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Each piece of software that you acquire for your online business will come with a license that specifies what you can and cannot do with it. It is vital that you thoroughly grasp the terms of the license to ensure that you remain in compliance with the law and regulations. Understanding extension subscriptions for companies and obtaining the appropriate licenses for your requirements may also help your company save money on software. Today’s post will focus on everything you need to know about extension Subscriptions in Shopware.

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An overview of extension Subscriptions in Shopware

The failure to grasp software licensing or the deliberate disregard of software licenses by certain firms may find you in significant legal problems. The cost of computer software may be prohibitively high, and some businesses feel they can “get away” with violating software licensing conditions by doing things such as installing software on many computers when the license is only for a single user. Using software outside of the licensing agreement limits is considered piracy and may subject you to legal consequences.

An overview of extension Subscriptions in Shopware

It is vital to understand the regulations that govern software use and purchase before using or purchasing it. A software license is a legal necessity for any consumer seeking eCommerce software. Failure to get one violates copyright laws, which may result in you or your company being prosecuted or penalized due to your actions. As a result, every software must be lawfully licensed before being used or distributed. The terms and conditions of software licenses may be overwhelming and challenging to grasp. Still, you must read them in order to understand the license’s specific terms and conditions as well as its limits. And like other popular eCommerce platforms, Shopware encourages users to use legally extension subscriptions to ensure the stability of online stores.

Everything about extension Subscriptions in Shopware

The fundamental definition of extension Subscriptions in Shopware

A valid extension subscription ensures that the extension maker will supply you with updates for the extension in the future. Updating your software may entail adding new features, optimizing your software, making it compatible with new Shopware versions, or patching security flaws.

Extension in Shopware 6

Please keep in mind that not all extensions have a subscription exam. Free plugins, such as the Shopware PayPal plugin, may be updated without signing up for membership service.

The reason why your extension Subscriptions expired

Subscriptions are only valid for a limited period and must be renewed via your Shopware account. The purchase of an extension is often accompanied by a subscription that is good for one year. In other words, the extension developers will offer you free software upgrades for one year. It will be unable to update the extension if you do not renew your membership, and a notification will show when you access your administration.

Expired alert

Please keep in mind that the subscription check runs on all plugins listed in the Plugin Manager. Whether the plugin is “Active,” “Disabled,” or “Uninstalled,” the check does not discriminate between them. All of the plugins that are listed in the Plugin Manager are considered to be verified.

Using extension without a valid subscription

There is no impact on the operation of Shopware or the extension in question if an extension subscription is not present. However, keep in mind that you can not take advantage of any upgrades or compatibilities that the manufacturer may give in this situation.

Reactive an extension subscription

Your Shopware account has a menu option titled “Shop operator,” which may be found on the left-hand side of the screen. After making your selection, you may go to the “sub-option Shops” section. There will be a list of all of the domains that are associated with your Shopware account. Then choose the required domain from the drop-down menu to show the licenses. It is possible to discover which plugins are licensed for your domain and which plugins have a subscription active by looking through the list of plugins. A context menu appears when you click on the “” button, and you may then choose Details from the menu that appears.

Reactive an extension subscription

Following the selection of Details, a summary of the chosen plugin is shown to the user. You have the option to renew your plugin subscription here, but you only have four weeks left before your membership expires! Please remember that you can not get manufacturer updates unless you have a current extension membership. It is recommended that you maintain the extensions up to current at all times. If you do not, the manufacturer will not provide you with enhancements, bug fixes, or security upgrades.

Configure violated license

It is not feasible to find a free remedy to a license violation after one has been charged with the violation. Depending on the extension, it is now available. It may be used in conjunction with a rental license, buy the license, or a six-month extension subscription license for the associated domain name. There will be no further penalty cost for the preceding period.

You can cancel your rental here

The rental version of the extension may be canceled under the account after the extension has been removed if a rental version of the extension has been reserved. It is possible to migrate the extension straight to a different domain inside the account if it is utilized on another domain.

An example of managing subscriptions by using third-party plugins

Subscription Commerce with PayPal and Stripe

The Subscription Commerce plugin supports the PayPal and Stripe payment systems. To utilize the Subscription Commerce extension, you must first install one of the two payment extensions and have a PayPal or Stripe account. After completing a subscription, it is possible to assess if a contract time is agreed upon. A cancellation period and an automatic renewal period may be defined afterward if contract duration is given. This information is shown dynamically in the shop.

Subscription Commerce with PayPal and Stripe

Outstanding features:

  • A subscription is placed with the payment service providers PayPal and Stripe.
  • Transactional emails (purchase confirmation, subscription confirmation, payment collection notification) are created and activated dynamically.
  • The subscription may be discontinued or canceled via the customer account, the payment service provider (!), or the shop operator.
  • Give your consumers a discount for signing up for a subscription. This discount may be set at the product level.
  • Contract terms, cancellation periods, and automatic renewals can all be configured.

Price: €95 for an annual subscription.

Final Words

We hope this topic has provided you with everything about extension Subscriptions in Shopware. When acquiring extensions, you should attempt to purchase via legitimate channels and websites. Most genuine software firms include customer care lines or trialware that you may try before buying. Don’t put your faith in an offer or a website just because the price is reduced. If the price seems too good to be true, it most often is. Take the time to thoroughly study the extension license agreement and comprehend all the terms and restrictions. Keep an eye out for any odd limits or duties.

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