How to Create a New Country for Shopware Store

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Shopware will provide you with an e-Commerce platform that is rich in features and capabilities. Its basic edition boasts a slew of creative and distinctive features that enable you to create a visually stunning online store. You may enhance the Shopware functionality by adding a variety of useful and profitable add-ons. You may also use Shopware to start a modest online business and expand the program’s functionality as your firm grows.

In this article, we will show you How to create a new country for Shopware store to help you build up your online store.

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Shopware countries overview

All configured countries that are currently available in your languages in your sales channels are listed in the overview.

Shopware countries overview

You must first choose a language. The overview provides information about the countries that are available. The configured countries are listed in the first column. The following column shows you which position each country has in your storefront. Furthermore, the column ISO displays the ISO 3166 country code, and the column ISO3 displays the 3-digit ISO country code. You can activate or deactivate the respective country in the column Active. The column List view, shown here with three dots, allows you to make additional settings within the table view. You can, for example, choose which columns are displayed and in what order they are displayed.

How to create a new country for Shopware store

1. From Shopware 5

The Countries tab allows you to add all of the regions, countries, and associated states that are managed in your shop. These entries are used for a variety of purposes, including assigning individual tax groups, shipping types and costs, and/or risk management functions. The first screen displays a list of all areas that have already been created with the assigned areas (as well as information on the countries’ zones) and the stored ISO code.

From Shopware 5

  • Adding regions and countries: The Add entry button allows you to add new countries.

  • Details:

From Shopware 5

Name - name of the country (e.g., Deutschland) International name - for example, Germany Active - country that is active in the selected area (yes/no). Area - a grouping of previously created areas. ISO (alpha-2) - ISO 3166 country code (for example, ES)) ISO (alpha-3) - a three-character ISO country code (for example, ESP) Position - shop number/position Description Free shipping - all deliveries to this country are free of charge. Tax-free - domestic deliveries are tax-free. Tax-free for businesses - tax-free if the customer provided a valid VAT ID. Display state selection - the ability to show the selected state in the frontend. State selection is required - in the frontend, a state must be selected.

  • Including new states: All countries can be divided into states if desired. The following fields must be filled out: Name of the state - for example, Colorado ISO - for example, CO Position - the shop’s number or position. Active - indicates whether or not the selected area is active (yes/no). Delete entry - the state will be obliterated. Translate - by clicking the globe, you can enter a translation for the state.

  • Geo-blocking enables shipping to be disabled in specific countries: Even if you allow registration for those countries, you can disable shipping in those countries in Shopware. Deactivate the checkbox to accomplish this. Allow the following countries to be used as shipping countries.

If a customer registers for this country and does not provide an alternate shipping address, he will receive the notification “The country you have chosen is not available for shipping. Please select an alternate shipping address “at the check-out

  • Delete a country: In the middle column, select the country you want to remove. The country’s available areas will be displayed. Simply make your selections and then click the delete button.

  • Country areas: Click on Country areas under Configuration/Basic settings/Shop settings. You can make groups and assign areas and countries to them here. Several countries can be easily combined into one group (e.g., Europe) to allow for quick and easy management of many countries at once.

From Shopware 5

2. From Shopware 6

You can add a new country to your store by clicking the Create country button in the upper right corner of the overview. The General and Options sections are located on the Settings tab.

  • General:

From Shopware 6

Name: Enter the country’s name here. Position: If you want to keep a specific order in the selection of countries, you can do so with the position. ISO2: Enter the ISO2-compliant country code. ISO3: Enter the ISO3 country code here.

  • Options Active: Use this button to activate or deactivate the customer’s country in your store.

From Shopware 6

  • Shipping: This button enables or disables the ability to ship products to this country. When a customer tries to select this option and it is deactivated, they will receive the following message. “Deliveries to the specified delivery address are not available.”
  • Tax-free (B2C): The Tax-free option allows you to offer tax-free deliveries to the respective country. You can select to enable or disable the option. Suppose this option is enabled, the products are already shown tax-free in the listing, on the item detail page, in the checkout and in the shopping cart.
  • Cart minimum (net): If you have enabled tax-free, this option will be available. For B2C customers, you can specify from which value in which currency an order for this country is tax-free.
  • Currency dependent value: If your store accepts other currencies, you can set the tax-free limit for those currencies here as well.
  • Tax-free (B2B): This option provides the same options as Tax-free (B2C), but only for business customers. You can also specify an amount for each currency, after which the order becomes tax-free. B2B transactions must be tax-free if the respective customer accounts have a valid VAT ID.
  • Validate VAT Reg. No. format: By activating this switch, you can enable a check of the VAT ID format, which is available for EU countries. The check is not available for other countries.
  • VAT Reg. No. is required: Indicate whether or not the specification of a VAT ID is a required field for this country.
  • State/region required: If you need to specify a federal state for a country, you can do so with this option. In this case, you must store the federal states appropriately. This is possible by using the States/regions tab. More information on this can be found in the section States/regions below.

  • States/regions: At the top, click the States/Regions tab to configure the states and regions. Using the Add states/region button, you can edit the existing states/regions or create a new one. A pop-up window will appear, allowing you to enter the state’s name, ISO code, and position.

  • Geoblocking: If delivery is not possible for specific countries, a note will be displayed. The note “No delivery possible” appears in the dropdown selection for the country. This note will also be visible in the billing address selection.

From Shopware 6

## Conclusion

After this article about How to create a new country for Shopware store, we hope you will find an easier way to build your own online stores successfully!

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