerful features that help you easily in managing the store.



Delete Orders by Vnecoms

  • Easy to delete the orders just in one click
  • User-friendly interface included
  • Fully compatible with any 3rd-party modules
  • Install and use this module fast

To clean up your useless database on your site, you need to delete them. Thanks to Magento 2 Delete Orders by Vnecoms, admins can remove all unnecessary orders just in one click. Besides that, this modules also allows store owners to choose each order or orders in mass conveniently, then delete or archive them to your store.



Delete Orders by Wyomind

  • Allow deleting orders quickly and massively
  • Easy to choose the orders that you want to erase
  • Ability to auto-remove the invoices or some other data that is linked to the orders
  • Easily customize and configure

To delete the unnecessary orders as well as some useless information, you had better install Order Eraser for Magento 2 by Wyomind. Thanks to this extension, you can remove the order quickly and massively as well as clean the database of your store simply. We believe that it is a must-have tool for your online store.



Facebook Comments by Amasty

  • Display Facebook comments on product pages
  • Allow customers to duplicate reviews to Facebook
  • Embed comments to any place on your web store
  • Customize display options
  • Attract customers to more activity and interaction

This module allows customers to leave comments on product pages via Facebook and duplicate reviews on their Facebook pages. With this extension, you can customize and embed Facebook comments into any place on your web store. Furthermore, you can attract customers to more activity and interaction as wanted.



Facebook Comments by Magestyapps

  • Comment/review products using their Facebook accounts
  • Detect correct locale for proper translations
  • Modify all the necessary plugin's parameters via admin panel
  • Display settings with any custom design

The extension includes Facebook comments into store's product pages, which makes product reviewing process easier and faster. Customers can leave comments, reviews or any feedback via their Facebook accounts. Moreover, they can also share reviews on their Facebook pages to increase the popularity of your products.



Fraud Detection by Fraudlabspro

  • Easy to customize the own validation rules
  • Allow checking the fraud automatically
  • Intuitive interface included
  • Ability to work with any other extension well

By installing Fraud Protection extension, it helps you to detect all risks on the orders via the complicated validation algorithm. And more, thanks to this module, it also helps you to reduce the chargeback and fraud losses on your Magento 2 store.



Group Deals by Magenest

  • Allow generating group deal products
  • Enable sending emails notification for buyers about the status of the deal
  • Easy to auto-create as well as design a coupon template
  • Allow showing the pricing saving for customers
  • Enable establishing the qualifying number of product purchases

Creating new goods for shop owners will attract more and more customers. Launching Magento 2 Group Deals will bring the efficient dramatically for your store. It supports add, manage and customize the products in the group. Also, you can auto-create the coupon as well as auto-calculate of discount easily.



Image Optimizer by Apptrian

  • Enable compressing the product images without reducing the product images
  • Allow optimizing the images on the site
  • Flexible admin panel
  • Fully compatible with any extensions

To improve the search engine rankings on Google as well as increase the user experience, compressing the product images on your website is the best choice. You can resize the image files to speed up the load time of the site faster. Also, when you optimize the product images, the product quality doesn't change. All great features are included in Magento 2 Image Optimizer developed by Apptrian.



Infinite Scroll by Landofcoder

  • Include Ajax scroll feature without interruption
  • Allow displaying 'Loading' button
  • Easy to set navigation bar in any location on the page
  • Enable changing button and Loading Text
  • Easy to increase the conversion rate for your store

The Infinite Scroll extension for Magento 2 is the best choice for e-commerce store owners. It provides an interesting navigation as well as a new chance in the display of goods. Thanks to this extension, the customers can load product catalog without reloading the page. This will help save time for your customers dramatically when purchasing the products.


ingenico epayment

Ingenico Payment Method by Ingenico epayment

  • One step checkout for credit cards
  • PCI compliant template handling
  • Accept payments by mail or telephone (MOTO)
  • Display fraud result in order
  • Dynamically add payment methods
  • Advanced fraud detection support

Ingenico ePayments enables customers to decide which currency and payment method are preferable for them to pay. Moreover, it also improves conversion and offer one step checkout for credit cards in your own look and feel while reducing your PCI Compliance efforts.



Mobile Apps by Magentomobileshop

  • Support secure payment gateways
  • Include store locator
  • Friendly design
  • Deep linking supported

By being aware of the benefits of Mobile Apps for Magento 2 store, Magentomobileshop offers the handy tool that helps improve the customer shopping experience. It allows your customers the ability to purchase the goods even on mobile platform. It's time to choose this great extension today and experience it.



Mobile Apps by Oscprofessionals

  • Support multiple payment gateways
  • Allow your customers to place the order easily
  • Include Google analytics
  • Ability to check your own store

Thanks to Magento 2 Mobile Apps, it allows your customers the ability to access your e-commerce store on the mobile. It is possible to enhance the customer's purchasing experience as well as help them purchase the goods or services with just one click on the smartphone.



Order Comment by Customerparadigm

  • Allow the customers to leave their comments whilt the checkout process
  • Enable displaying the order comment on the order detail page in the admin
  • Allow showing the order comment on the order detail page for the end user
  • Easy to configure from the backend

Order Comment extension for Magento 2 is the best tool for the store owner that helps improve the customer's shopping experience. When the customers do the checkout on your site and have any problem, they can leave their comment on the checkout process. Besides that, it is fully compatible with 3th-party modules as well as works smoothly with Magento 2.



Order Comment by Mageants

  • Understand your customers clearly about their need
  • Allow the customers to add their requests when they order
  • Flexible admin panel
  • Easy to customize and configure this extension from the admin
  • Include many powerful features

Developed by Mageants, Order Comment extension for Magento 2 is the best choice for the store owners. It will provide the interesting shopping experience for your customer when they implement the checkout process. Also, the customers can add special comments on the popup. If you want to create the unique for your site, don't miss the great tool.



Order Comment by Ulmod

  • Help enhance the checkout process
  • Enable your customers to leave their comments and feedback about the order
  • Provide the interesting shopping experience for the customers
  • Allows admins to see the order comment from the backend

It's so vital for the store owners to understand what the customers think about the products from their online store. Order Comment extension for Magento 2 is the best way to resolve this. Thanks to this module, the customers can leave their comments about your products while ordering and have interesting shopping experiences.



Order Comment by Vsourzdigital

  • Easy to enable/disable this extension from the backend
  • Ability to control the content section in the backend
  • Easily enable/disable the order comments from the backend
  • Allow the customers to leave their comments/messages/notes about the order

It's great if you can own this perfect tool - Order Comment for Magento 2. It's released by Vsourzdigital and provides lots of powerful functions. This extension allows customers to add the comments while they order. This can help the admin understand their customers. From that, it motivates admins to do the marketing campaign well and brings the high sale of your business.



Order Notes by Customerparadigm

  • Support customer's comments during checkout
  • Display order comments on the order detail page in the Magento admin
  • Display order comments on the order details page for the end user
  • Easy to install and use

Order Notes Extension is a new way for customers to leave their comment about the order on Magento 2 site. This tool by Customer Paradigm is not only lightweight but also effective which every shop owner should use to improve the site traffice and customers' shopping experience.



Order Notes by Ulmod

  • Improve the checkout experience with order comments
  • Let customers and guests to leave order comments during checkout process
  • Let admins view any order comment left during the checkout process in admin panel.
  • Easy to install and set up

Offered by Ulmod, this extension is a must-have tool for those who want to give their customers and guests better shopping experiences by letting them add comments, special note, message or delivery instructions to orders during the checkout process.



Payone Payment Method by Bspayone

  • Support many payment methods
  • Protect yourself against payment defaults and fraud
  • Optional multi-partial capture for partial deliveries
  • Support the multi-shipping extension

The BS PAYONE Payment extension for Magento 2 provides the verification of the existence and deliverability of address and credit rating checks to minimize the risk of fraudulent orders. Additionally, customers' payment data are ensured with the highest security standards in the BS PAYONE data centers.



Price Slider by Emizentech

  • Easy to custom the price range by your budget
  • Ability to customize the module from the backend
  • Using text box range to filter the product
  • Multiple stores and currencies supported

To help your customers easily filter the product price by their finance, Magento Price Slider by Emizentech is released. It helps your customer save much time when they search and purchase the wanted products on your site. We believe this is a wonderful tool that is for you. Don't hesitate, choose it or you can miss interesting chances.



Price Slider by Prashantblog

  • Easily adjust the price of the product
  • Friendly interface
  • Completely customize in the backend
  • Multiple stores and currencies supported

Magento 2 Price Slider module enables the users to adjust the product price via the slider. Using this extension, your customers can choose the price of the desired product according to their finance. Besides, this module is totally friendly with mobile. Thanks to this tool, it brings the convenience as well as the interesting shopping experience for your customers. In addition, this extension also saves much time for the users.



Product Tabs by Swissuplabs

  • Ability to replace the default Magento system tabs
  • Easy to show the content that is taken from static blocks
  • Allow displaying the dynamic content in product tabs
  • Ability to add unlimited custom tabs
  • Easily customize and configure

Product Tabs extension for Magento 2 provides you many great features. It brings an interesting browsing experience for your customers. Besides, this extension allows you to control your product pages tabs as well as the dynamic content. Don't hesitate to choose this module and feel it!



Promo Banners by Belvg

  • Offer block on all pages
  • Support fifteen neat looking themes for nine major holidays
  • Choose the products to promote as wanted
  • Support choosing up to three the promoted products to be displayed on the banner

This Free Banner extension for Magento 2 provides the banner theme for almost all major holidays for your store. You only need to choose the right theme for the upcoming event for your site, set position to place banner and choose the promoted products to be displayed on the banner.



Quick View by Magebuzz

  • Easy to access the product details via a pop-up window
  • Let you add products to cart in the pop-up window
  • Easy to make a comparison between products
  • Ability to improve the shopper's experience
  • Allow submitting the reviews as a reference

Quick View extension by Magebuzz is definitely a must-have module on any e-commerce store. It's very easy to preview the product details such as price, product materials, etc without reloading the current page. The shoppers can also add or delete any product from the pop-up window. Thanks to great features, it will make the customers visit your store more as well as encourage them to purchase the products.



Quick View by Weltpixel

  • Easy to add to cart any product without leaving the current page
  • Include the Preview mode about the product on the category page
  • Easy to configure Quick View button from the backend
  • Friendly interface

Magento 2 Quick View extension is a great tool that includes many powerful features. You can add to cart any desired product without leaving the current page. Besides that, you can also preview the product information before purchasing to make sure that your order hasn't any confusion. Another great feature of this extension, it is very easy to configure from the backend. We believe that Quick View extension by Weltpixel is the best choice for your store.



Realex Payments by Realexpayments

  • Support all card payments
  • Quick transaction process
  • Ability to avoid the fraud effectively
  • Delayed/deferred settlement
  • Include Dynamic Currency Conversion tool

In order to prevent the fraud and increase the sales for your Magento 2 store, Realex Payments extension is the best choice you should use. It enables processing the payments when your customers place an order. It's time to choose this module and experience it!



Sagepay Payment by Meetanshi

  • Allow customers to save their cards for purchasing faster in the future
  • Include Authorization Facility for store owners
  • Support Direct Refund Facility for the refund process faster
  • Ability to enable CVC verifications for confirmed secured payments

The online payment is one of the most necessary factors for every eCommerce store nowadays. That's why Magento 2 Sagepay Payment extension is released. Using this extension, you can avoid the fraudulent payments and from that, you can bring the trust for your customers when using the online payments of your store. Now it's time to integrate it with your online store.



Tax by Classyllama

  • Allow verifying the address accurately
  • Ability to calculate the product taxability
  • Easy to create and report the sales tax
  • User-friendly interface
  • Easily install and configure

Solving the tax is a big challenge for every store owner. The fastest and easiest way is to use Magento 2 Tax extension that is developed by Classyllama. It allows you to calculate and manage the sales calculation automatically. Plus, you can save more time for managing your business. Install it today and feel!



Tax by Exactor

  • Automatic sales tax calculation
  • Allow creating customer exemption button
  • Intuitive interface
  • Easily install and configure

Magento 2 Tax extension is released by Exactor. It is a great tool that helps manage the sales tax calculation by record keeping and tax processing. This is a secure and reliable way that helps save you hours of managing the business. It's high time for you to integrate Free Tax extension and experience all features it bring.



Tax by Taxjar

  • Allow calculating the sales tax instantly and accurately
  • Easily install and configure this extension
  • Multi-channel sales tax reports
  • User-friendly interface

Magento 2 Tax extension developed by Taxjar is a Magento premier partner. It is an ideal tool that helps save much time by automatic sales tax calculation. Besides that, it also helps report and store for your store. It's time for every store owner to install this module and experience it!



Tax by Vertex

  • Auto-perform the sales tax calculations instantly and accurately
  • Ability to maintain the exemption certificates
  • Include process coupon codes and discounts
  • Ability to verify the addresses to ensure more accurate taxation and shipping processes

It's time for you to choose Magento 2 Tax extension by Vertex. It comes with many powerful features that allow updating the tax rates automatically. You no longer have to waste much time for updating them manually. Also, using this tool, it enables creating the tax rates with just a click.



Website Maintenance by Customerparadigm

  • Enable creating whitelist of IP addresses from the backend
  • Easy to enable/disable the maintenance mode from the admins
  • Flexible admin panel
  • Allow building the maintenance page by using the WYSIWYG editor

It's so necessary for you to set your store offline when you update the site or push some new features. Thanks to Magento 2 Website Maintenance, you can set a custom maintenance mode message to your customers by using a WYSIWYG editor. Also, this module will auto-create the whitelist your IP addresses and of course you can still see your site, but the visitors will see the custom maintenance message.



Advanced Newsletter by Evincemage

  • Ability to enable/disable extension from the backend.
  • Submit newsletter without loading the whole page.
  • After successfully subscribe it will display the thank you message.
  • Easy to Install & Manage.

Ajax Newsletter Magento 2 extension helps your customer/visitors to subscribe to newsletter on site without page refresh. Normally when customers subscribe an email, the website will be reloaded. It is not convenient. So that to tackle this problem we provide Ajax Newsletter extension. It provides Ability to enable/disable extension from backend. You can get more newsletter subscribers with your eCommerce store.



Order Comment by Evincemage

  • Enable/Disable extension from Magento system configuration.
  • Admin can also see the comment on order view page at admin panel.
  • It gives order comment section to the customer for put comment at the time of place order.
  • The extension is easy to configure.

Order Comment Extension allow your customers to add special comments while placing their order which can be viewed by admin using this extension.



Order Status by Evincemage

  • We provide an easy way to access order tracking module on the front screen. It can be through widget Track Order link of on homepage.
  • It provides Real-time Order Tracking by AJAX technologies.
  • The extension provides you real-time and instant updates of your order even it is shipping via third-party services.
  • Magento 2 order tracking will take your customers directly to the tracking page without login.
  • It is very user-friendly interface and also has multi-language support. It instantly retrieves order information with the help of Ajax.

Track or Shipping process is considered as one of the most stressful parts for your customers because they have already paid but their purchased products still haven't arrived yet. Our track order extension will take your customers directly to the tracking page without login, then they can track Magento 2 order status with ease. It makes online customers more eager to receive the product for which they have already spent their money. That is why they are waiting for delivery and expect it quickly or at least want to know the shipping status of it. As a result, you can reduce customer's concern that contributes to your store credibility and customers' trust. By enabling shoppers to track their placed orders in real-time and with accurate info, it makes great sense in conversion and reliability of brand/business.


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