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Credit card processing is a critical component of every e-commerce operation. Your e-commerce credit card processing service facilitates the transfer of funds from your clients’ accounts to yours in a timely and simple manner. Consumers expect to be able to pay their bills electronically, whether they are shopping for items or paying a bill. This means no matter which eCommerce platform you choose to operate your business, you need to integrate Creditcard as a payment method for your customers. In this blog post, we’ll take you through the general information about creditcard on Shopware, including the functions, configurations as well as supporting plugins for credit card payment. Let’s begin!

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What can you do with your credit card in Shopware?

First, let’s see the default features of Shopware Creditcard.

Register credit cards

Payments to the customer account can be made using VISA and MASTERCARD credit cards. Other credit card companies are getting ready.

If you have already registered at Shopware account page, you will find the credit card, direct debit, and PayPal registration options under the menu item Basic information > Accounting. The credit card is then selected as the payment option, and the card information is entered. Simply follow the procedures outlined.

Register credit cards

To ensure data privacy, the payment service provider (PSP) is the only one that has access to the whole data. Heidelpay GmbH, the PSP we use, is registered with BaFin. In our system, we only see a portion of the credit card number and the expiration date (month/year).

The credit card is saved as the default payment method after registration. If required, you may modify this under the “Payment methods” menu item.

In case a credit card is chosen as the default payment method, it will be utilized for all payments, including the collection of collective invoices at the end of the month.

Deal with expired credit card

If the credit card’s expiration month has reached, the credit card will be removed from the customer’s account. Because we don’t know when the credit card will expire, we do it at the beginning of the month.

You will receive an email with information and a link to this website as soon as the credit card is cancelled.

You may now - register a new credit card - register another payment method (PayPal, SEPA direct debit) - choose to be paid by bank transfer in the future.

Even though your credit card number stays the same, a new credit card registration is required because the expiration date has changed and cannot be modified in our system.

Please remember that only you may enter this information into your customer account for security and privacy reasons. Similarly, only you can enter PayPal information.

Deal with expired credit card

A SEPA direct debit mandate (basic) can also be submitted online. If your company’s internal policies require you to issue this only in writing, please send an email to [email protected] and we will give you a form sheet. Please keep in mind that we only accept direct debit from the following countries: D, A, NL, B, PL, GB, EST, ES, FR, IT.

If you have already submitted a new payment method, please double-check that you have entered and activated the right payment method. If other “ancient” payment methods are still saved, we will normally not reactivate them since we cannot check whether the data is up to date fully.

Please check to see if the company data we have on file is still up to current, and if so, email us updated information along with evidence of trade or a commercial register extract.

Remove the deposited credit card entirely

Please contact us at [email protected].

5 Best Shopware plugins that facilitate Credit Card payment

Now, if you want to level up your creditcard payment for your store, let’s take a look at 5 Best Shopware plugins that facilitate Credit Card payment below.

1. Stripe

Stripe is a multinational technology business that creates online economic infrastructure. Stripe processes billions of payments for forward-thinking companies every year. Stripe’s software and APIs are used by millions of businesses of all sizes, from startups to Fortune 500s, to take payments, deliver payouts, and administer their operations online. Businesses in 36 countries may use this free module to take all major debit and credit cards in 135+ currencies, as well as Apple Pay for Web, Google Pay, and additional local payment options such as: Klarna, Ideal, Giropay, Bancontact, Sepa DD, and Sofort.



  • It has PCI-DSS level 1 certification
  • It provides 3D Dynamic Security
  • Stripe Radar provides integrated fraud protection.
  • It allows you to create manual payments and refunds from your Shopware Backend Customer-friendly dashboard with up-to-date payment data, real-time accounting, and refunds made simple


Stripe is free on Shopware without any support.

2. Unzer Payments for Shopware 6

Unzer Payments for Shopware 6 accepts credit card, buy on account (protected), direct debit (secured), prepayment, SOFORT, PayPal, iDEAL, EPS, and many more payment methods. Unzer plugins make it simple to take digital payments in your online store. It has a user-friendly dashboard with current payment data, real-time settlement, and simple refunds (Unzer Insights). It is possible to install using Composer. Simple installation by download from the community shop. It is written in open source code. In test mode, all features and procedures are available for free testing. Transaction administration is possible from the backend. It is outfitted with Automatic payment status adjustment. Unzer is simple to set up.



  • Payments are processed via the Unzer Payment API.
  • In the Shopware backend, all transactions are visually shown with a clear structure.
  • In the backend, you may do any administrative debit activities such as refunds, follow-up bookings, and cancellations.
  • Notification of automatic dispatch with secure payment methods.
  • Following the reservation of invoice amounts, money was deducted.
  • Invoice amount reversal.


Unzer is free on Shopware with support from Unzer E-Com GmbH.

3. Easy credit

When payment is made via payment gateways, Easy credit allows you to produce credits and partial credits while keeping the link to the original order and the transaction IDs associated with it. This is significant because, without this reference, the reversal cannot be decoded automatically because the transaction ID is lost as a flag. The (partial) credit is created immediately in the Shopware backend’s well-known “Order Details” window. Under “Positions,” one or all elements for the establishment of the credit can be marked, and the document will be generated and saved as normal under “Documents.” You may also choose whether shipping charges are credited in the plugin settings.

Easy credit


  • It does not initiate a new procedure.
  • It aids in the retention of the order number.
  • When using payment gateways, transaction IDs will be kept.
  • Shipping expenses might be deducted.
  • It is completely integrated with the order processing system.


You can choose between these 2 options to get Easy credit for your Shopware store:

  • Buy: € 139.00 including Free updates and support for 12 months (Subscription)
  • Rent (trial month included): € 15.00/month including Free updates and support and it is cancelable monthly

4. Credit management

Can your consumers buy and redeem vouchers from your online store? Then our “Credit management” plugin assists you in managing the voucher credits. If required, you can top up or lower the corresponding credit in the admin area. You may add a note to each credit change to keep track of them better. You may specify in the admin section whether the credit must be redeemed in full or whether your client can spend the credit in increments. If your consumer uses the credit in the online store, the transaction is logged in the credit management system. The credit-related movements are evident at a glance in the “Comment” section.

Credit management


  • Customers can continue to redeem prior vouchers in your online store with the enabled Shopify mode if you have switched your online shop from Shopify to Shopware.
  • It allows for simple credit management.
  • It makes voucher value retention feasible.


You can choose between these 2 options to get Credit management for your Shopware store:

  • Buy: € 290.00 including Free updates and support for 12 months (Subscription)
  • Rent (trial month included): € 29.00/month including Free updates and support and it is cancelable monthly

5. Credit plugin

Credit plugin simplifies your bookkeeping even further. It enables you to quickly add credit notes to any order in your Shopware store. You may quickly adjust the credit of any purchase with any credit amount with this plug-in. The modifications you make with this plugin may be inspected and used to build a default credit document. With this plugin, you can quickly change the amount credited per order. You can quickly make modifications in the overview, but you can also check when you awarded which amount to whom and for which order. MEMO ICT’s Credit plugin is the first of its type, designed specifically for use with your Shopware e-commerce shop.

Credit plugin


  • It is an excellent plugin for streamlining your accountancy.
  • Directly in your Shopware business, you can easily alter credit notes.
  • With the Shopware document generator, you may generate practical credit notes.


For Credit plugin, you just have 1 option: to Rent the plugin for € 35.00/month, including Free updates and support. And, as usual, you can cancel it monthly.

To sum up

Although e-commerce credit card processing is difficult, it should not prevent you from doing online business. You can make a better-educated decision on the most inexpensive, most successful way to take credit card payments from your online customers and give a smooth experience to your shoppers or clients armed with knowledge about how credit card processing works and Credit plugins on Shopware.

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