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XML Google Sitemap is one of the most effective solutions which may optimize your site. Sitemap helps to navigate your site more easily. It is not only good for your users but also your search engines. There are two types of sitemap: HTML sitemap and XML sitemap. HTML sitemap can help your customers easily navigate the site and find product quickly. XML sitemap helps search engines understand your site better; hence the index process is much faster and your site will have higher ranking, then attract more customers, generate more organic traffic.

  • Help search engines index quickly
  • Support shopper easily look up products, categories and pages
  • Support both HTML and XML sitemap
  • Include, exclude any custom links with ease
  • Easy to exclude one or more products, categories, pages
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Magento 2 Sitemap for Magento 2.2.x, 2.3.x

CE, EE 2.2.x, 2.3.x

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Magento 2 XML, HTML Sitemap Extension

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Magento 2 XML, HTML Sitemap Extension


For search engines, XML sitemap can help Google index your content correctly and quickly. Indexing new pages shortens the time your new products appear in Google. Magento 2 supports XML sitemap built automatically but store owners can’t include and exclude own objects such as products, categories or pages. This can affect the good understanding of Google to your site.

For customers, it would be very convenient if they access your site, locate a sitemap and explore the product which they can’t find by searching only. A well - organized sitemap will incredibly increase your customer’s satisfaction and make their shopping experience more interesting. Unfortunately, Magento 2 doesn’t provide HTML sitemap, you may need an extension to generate it in a seconds.


Fortunately, Mageplaza supports both HTML sitemap and XML sitemap in an extension. You both have detailed HTML sitemap for customers. Not only products, categories but also pages and additional links. Besides, you can include or exclude such an objects as you want.

Highlight Features

HTML Sitemap

Include essential links to sitemap

The Magento 2 HTML sitemap extension lets you add a great variety of links to your sitemap to make it extremely informative. You can include the following link types: Categories; Products; CMS-pages It can also limit number of the products displayed in the sitemap.

Exclude specific pages

Due to flexible settings you can easily exclude any CMS-pages as well as 'out of stock' products from your HTML sitemap to display only the links you really need.

Add sitemap link to footer

This link may help customers easily understand the structure;hence, they can easily find a category or product they are looking for.

XML Sitemap

Homepage Optimization

In CMS file, it will remove the link of CMS page using for homepage, which make homepage optimized. Therefore, the content will be indexed much faster.

Include or exclude any pages

You can decide whether to include or exclude any CMS-pages.

Specify frequency and set priority

With these additional links, you may set frequency of updates so that the search engine can update these page’s information by daily, weekly or monthly. Moreover, you can set priority for this group of links. The higher the number is, the higher priority the link is.

Full Google Sitemap Features

HTML Sitemap

  • Enable HTML Sitemap
  • Enable Categories Sitemap
  • Enable Pages Sitemap
  • Enable Exclude Pages Sitemap
  • Enable Products Sitemap
  • Limit Product Sitemap

XML Sitemap

  • Remove the link of the CMS page using for homepage
  • Enable Additional Links
  • Add Sitemap Link to Footer
  • Enable and Add Additional Links
  • Specify frequency of updates for each type of pages
  • Set priority of importance for group of links

Other features


Mageplaza supports multi domains, multi stores and multi languages, so you have to pay one time.

In 60 days, you will get full refund if you are not satisfied with your extensions.

We are sure to stand by you if you need us before and during your extension purchase

We offer life-time free updates, so you don’t have to pay extra fee. Just enjoy our best technology to server your business.

Yes, of course, SEO Sitemap can be fully compatible with other Mageplaza extensions.

SEO Sitemap is 100% open source, so it’s very easy to install and configure without any code modification.


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24 February 2020

Quick and fast support

In fact, I didn't expect this kind of high support for your free plugin also. Megaplaza is added to my bookmark and definitely will buy some plugins in the future. Thanks for your time and support.

Shine -Verified Purchase
22 October 2019

Thank you Mageplaza

Great help, exactly what I want, great patient, works for my site until midnight. Great!

Xiancheng -Verified Purchase
01 October 2019

Absolutely satisfied!

A custom solution provided for the problem (wasn't expecting it). Excellent customer service - 5 5 Thumbs up.

Juho Koivusilta -Verified Purchase
03 September 2019

Love your support!

A quick and to the point response from Drake. No extra questions and just sorted out the issue for me. Thank you.

Omair Khalid -Verified Purchase
26 July 2019

Thanks for great help

Great and fast Support & communication, Thanks one more time.

Dimitris Negkoglou -Verified Purchase
24 July 2019

Pretty Awesome!

Very easy to install and configure, the SEO features provided saves me so much time checking every product's health. Recommended if you're running a one-man gig or big operations! Thank you for the wonderful support

GM -Verified Purchase
02 July 2019

Good extention

it is so good SEO extension and also it supports very quick.

The web factory -Verified Purchase
28 June 2019

Great module

Very nice module works great

Paul -Verified Purchase
20 June 2019

Great service

Best support for Magento modules you can get. Even for the free modules, they offer fast support. I will surely continue to work with you guys with my business.

Marten -Verified Purchase
01 June 2019

Great extension

Great structured extension. But the main reason to use Mageplaza is support. Amazing and passionate support from the developer team. Super-fast and friendly. I am recommending my contacts to use Mageplaza

indus valley -Verified Purchase
01 June 2019

great plugins

Very nice plugins I am really happy to use this plugin in my website

indus valley -Verified Purchase
13 May 2019

Fantastic support and extension

Great structured extension. But the main reason to use Mageplaza is support. Amazing and passionate support from the developer team. Super-fast and friendly. I am recommending my contacts to use Mageplaza!

Jens -Verified Purchase
20 April 2019

Pretty cool SEO

It's really useful, I am definitely going to update to the premium version! Hope it will be more functionalities for my ecommerce website! See ya

Xiaolin -Verified Purchase
19 April 2019

Perfect extension.....

Very good extension and nice support...They reply to emails and answer all our queries...a highly recommended extension... though a bit over priced but total worth it......

Neeraj -Verified Purchase
08 April 2019

Great extension

It's a great extension to have a SEO friendly website. Already with the free version you can see the improvements, but the pro version is super!

Simone -Verified Purchase
28 February 2019

Supports fast and exactly

Prime is a great developer and an honest person, always ready to provide help and support! Many thanks to Mageplaza for solving our problem in a flash!

Rostyslav Sulym -Verified Purchase
22 February 2019


The product is very good and also the suport. However, the HTML Sitemap, that comes together could be better (the sub-categories could be displayed aligned to the respective category, for example). Anyway, the product is very good. I recommend it to everyone.

Andre -Verified Purchase
20 February 2019

Unbelievable support

Thank you Roger very much for helping us with SEO Ultimate tweaks. Having on mind difference in our and Mageplaza timezone, communication and work were quick and super informative. Keep up a great support habit!

Alex -Verified Purchase
20 February 2019

Wow experience with Mageplaza support!

Unbelievable support, despite their Tet holiday and being so late at night, the issue was resolved in 15 mins, just wow!

Suraj -Verified Purchase
20 February 2019


I would say that this is a must have!!! It saves your time with doing lots of manual operations with SEO. If you are serious about your positions in Google, this is exactly an extension you should purchase.

Fullar -Verified Purchase
19 February 2019


This is the best SEO extension I have ever used. Also, it's so easy to use and install. Most of all no errors. Thanks, team!

harsha -Verified Purchase
07 February 2019

Effective extension

This SEO extension has rapidly increased my store rank in search engines. I have never seen any SEO extension that can be more outstanding than Mageplaza's one.

Mahesh kumar -Verified Purchase
06 February 2019


This extension is work every penny. It has helped us maintain our large store and made it very easy to maintain and stay on top of SEO content. I especially love the feature where we can see what the page will look like on Google.

QQQ -Verified Purchase
06 February 2019

Graphic designer

We highly appreciate Mageplaza as it's a powerful and professional Magento 2 SEO Extensions for free. Thank you Mageplaza!

jatin -Verified Purchase
30 January 2019

Useful extension

A very useful extension and so far so good. A decent site map is essential. I can highly recommend Mageplaza with their responses to any issues you have.

Akatsouris -Verified Purchase
18 January 2019

Extremely fast support team

Lightening Speed Support. Awesome! After the ticket has been created, I got instant replies in just 10 minutes. Thanks guys. Keep it up!

Balamurugan -Verified Purchase
15 January 2019

Exellent Module

The extension is very useful and easy to configure and the support service is so excellent and fast. Must Have. Thank you so much Mageplaza team. Great Job Mageplaza!

Erc07 -Verified Purchase
07 January 2019

Really good product

This is a very useful extension to SEO. I have used it and learn a lot about SEO with this tool. I used this tool with Magento 2.0 and it is simply amazing

David -Verified Purchase
30 December 2018


Great extension. Crosslinks is what I like the most. Ability to refer categories and products by ID's instead of URLs is what I was looking for. Other parts like pages analysis work fine as well. Fully satisfied, and saved quite much on 3rd-party SEO specialist. Thank you!

Rafael -Verified Purchase
21 December 2018

Excellent modules and support!

The supporters of Mageplaza are super good at what they do. They have great kinds of stuff and help with the small or big problems until it goes to work. I am super happy with Mageplaza and I prefer to use all Mageplaza modules for my store.

Samir Akbari -Verified Purchase
07 December 2018

A very nice feature extension for SEO and a instant support team.

The best-ever extension with a required feature to test the site. I had bought this extension for my Magento 2.2.6 site and got my SEO related issues fixed with the use of Mageplaza_SEO extension. The Best ever support given by the support team. the support team gives instant replies and quick solution for the issues faced. It's simple to install and easy to configure. Recommended for fixing SEO related issues. Best ever SEO extension for increasing site's Google Rankings. A big thanks! to a support team.

Ubed -Verified Purchase
27 November 2018

Very useful extension

This is the best SEO extension I have ever used. I have tried a few of them, all SEO extensions were partial. Not even like what Mageplaza offers. Great reports, superb tools. Also, it's so easy to use and install. Most of all no errors. Thanks, support team!

marina -Verified Purchase
26 November 2018

Top extension

This extension works just as it should. There're no problems at all. The setup was very fast and easy to complete. The outcome is amazing! I really recommend it and would buy it again.

Thomas -Verified Purchase
20 November 2018

Good extension

Getting support within 10 minutes of issuing a ticket that too on a weekend is a pleasant experience. This sets a benchmark for support. Kudos to Prime and the entire Mageplaza team. Thanks!

SaaSoh Info -Verified Purchase
31 October 2018

Great support!

The support team was amazing. very prompt responding and resolving the ticket, and super helpful!

Kaha Aznaurashvili -Verified Purchase
30 October 2018

Great SEO extension and responsive support

One of the only free SEO extensions is available but it does not lack in quality and features. The developing company also has a great number of other extensions, so we are likely to come back for our additional needs.

JemLink -Verified Purchase
14 October 2018

Great product and even better support

SEO Ultimate is so amazing and saves a lot of time, as it shows SEO checklist while creating the content. Besides, I can't go without mentioning Megaplaza's support. This is the 6th plugin we purchased from Megaplaza and every time we have a problem or a question, they never make disappointed. They are super prompt and helpful.

Kaha -Verified Purchase
12 October 2018

A nice feature

It is indeed better than the integrated SEO feature in Magento 2. It's simple and fast to configure. The support is really helpful, so I strongly recommend all Mageplaza extensions.

Paweł -Verified Purchase
28 September 2018

Awesome support

Their support team has fixed an issue with another extension. The support service is so excellent and fast!!

Jason -Verified Purchase
28 September 2018

Good extension

Prime - your supporter was great to work with, and very responsive on installing SEO Ultimate extension. We did have a snag on the first deployment. Our site was using an older version of Porto Theme on Magento 2.2.5. Once we updated our Porto Theme to version 3.1.5 Deployment completed as expected. Thanks again!

Mason McMehan -Verified Purchase
17 September 2018

Probably the best SEO extension from Mageplaza

A great extension and the support team is exceptional! This extension is an absolute must-have for any store. The settings are easy to understand and configure. I’m happy with the results and definitely recommend it.

N Pinnath -Verified Purchase
28 June 2018

Great SEO extension

Honestly, it's a great product. The best thing is that it's totally free. Now my clients are happy because his site is at the top of Google ranking and indexing.

vivek -Verified Purchase
30 May 2018

Amazing support!

Best support I've ever received

Jeremy Fain -Verified Purchase
30 May 2018

Fast support team

Installed very fast, replies were fast. Thank you

Unik -Verified Purchase
26 April 2018

For a free extension good performance boost

For a free extension good performance boost. No problems whatsoever. Works as expected. Thanks. All modules have been working great. Thanks Mageplaza team. Very helpful

JR -Verified Purchase
02 April 2018

Great support from you guys

Thanks for your great support!

Isidoro -Verified Purchase
16 March 2018


Great extension that makes it really easy to create products SEO comfort. Makes work easier for my employees. Simple installation and very good manual. I ordered more extensions and had a positive experience everywhere.

Claudio -Verified Purchase
27 February 2018

10 10 Perfect Product

I had no idea how messed up my SEO was until I installed this extension. Now everything is clearly visible and I'm able to tailor every product title and description accordingly!

Art -Verified Purchase
19 January 2018

Good product but lacks some features

Its great for a free extension however I would suggest reaching for the Pro version as there are a lot more features there. Mageplaza support is great though so don't hesitate to buy!

Jeremy F. -Verified Purchase
03 January 2018

seo extension

I get the best support from Mageplaze team to install SEO extension. Thanks a lot

fanoy -Verified Purchase
31 December 2017


Good free module, think so than paid version more powerful and have a lot of features to improve the weight of site in the Google search. I like Megaplaza, you are one of the part Magento 2 World Wide E-Commerce Net

Roman -Verified Purchase
27 December 2017

Jordi is a pleasure to work with

Jordi is a pleasure to work with. Always eager to help and cares about Mageplaza's customers. A+++!

Zalman Goldstein -Verified Purchase
21 December 2017

Useful Extension

Easy to install and many settings to choose from. This takes some of the stress out of making your ecommerce website seo friendly. The rules feature is nice. No problems with installation and easy to use.

Jason -Verified Purchase
07 December 2017

Thank support

Jordi is the best! Always willing to go the extra mile and also doesn't procrastinate. I feel the care and love. You are a great team!

Zalman Goldstein -Verified Purchase
04 December 2017


Awesome help from you guys :-)

Marcin -Verified Purchase
01 December 2017

Easy to use

This free plugin has done a good job. I am pleasantly surprised how well even the free version works. I recommend it to everyone. Very professional support. I am very pleased. Great SEO Extention!!!

Milan -Verified Purchase
01 December 2017

Amazing Extension

It is the great extension. I am using Mageplaza SEO extension with the free version. An interesting functional. Good documention. I like it. I wish you continued successful development and recommend this product. Thank you!

Big -Verified Purchase
22 November 2017

Consider to buy the full version now.

I have the free version.. it is limited but makes things a bit easier.. May buy the full version but my eye is on that gift card plugin right now..

Steven Tuminelli -Verified Purchase
09 November 2017

Really helpful extension

This extension took my SEO game to the next level. I used to optimalise each product on its own. Now i just make nice metatags for all the products @ once. Its a real time and life saver. I will buy the pro-extensions for sure later on :)

Nander -Verified Purchase
26 October 2017

Best module

I am pleasantly surprised how well even the free version works. This is an exceptional extension, and I'd recommend considering buying the paid version. It is easily worth its money. We also combined this with the Google Tag Manager to allow a very well managed SEO package of extensions.

Harry -Verified Purchase
24 October 2017

Very quick response

I have facing one issue with Paypal Express Checkout payment method and Lucas has given very quick response.

Nirav Kadiya (Software Developer), Krish TechnoLabs Pvt. Ltd -Verified Purchase
24 October 2017

Very professional support

Very professional and prompt support from Jimmy!

Craig Retief -Verified Purchase
24 October 2017

You are awesome :)

You are awesome :)

Lion -Verified Purchase
18 October 2017

Good start to SEO World

Really good extension has everything what it need to start adventure with SEO and it's free. When you are hungry for more you could upgrade it to higher level without a fuss.

Marcin -Verified Purchase
16 October 2017

High Quality Extension

Mageplaza SEO is high quality extension and very useful for search engine optimization. Developers and support team helped me lot to install the extension and as well as to do few changes. now extension running smoothly on my website without any issue. Extension is recommended and price also resalable when we compare with others extensions. no need to do any manual work after you download extension it will do everything for SEO. Thanks

Raminda -Verified Purchase
11 October 2017

Great SEO Extention

The Extension is very useful and easy to configure. There were some missing Open Graph tags line og:image, but hey can be added by extending the template in custom module theme.

Milko -Verified Purchase
11 October 2017

Best Extension and Good Support

I'm using Mageplaza SEO extension free version and it is really nice and useful extension. I had few issues with may Magento CE 2.2.0 installation and developers quickly help me to solve the issues. Developers are very supportive and they are responding quickly. Nice extension and recommended to anyone. Thanks Raminda

Raminda Subhashana -Verified Purchase
13 September 2017

Best Effective extension

This extension is very good for SEO purpose.This free extension is far better than what I expected.We also combined this with the Google Tag Manager to allow a very well managed SEO package of extensions.

mohit -Verified Purchase
28 August 2017

Superb and great extension for SEO

This extension is very good for SEO purpose. No need to anything after download it and it's work as expected. Very good extension. Run smoothly without any problem. Thanks for Mageplaza such type of free extension!

Vipul -Verified Purchase
25 August 2017

Awesome rich snippets and SEO module

This plugin has improved the rich snippets A LOT. This plugin does it so good that we even disabled the default rich snippets that Magento 2 offers. We have seen an improvement in the SEO ranking of our website so that helped a lot as well. I would recommend using this plugin if you want to succeed!

Erik -Verified Purchase
10 August 2017

Works very well!

I am pleasantly surprised how well even the free version works. This is an exceptional extension, and I'd recommend considering buying the paid version. It is easily worth its money. We also combined this with the Google Tag Manager to allow a very well managed SEO package of extensions.

Trackwerks -Verified Purchase
17 July 2017

Productive support team

I was a little confused at first but the friendly support team was so productive that they solved the problem in a short time. You guys are doing a great job and I have nothing to complain about.

Stephen -Verified Purchase
17 July 2017

Run smoothly

The extension operates smoothly on my website. Moreover, I really satisfy with the Social optimization which I believe to be only available in Mageplaza’s SEO extension. That’s a clever feature.

Sean Cole -Verified Purchase
17 July 2017

High-quality module

Thank you, Mageplaza! for bringing a great extension to us. My store will always choose to use your extensions!

Chris -Verified Purchase
17 July 2017

Effective extension

After installing for my store, the extension works effectively which amazes me a lot. This free extension is far better than what I expected.

hotmonitor -Verified Purchase
17 July 2017

Best SEO module

This SEO extension has rapidly increased my store rank in search engines. I have never seen any SEO extension that can be more outstanding than Mageplaza's one.

Lubo -Verified Purchase
17 May 2017


Had a different module in my old shop. It is great. Recommended!

Daniel -Verified Purchase

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