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Magento 2 Maintenance extension helps you notify customers that your site is currently under maintenance or upgradation, and prepare for upcoming products/ services. Thanks to Better Maintenance module, store visitors are well informed about maintenance progress as well as the launch date with comfort.


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Better Maintenance

Better Maintenance for Magento 2

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Better Maintenance for Magento 2

Problems and Solutions

It is common that a store site has some technical problems or has some new updates so it needs terminating for a while to fix or upgrade. During this time, it is necessary to inform customers about the current site maintenance and comfort them while they cannot access temporarily.

It is quite rude when one day visitors come to your site and find it not working without no reason notification. Therefore, the maintenance page with clear explanation and sincere apology shows the delicacy of stores and the respect to your customers.

Coming Soon Page works as the entrance to a new thing upcoming at the store site. It makes customers feel more curious and excited to follow and wait for the launching date. Therefore, it is important to make visitors impressed with the appearance of the Coming Soon Page.

With an appealing message and a subscription section, Coming Soon Page can become the box to collect customer's information. For example, “please leave your name and your email, we will email you when the site goes live”.

If you are a product creator, you obviously want to know if your product will have success or not. So, a coming soon page can actually help you test your idea.

Coming Soon page can become the place to motivate sales for upcoming products/ services by offering visitors coupons via email which they have provided on the page. And definitely, when customers receive a discount, they will be much more concerned about the upcoming products and tend to come back when the site goes live.

Coming Soon page and Maintenance page redirection

When stores have any updates on the store site, it is necessary to calm down customers for their impatience during their waiting moments. The best choice is redirecting them to a new destination called Coming Soon Page or Maintenance Page.

Magento 2 Coming Soon Page is ideal for the new things upcoming such as a new product, new service, new deals or any promotional campaigns. Meanwhile, when a page is under construction or upgradation, Maintenance Page will support properly.

Depending on each situation, an e-commerce site should use two supportive pages appropriately.

Better Maintenance

Ready-to-use countdown timer during maintenance

Better Maintenance

Not to make customers confused about launching time, Magento 2 Maintenance extension provides a countdown timer to comfort customers.

Depending on the end date time, the running clock will reveal how much time remaining before the live site appears. Customers will feel clear and take note to come back as the time schedule.

There are 5 clock styles are available with beautiful design styles named Simple, Circle, Square, Stack and Modern. Store admins can pick one and apply instantly to Maintenance Page or Coming Soon Page with ease. Especially, these clock styles are customizable so admins can change the clock background color, clock number color to match well with store themes if necessary.

Subscribe or social contact to maintain customers’ connection

Another outstanding feature of Better Maintenance module is the Call-to-Action functions - Subscription or Social Share.

On Maintenance/ Coming Soon Page, a subscription section is placed to collect customer information. Visitors who are concerned about the store will not hesitate to leave their emails to be contacted later. Noticeably, admins can customize the subscription form’s content and color in an appropriate way to motivate customers.

Besides, in case customers would like to communicate urgently, Social Share button is ready to click and redirect them other social channels of the store such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, Youtube, Pinterest.

Better Maintenance

Customize Maintenance Page & Coming Soon Page

Better Maintenance

Both Coming Soon Page and Maintenance Page allows store admins to customize all included elements flexibly.

In both pages, it is easy to pick a layout - single column, double columns or double columns with left-side content. Besides, the page title, page description, text color is totally custom-made. To make the page more lively, an image or a video can be uploaded to work as the page background.

Especially in the Maintenance Page, to update customers about upgradation situation, the Progress value bar is added to estimate the maintenance progress of the store site.

Make an exception by whitelist

In fact, store owners would like to disable redirection with specific cases such as admins, special customers. Therefore, Better Maintenance supports Whitelist function. In particular, the whitelist IPs which are added at the backend are able to keep accessible to store site without being navigated.

In addition, the exception can also be made with pages. From the backend, store admins fill in the Whitelist page links which are kept accessible by customers during maintenance.

Better Maintenance

Quick preview

Better Maintenance

Store admins can preview all the setting with the Preview function. After clicking on the Preview button, store admins can quickly view what the store frontend looks like.

This is very convenient and time-saving when admins would like to test with various changes in page appearance (text color, background color, etc)

More features

Footer Link

Allow attaching links at the page footer which allow customers to access

Page Background

Three styles of page background: Single Image, Multi-image, Video

Progress Bar

With Magento 2 Maintenance Page, to update customers about upgradation situation, the Progress value bar is added to estimate the maintenance progress of the store site.

Meta Data for SEO

With Magento 2 Coming Soon Page, store admins can add meta title, meta description, meta keywords to support SEO

End Date Time

Set the time to stop the Maintenance/ Coming Page. The countdown timer will run accordingly

Auto switch to Live site mode

Auto-switch customers to the live site when the end date time reaches.

Show real-time of store

Display the current time according to the Timezone of the store site

HTTP Response Header

With Magento 2 Maintenance Page, inform page status to Google (503 - Service Unavailable, 200 - OK)

Support Multi Stores

Support multiple store views


Well responsive on the screen of any devices - PC, smartphone or tablet.

Page route

Allow setting the page route which appears on page URL

Extension Compatibility

Properly compatible with Google Tag Manager

Full Features List

For store admins

General Configuration

  • Enable/ Disable the extension
  • Display the current time according to the Timezone of the store site
  • Set end date time to stop Maintenance/ Coming Page. The countdown timer will run accordingly.
  • Select Page to redirect customers during maintenance/waiting time ( any CMS page or Mageplaza customizable Maintenance Page or Coming Soon Page)
  • Allow/ Disallow auto switching customers to the live site when the end date time reaches.
  • Set access exception with Whitelist IPs and Whitelist Page Links
  • Compatible with Mageplaza extensions: SEO All-in-one, Countdown timer, Promo Bar, Free Gifts,

Page settings

  • Set page route which appears on page URL
  • Select page layout: Single-column, Double-column, Double-column with Left-side content
  • Set title for the page
  • Set page description, text color
  • Upload logo on page
  • Select background type: Single Image, Video, Multi-Image
  • Enable/ Disable Progress Bar, set progress value, label, label color, bar color
  • Select CMS Block to be the page footer. Customers can access during waiting.
  • Preview page

Clock Setting

  • Enable/ Disable showing countdown timer
  • Select clock style: Simple, Circle, Square, Stack, Modern
  • Set Clock Background Color, Clock Inner Background Color, Clock Number Color

Subscribe Setting

  • Select Subscription Type: None, Newsletter Subscription, Account Registration
  • Set subscription description, Description Text Color,
  • Set Button Label, Button Text Color, Button Background Color

Social Contact

  • Allow displaying Social Contact on page
  • Set label, label color of Social Contact section
  • Insert social links: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, Youtube, Pinterest

For customers

  • Comfort customers while waiting for technical fixing
  • Be updated with the maintenance progress
  • Well notified about the launch date
  • Keep contact with the store via social channels
  • Chances to get benefits when leaving emails


Better Maintenance module does provide two page types: Maintenance Page and Coming Soon Page

There are 5 styles of clocks available in the extension: Simple, Circle, Square, Stack, Modern

Yes, definitely. You can upload one image, multiple images and video as the background of Maintenance/ Coming Soon Page.

Yes, in the backend configuration of Coming Soon Page, you can add Meta Title, Meta Description, Meta Keyword

Yes. In the Layout section, please select style: Double-column or Double-column with Left-side content


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24 February 2020

Thank you

Went a long way to help us solve the issue. Thank you for your effort!

Jesper Ørum -Verified Purchase
12 September 2019

Great extension

It works perfectly on my website and the countdown is displayed beautifully. I think that I have made the right decision by choosing this extension. Thank you Mageplaza for providing this free module, looking forward for more extensions

Hughes -Verified Purchase

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