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Online marketplaces are a favorable environment for eCommerce businesses to achieve successful sales results. To take advantage of marketplaces, a product feed is what e-stores need to increase sales faster and make more profits. Mageplaza Product Feed for Magento 2 is an advanced tool that generates and runs product feeds on shopping channels. Via the module, online businesses easily draw customers’ attention, improve conversion rates and boost sales faster.

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A product feed (or product data feed) is a file including all product data of a store such as product titles, attributes, descriptions, etc. Product feeds can be CSV, XML, or TXT files.

Why does your store need a product feed?

Why does your store need a product feed

Product feeds are considered the bridge between online stores and marketplaces. When it comes to shopping channels like Facebook, eBay, Amazon, and Google, instead of manually updating a massive range of your products’ information on every place, you can equip a product feed to provide the data for other shopping engines. Furthermore, the product feed supports your store to communicate the most comprehensive and accurate product information to the shopping channels. Hence, it is easy for your website to gain tons of traffic and more purchasers can access your brand and products.

Benefits of product feeds

Benefits of product feeds

Magento 2 Product Feed extension by Mageplaza offers essential advantages to online stores:

  • Solve time-consuming issue and drop workloads: An auto product feed is responsible for generating and updating information on a routine basis. There is no need for store owners to spend many hours doing the same manual works. Thus, product feeds help admins decrease workloads and save lots of time.
  • Provide accurate and consistent product information: Manual works in updating information sometimes can lead to discrepancies and inconsistencies. Meanwhile, the product feed extension transmits and distributes data among others selling channels respectively. This operating method makes sure the consistency and accuracy of product information among other shopping engines.
  • Manage product feeds with ease: Store owners can track and manage all activities of product feeds. Besides, Google Analytics is available for administrators to assess the products’ performance on marketplaces.
  • Access a number of potential customers: Product feed generators create a chance for stores to sell in multiple channels via XML, TXT, and CSV files. Purchasers easily find your products on Google, Facebook, eBay, Amazon, etc. Hence, your brand is widely known and you can access new buyers on a large scale.

How to optimize product feeds to boost sales?

Product feeds play an important role in transferring information to marketplaces as well as optimize the purchasing process. However, many store owners have no idea of using data feeds properly. There are some essential tips for e-commercial businesses to make use of the feeds to boost sales rates across online marketplaces.

Use proper file formats

It is necessary to choose the right formats that are suitable for your online business when building your product data. There are 3 common forms that e-stores should focus on: .XML .TXT .CSV These formats will work perfectly for the most used shopping marketplaces such as Google Shopping, Facebook, Amazon, eBay, etc. As a result, the shopping channels immediately reference your data feed and interact with the displayed products.

Templates in XML, TXT, CSV

Mageplaza Product Feed extension offers ready-to-use feed templates to Magento 2 stores. The available templates have high performance and meet all requirements of popular selling channels. Besides, store owners can insert variables into the templates or choose an available format of frequently-used variables from the admin panel.

The module provides not only ready-to-use feed templates but also customizable ones. Administrators can create numerous templates with the support of usable variables. All templated created by Mageplaza Product Feed module are friendly with any shopping search engines. Thus, selling channels can access and adapt product data to their displaying styles.

Feed Templates

Update feeds regularly

Some significant data feeds such as prices, product descriptions, titles and attributes should be updated on a routine basis. If product feeds are created and updated regularly, your store performance is improved dramatically on marketplaces. With the latest and accurate information about the products, your shop easily captures potential purchasers’ attention and make more profits across the marketplaces.

Generating and updating product data takes many hours if your shop still works manually. Instead of wasting lots of time, Mageplaza Product Feed extension is an excellent solution for Magento stores. This module updates information automatically on selling channels, affiliate websites, and marketplaces and with specific schedules. Admins can choose a certain time period to auto-generate feeds as daily, weekly, or monthly. Moreover, via the advanced FTP and SFTP technology, the extension is able to upload the data at high speed. Consequently, e-business owners find it effortless to delivery the data in the blink of an eye.

Update feeds regularly

Manage product feeds

Product feeds management plays an important role in operating online stores as well as boosting sales on marketplaces. When an amount of the product data is increasing more and more, you may lose your control and then your store gets the wrong track. This is the reason why online businesses need to manage data feeds when participating in shopping channels. A smooth ongoing process without mistakes keeps your high performance on all shopping search engines. Thus, your rank and brand are improved remarkably.

Magento 2 Product Feed module provides feed logs that enable administrators to manage all the product feeds on the selling channels and other marketplaces. Store owners can take control of every single product feed and solve unexpected problems on time. Without workloads and time-consuming issue, the feed extension is a powerful supporter for eCommerce businesses to achieve great success on the online marketplaces.

Analyze data feeds and give right directions

After generating and running product feeds on shopping search engines, stores should track and assess the effectiveness and performance of their products. Via the evaluation, e-business owners can adjust data feeds and make effective strategies for their products on marketplaces.

With the support of Google Analytics, Mageplaza Product Feed for Magento 2 provides administrators with an in-depth view of their products’ effectiveness on other engines. Thanks to a clear analysis of the insight into the store performance, you easily find the right business directions to make sure that your products are everywhere they can be.

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Final thoughts

In conclusion, online marketplaces are a great opportunity for eCommerce stores to show their business capabilities and extend brand awareness. To create a close connection between online shops and selling channels, product feeds are obviously a crucial factor. Magento 2 Product Feed extension by Mageplaza works as an advanced communication tool with the aim to perform the products on Google Shopping, Bing, and Amazon. Thus, the module enables stores to convert more customers and drive big sales. Grab your chance right now!

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