SMS Notification for Magento 2


Magento 2 SMS Notification allows sending important SMS notifications to customers and store admins. Customers can be notified instantly via SMS about their order/sales documents creation & other activities as sharing, subscription. Store admins receive SMS alerts about store activities and common errors.


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SMS Notification

SMS Notification for Magento 2

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SMS Notification for Magento 2

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Problems and Solutions

Using emails as the notification delivery is common but it remains some limitations. The first issue is the Internet connection. Without the internet (in rural areas or without 3G/4G), it is impossible to access the mailbox.

It is common that notification emails sent to customers can be dropped in the spam box unexpectedly. This causes issues for both sellers and buyers.

Another limitation of email alert is a low open rate. Customers sometimes are lazyload to open and check all the notifications of stores. The rate is really low with the older people who are not much familiar with using emails.

By sending notifications via SMS, customers can keep update with all order-related events quickly and timely. They can actively get notified about the latest news from stores.

Compared to emails, the possibility of reaching customers of SMS messages is much better. The reason is that the frequency of using mobiles is very high and sending SMS is the most potential to get message opening of customers.

Besides, using SMS, there is no need for the Internet connection, messages can be transferred easily to recipients.

A great benefit of SMS notification is that it makes customers feel being taken care better. They find a close connection with stores, which enhance the loyalty of customers.

Using SMS to notifies customers will increase customers’ trust and credibility in your brand because it shows the real-time communication and the profession of the store operation.

Being updated about all information related to orders and activities will bring customers good experience during shopping. They are likely to appreciate the good care and profession of stores.

SMS notification module also supports store admins to get notified about any cron errors and sitemap errors instantly. This helps stores to solve the issues quickly and actively.

Automatic SMS notification to shoppers and stores

Magento 2 SMS Notification will keep customers and store admins updated about activities via text messages actively. SMS is the more effective information transfer method rather than email because of the higher response and read rates. Commonly, people are more likely to open their SMS box than email box which requires the Internet connection.

The extension connects with the leading SMS Service Providers as Twilio, Amazon SNS who are the most used providers in the world.

Instant and frequent text messages

The frequency of sending SMS is different between customers and store admins. Customers will be notified instantly about their all activities such as registering a new account, making a new order, others to update quickly in minutes. Meanwhile, the SMS notifications related to customers are sent to admin mobiles on a frequent basis such as daily, monthly, weekly and monthly. Because of the large number of customers’ activities every day, sending an overall report to admins on a certain time is reasonable

  • Every 1:00 am daily
  • Every Monday weekly
  • Every 1st if monthly

SMS both sides about account registration

With SMS Notification module, both store admins and customers are notified about account registration. When customers create accounts, they will receive the first confirmation message and then the welcome message for the successful registration. Meanwhile, admins are notified about the number of new accounts on a frequent basis. With SMS Notification, both sides get informed about the account registration - new potential customers to stores.

SMS inform about new orders & billing documents

Both customers and stores are updated with the status of orders and billing documents easily with mobile messages.

With customers, they will receive text messages right after creating orders. Then, after the related billing documents including invoices, shipments, credit memos are created, notifications will be sent to customers’ mobiles as well.

With store admins, the total number of new orders, invoices, shipments, credit memos will be reported daily, weekly or monthly based on frequency configuration.

Motivate sales with stock and price update via SMS

When shoppers are interested in certain products at the store, they are highly concerned about its stock status and price status as well.

Therefore, update customers on such information instantly via text messages will be appreciated.

Both stock status and price status of certain products are highly concerned by shoppers when they go shopping. SMS Notification module will inform customers instantly when items come back to stock and there is any change in the product price. Hence, customers can actively to add their preferred items to cart when they find the time appropriate.

Care for customers’ sharing and subscribing by SMS

It is advisable to better care for customers’ activities such as sharing a product link to friends, wishlist sharing, subscribing store’s newsletter by sending text messages. Because customers’ sharing and subscribing open a great chance to expand the brand and increase sales, it is necessary to update customers on their actions not only via email but also via SMS.

In addition, SMS reminds customers of their sharing and subscription effectively, which is a way to keep stores in customers’ mind better and longer.

Instant SMS alerts about site errors

Errors occur to store site related to cron and sitemap generation are updated to store admins instantly. Both cron and sitemap play important roles to any website, so SMS text to notice errors is a good way to help store admins to get alert about these issues to solve timely.

In detail, when any errors of cron and sitemap occur, there are general SMS messages informing store admins to check the problems. This type of notification is more urgent and effective than email.

More features

Contact notification

When customers contact stores for any questions/ issues, they will receive instantly an confirmation SMS message. Besides, store admins will receive reports daily/monthly/weekly about how many inquiries from customers to store.

Currency update

Update store admin instantly via SMS when there is any change with store currency.

Customizable SMS content

All the content of SMS messages can be customized at the admin configurable easily.

Phone number verification

Use OTP code to verify customers’ phone numbers. There are three formats of OTP including Alphanumeric, Alphabet, Numeric.

Leading service providers

The extension connects with the leading SMS Service Providers as Twilio, Amazon SNS in the world.

Send test SMS

Send a test text message to the testing recipient phone number

Full Features List

For store admins


  • Enable/ Disable the extension
  • Enable/ Disable verifying customers’ phone numbers with OTP code
  • Select OTP format: Alphanumeric, Alphabet, Numeric.
  • Select OTP length
  • Enter the sender phone number
  • Select SMS Service Provider: Twilio and Amazon SNS
  • Enter Account SID, Account Token if select Twilio
  • Enter Access Key ID, Secret Access Key if select Amazon SNS
  • Enter the testing recipient phone number
  • Click button to test SMS
  • SMS notification to confirm customer’s account registration
  • SMS notification about sign up success notification
  • SMS notification when the customer’s order is created
  • SMS notification when the customer’s invoice is created
  • SMS notification when the customer’s shipment is created
  • SMS notification when the customer’s credit memo is created
  • SMS notification when the customer’s contact is delivered
  • SMS notification when the customer shares product link
  • SMS notification when the customer shares wishlist
  • SMS notification when the customer subscribes/ unsubscribes newsletters
  • Compatible with other extensions: Free Shipping Bar, Exit Intent Popup, Request a Quote, Abandoned Cart Email,

Admin Notification

  • Select SMS sending frequency: daily/ weekly/ monthly (events related to customers only)
  • SMS notification about total new accounts
  • SMS notification about total new orders
  • SMS notification about total new invoices
  • SMS notification about total new shipments
  • SMS notification about total new credit memos
  • SMS notification about total new contacts from customers
  • SMS notification about currency update
  • SMS notification about cron error
  • SMS notification about sitemap generation notification

For customers

  • Update the latest events to customers quickly
  • Reach customers better, avoid missing cases
  • SMS notification enhances customer loyalty
  • Provide a superior customer experience


SMS Notification will support customers with notifications: Account registration, Order & Billing documents created, back-to-stock products, price change, customer sharing & subscribing, inquiry contact.

With SMS Notification for Magento 2, store admins will receive summary reports: Total of new accounts, Total of new orders, Total of new billing documents, Currency update, Cron error, Sitemap error.

The extension connects with the leading SMS Service Providers as Twilio, Amazon SNS in the world.

The SMS sent to store admins are sent based on a frequent basis: Every 1:00 a.m daily, Every Monday weekly, Every 1st if monthly

If the verification function is enabled, customers have to verify their phone numbers by entering the OTP codes sent to their mobiles.

Yes, definitely. At the configuration section, you can add the phone number of the test recipient to try the SMS Notification extension first.


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04 February 2021

Helpful extension

I have installed this extension for a month now and everything works fine. It's very convenient and helpful to send automatic sms notifications to both sides about account registration and order process. I will support you guys in the future.

Joanne -Verified Purchase
14 December 2020

Great extension and great support

Easy to integrate and top class customer support. No Issues found yet

Nishant -Verified Purchase
15 July 2020

Excellent Extension

Excellent Extension that helpped us to show special care for customers

Mohammad -Verified Purchase

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