How to Remove the Shopware Logo and Lettering

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If you want to establish a strong first impression, the pieces of your brand identity are your opportunity. There is no other feature that speaks louder than your logo, ‘This is us!’ Together with font type, font size, and text colors, they form a complicated act that, when executed well, can help your brand stick in your clients’ minds.

However, in some cases, you might want to remove the default Shopware logo and lettering. The following is a brief lesson on How to Remove the Shopware logo and lettering. The process is very simple and not time-consuming at all.

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How to Remove the Shopware Logo and Lettering

In the default theme, the footer has the addition “Realised with Shopware” and the Shopware logo. If you wish to remove these in your shop, we detail the necessary changes here. Realised with Shopware

The modification is done to the file footer.html.twig in your template. Insert the file in the /custom/plugins/yourTheme/src/Resources/views/storefront/layout/footer directory. If the views/storefront/layout/footer subdirectories do not exist, you should create them.

In the file, add the following


Following that, the Shopware logo is removed from the footer.

2. Remove the Shopware lettering

Through the text modules, you can remove the text Implemented with Shopware. To do so, navigate to your administration’s Settings and select the text modules under Shop.

Then, choose and edit the desired text module set. Enter the term footer.copyrightInfo in the top-right search field. The text module you’re seeking is then displayed; simply remove the value Implemented using Shopware from it. The text will subsequently be removed from the storefront.

The plugin to Remove the Shopware Logo and Lettering

In this section, we will introduce you to a plugin that can help you with the process of removing logo and lettering from your Shopware store frontend. It is Change Shopware Logo (header and footer) & Copyright text

Change Shopware Logo (header and footer) & Copyright text

This plugin provides convenience and a plethora of possibilities for customizing your online business to your specifications. It enables users to replace the default header logo with their own.

Moreover, this plugin enables you to employ the footer for copyright text, regardless of whether you want to activate or deactivate copyright text in the footer. Copyright holders have the option of prohibiting people from reproducing or disseminating their work without their consent or selling these rights to another party.

It also contributes to your web store by enabling you to customize the footer copyright text. By simply installing this plug-in, you may add your own company’s footer logo, as well as activate and deactivate the logo. This addon is easy to use and assists you in customizing your website to make it more efficient and competent.

Key Features:

  • Replace the header logo.
  • Replace the footer logo.
  • Remove all copyright-related content.
  • Activate or deactivate the footer’s copyright text.
  • Activate or deactivate the footer logo.


This plugin is available at a price of € 1.00.

Final thoughts

This is all you have to know about How to Remove the Shopware logo and lettering. Is this content beneficial for you? Please share it with your friends and coworkers and subscribe to our blog for future posts if you find it useful.

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