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How to Configure Action Log in Magento 2

Configure Action Log

Magento 2 supports you to configure admin action log that will help you to manage and track all the activities of administrators. You can view log history on the grid and know what has been done in your store admin panel and know who performed it. That feature is very important to help you manage effectively your system. Also, you can view the IP and date on action log.

Following the easy guide given below to configure action log:

Configure the Action Log in Magento 2

  • On the Admin panel, click Stores. In the Settings section, select Configuration.
  • Select Admin under Advanced in the panel on the left
  • Open the Admin Actions Logging section, and continue with following:

How to Configure Action Log

  • To enable admin logging, mark the checkbox.
  • To disable admin logging, clear the checkbox.

  • When complete, click Save Config.

It comes to the end of the tutorial: How to Configure Action Log in Magento 2.

Posted by Sona in Security. June 28, 2018

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