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How to configure Mailgun SMTP in Magento 2

This is How to configure Mailgun SMTP in Magento 2 will show What you need is, make sure customers won’t miss any precious mails from your brand. It’s a well-known fact that most of consumers tend to be favoured of attention. Human beings love being noticed particularly, a personal email for distance relationships would be appropriate in this case. But the email system constantly marks your send-in-bulk emails as spam letters. How long will you let this worst scenario has your eyes roll back?

Mailgun has always gained a certain of loyalty customer groups thanks to their magnificent skill in developing technicalities. Especially to developers, experiencing Mailgun is quite a good chance ever to practice and learn through new knowledge behind the walls unexpectedly.

In this article, I’ll show you how to connect the dot between Magento 2 and Mailgun server, to implement the SMTP takes action on sending email more stable.

How to configure Mailgun SMTP in Magento 2

  • Step 1: Create a new and setup the Mailgun account.
  • Step 2: Download and install Magento 2 SMTP extension.
  • Step 3: Configure Mailgun SMTP for Magento 2.

Step 1: Create a new and setup the Mailgun account

  • To use Mailgun SMTP, create an account in Mailgun website.
  • After creating an account in Mailgun click on any domain( custom domain or sandbox domain) to get credentials of that domain for configuration.
  • Here we clicked on Sandbox domain and get the below page. From this page you will get all required credentials to configure it with Magento 2.

magento 2 SMTP extension by mageplaza

Step 2. Download and install Magento 2 SMTP extension.

This guide will use Mageplaza SMTP extension to configure this setup. It’s a free extension so there’s no risk to try out this new advanced modules. You can download it in Github and the installation guide can be found at this Documentation. h

Step 3. Configure the SMTP extension for Magento 2.

Back to Magento Admin, make your way from Mageplaza > SMTP > Configuration. Expand General Configuration, choose Yes to turn Mageplaza SMTP on

general SMTP extension for Magento 2

Expand SMTP Configuration Option, complete these following steps

smtp configuration

  • In the SMTP Provider field, choose Mailgun.
  • Click Auto Fill button to fill Host, Port, Authentication and Protocol will be automatically filled up to match Mailgun provider you had chosen.
  • In the Username and Password field, fill the Mailgun account information you just have set up in Step 1.
  • In Test Email Recipient, enter the email you want to sent to. A successful report will show up if thing worked properly.

And now you have done with the set up SMTP in Magento 2 with Mailgun provider on Mageplaza!

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