To increase sales during shopping seasons is the main target of every store. This time the competition between stores increases significantly.
Therefore, it is very essential to find out effective ways to motivate customers to end up their purchases at your store.

  • Automatically suggest related products
  • Suggest the items which are frequently bought together
  • Suggest customers the products bought by others
  • Suggest customers the products viewed by others
  • Announce special offers if they buy more
  • Limit the time of promotions
  • Notice about limited stock status
  • Increase conversion rate with the optimized checkout


Make customers willing to make purchases
Expand shopping cart size

Expand shopping cart size

When there is a lot of competition from many other online stores, increasing the average cart value will generate larger purchases for the same amount of traffic. Customers will be willing to expand their shopping cart if your stores give them suggestions cleverly: suitable products at the appropriate moment.

  • Automatically suggest related products
  • Suggest the items which are frequently bought together
  • Suggest customers the products bought by others
  • Suggest customers the products viewed by others
  • Show messages following the customer’s journey to announce special offers they can get if they buy more.

Create urgency

One of the best ways to make more conversions and sales is to create a sense of urgency. The fact that the longer customers consider whether to buy your products, the more likely they will skip it. However, if you can create FOMO in your audience that their concerned products may not available soon, people will be much more likely to take quick action and make a purchase.

  • Attach a countdown timer with promotions: Customers are likely to be more urgent and make quick purchase decisions when they see that time is running out. Stores can motivate customers to make their purchases effectively by adding extra urgency in the customer’s mind.
  • Announce stock status: The small product quantity available will urge customers to grab their chance to add their preferred items to the shopping cart quickly before they run out of stock
Create urgency
Increase conversion rate

Increase conversion rate

Many businesses make a big effort to drive traffic to the store site but fail to turn the potential leads into purchasers. Therefore, improve conversion rate allows you to get more sales with the same amount of traffic. Noticeably, a large rate of cart abandonment results from the checkout page because of its complication which takes customers a lot of time to complete. Make the checkout process simple and easy-to-use is essential for CRO. Here are some suggestions

  • Simple one-step checkout: Displaying all checkout information on one page helps reduce mouse clicks
  • Let customers checkout as a guest: Customers are not required to create an account and can check out quickly
  • Save customers for the next purchase: Archive the first-time customers’ information and auto-fill at the next purchase
  • Diversify shipping and payment methods: Facilitate customers to select their preferred shipping and payment methods
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