How to Set up Mollie Payment Method for Shopware stores

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Shopware is a platform for establishing modern and creative online stores, distinguished by its simplicity of use and emphasis on clients’ emotions throughout the purchasing process. And it is also the ideal tool for creating one-of-a-kind and remarkable user experiences, owing to its versatile and user-friendly environment, which requires no specialized knowledge of web design or programming.

In this article, we will show you How to Set up Mollie payment method for Shopware stores to complete your online store’s setting-ups.

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Benefits of using Mollie on Shopware

Mollie provides a variety of payment options that may be simply incorporated into your Shopware-powered webshop with the help of our official plugin. Mollie takes all major credit cards as well as cash and checks. Join the 95.000 delighted users in Europe and start earning income right now.


  • Mollie does not have a contract, monthly fees, or plug-in prices; businesses pay per transaction
  • There is a single contract for all payment ways; there is no need to apply for each payment method separately
  • In the Mollie dashboard, payment methods may be quickly activated or deactivated
  • Fast onboarding: an account may be set up in 15 minutes, and it will be activated within 1-2 days
  • All major payment methods for European markets, as well as local support
  • View your account’s balance, payments, and refunds
  • Receive notifications once a payment is received
  • Send payment requests in more than 25 different currencies (via WhatsApp, email and all other popular channels)
  • With QR codes, you may get paid in person
  • Make a full or partial return
  • With real-time data and insights, you can track and assess your company’s progress
  • Provide a separate app for iOS and Android. All incoming payments may be tracked using the app. You may use the app to get alerts about incoming payments, which eliminates the need to access and refresh your Mollie Dashboard every time you want to know if you have received new payments.


  • Simple payment integration testing environment
  • Fraud detection: intelligent fraud detection on all of your payments
  • Dynamic 3D secure: Safer credit card payments using dynamic 3D secure
  • PCI-DSS level 1 certification
  • Multicurrency: the ability to pay in their preferred currency
  • Mobile-friendly: payment displays are optimized for mobile devices using automated device detection
  • Customer-friendly interface with up-to-date payment information, real-time accounting, and simple refunds

How to Set up Mollie payment method for Shopware stores?

Step 1: Open Settings

To use Mollie payment options, you must first link your store to a Mollie account. A matching link will be available under Settings > Shop > Payment methods for this reason.

You may either link your store to an existing Mollie account or establish a new account and then link it here.

After you have linked your current or new Mollie account to your business, you must still provide the shop access to the Mollie organization.

That’s all. After granting the store access, simply click the button on the right side to activate or deactivate the appropriate payment methods.

You may define your payment methods in the Shopware Admin by going to Settings > Shop > Payment methods. You will be prompted to connect a Mollie account to your Shopware installation via a link for the Mollie payment options.

After you have configured the Mollie payment methods, you will need to assign them to the sales channel so that they’re visible to customers in the storefront.

This is done in the associated sales channel’s sales channel settings. Select the payment methods you wish to add to the sales channel.

The payment method settings may be found under the menu General > Basic settings. In the left box, you may choose which payment methods should be made available to the client, as well as which payment method should be the default payment method for new customers.

Step 3: Select the payment methods

If you wish to temporarily disable the Mollie payment methods without entirely deleting your Mollie account, click the option located under Settings > Payment methods.

Step 4: Add Mollie to the sale channel

If you make changes to your Mollie account later, you must transmit these changes to your store. Click the button Update payment methods to transfer all data from your Mollie account to your shop.

How to temporarily Disable Mollie payments method for Shopware stores

If you wish to temporarily disable the Mollie payment methods without entirely deleting your Mollie account, click the button under Settings > Payment methods.

How to receive money in Mollie account

-Check that you have supplied all of the necessary information regarding your Mollie account: Please keep in mind that Mollie will want a copy of your ID and that you will need to double-check your bank information. When you access your Mollie dashboard, you will see the notice “Add extra information” if you do not have all of the information in your Mollie account.

-Define the frequency with which you want your payouts to occur: You will be paid out in accordance with the payout frequency specified in your Mollie account. This is configured to pay twice a week (Tuesday and Friday) by default, but you may change it to pay on any working day or only on the first working day of the month.

-Take note of the minimum payment amount: The minimum amount is set by default at €5, however, you can increase it in your account. This implies that if the balance in your account is less than the amount displayed above, we will be unable to pay you.

Alternative payment methods

Shopware includes the non-automated payment options cash on delivery, prepaid, and invoicing as standard. These can be used as a last resort payment option. As a result, following the ordering procedure, either the consumer or the business operator must complete the payment process.

-Payment upon delivery: You send the ordered products using the cash-on-delivery service once the customer has finished the transaction. The consumer then pays when the products are delivered.

-Payment in advance: After the customer has finished the order, you will supply him with your bank account information so that he may transfer the money owed. You may do this, for example, in the Order confirmation email template.

-Invoice: Once the client has completed the order, you will ship the products together with the invoice, which the buyer must then pay.


We hope that you will find this article about How to Set up Mollie payment method for Shopware stores fundamental!

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