How to Import Newsletter Recipients in Shopware

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Shopware is a scalable and configurable eCommerce system that allows customers to easily construct their own online business, regardless of its specs or requirements. This eCommerce platform is built on cutting-edge eCommerce technology, with enhanced innovative marketing and SEO capabilities.

This article will introduce to you How to Import newsletter recipients in Shopware to help you build up your online store basically.

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Newsletter recipients overview

The overview screen for newsletter recipients includes a grid with a list of all customers who have subscribed to your newsletter. A context menu located next to each entry allows you to manage each record. You can remove or edit newsletter recipients in Shopware 6.

Newsletter recipients overview

There is also a list settings button at your disposal. It allows you to specify which data should be displayed in the grid and what order.

Newsletter recipients overview

The filter section limits the number of displayed entries based on the parameters you specify.

Newsletter recipients overview

How to Import newsletter recipients in Shopware

1. From Shopware 5

  • Importance is minimal: This import only includes the required fields for creating a new newsletter receiver. The mail-address and receiver-group are required for this. A mail-address can be added to multiple groups at the same time.

This import’s profile can be downloaded here: NewsletterReceiverMinimal.json NewsletterMinimal.xml is an example xml-file. NewsletterMinimal.csv is an example csv file.

From Shopware 5

  • Profile by default: The default profile includes all mandatory fields as well as some frequently used detail fields. For newsletter recipients and existing shop users, the field userID is only set to 1, and the node groupName is left blank.

The profile for this import is named “newsletter receiver (default newsletter recipient)” and can be chosen from the list of default profiles. Here’s an example xml-file: Newsletter.xml Here’s an example csv file: Newsletter.csv

From Shopware 5

2. From Shopware 6

You can simplify and automate various routine processes associated with Shopware 6 backend management by utilizing the Shopware team and the products they provide. Shopware allows you to automate various routine tasks such as import and export. For more information, please contact support or try our Improved Import & Export Extension for Shopware. It can be used to import any entity into Shopware 6. You can use the extension to create a cron-based schedule and assign it to any import or export job.

As a result, all data transfers are fully automated and run in the background. Moreover, if you work with external systems, Improved Import & Export allows you to create presets that external map designations to those used in your Shopware 6 database. These two features enable you to automate data transfers, which eliminates a variety of repetitive tasks.


We hope that you will have basic knowledge about building up your online stores through this article about How to Import newsletter recipients in Shopware!

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