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Entrepreneurs that have a successful eCommerce company realize that there is always room for improvement. Finding a second source of income is one method to take things to the next level. This does not imply launching a second company but instead finding ways to enhance and expand the one you already have by offering additional value to your clients and followers. When it comes to making money, affiliate marketing is an excellent option for those who aren’t already. Today’s post will show you how to create an affiliate URL in the Shopware store.

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The overview of affiliate marketing in Shopware

Make use of this marketing tool to determine the effectiveness of direct connections from other platforms in terms of increasing sales. By offering a portion of purchases to partners, you may generate the required interest for your content to be included on other websites and portals. Partner marketing also provides you with the option to determine if clients have arrived through a particular comparison site or price search engine.

Affiliate marketing in Shopware

To begin with, you must build a different partner URL for each partner, along with a unique code for each partner, through which clients may visit your shop. Then you make sure that just this newly formed URL is used to connect to you by your partners. Whenever a client places an order or registers using the link established in this manner, the code is kept either in the order or in the formed customer account. You may use this code to analyze the customer’s behavior afterward.

How to create an affiliate URL in the Shopware store

In the Shopware 6 administration, no partner URLs are generated. The URLs are created by simply adding the appropriate syntax to the end of your shop’s website URL. You then provide this URL to the affiliates who are responsible for linking to your shop.

Set up affiliate URL

A different partner URL for each partner is available on the one hand, allowing you to trace which partner consumers have arrived at your business through which partner. To do this, you must insert the term “?affiliateCode=” after your shop’s URL, followed by a code that you create. For the code “IndividualCode,” for example, the address would be as follows:


Affiliate URL

Configure campaign URL

A campaign URL is also helpful in filtering all clients and orders that come to your business as a result of a specific banner or ad being shown. To do this, you must insert the phrase “?campaignCode=” after your shop’s URL, followed by a code that you create. For the code “IndividualCode,” for example, the address would be as follows:


Campaign URL

Create combined URL

It seems logical to generate both a partner code and a campaign code in this situation. In this instance, it is feasible to mix the codes in question. For example, in this scenario, the URL might look something like this:


Display URLs with codes filtering in Shopware administration

When you are in the Shopware administration, you can see the codes that have been used in both the customer overview and the order overview. The columns Affiliate Code and Campaign Code may be shown in both overviews by selecting them from the context menu in the column row.

Affiliate Code and Campaign Code

In the overviews, you can also utilize the filter option to show just customers or orders with a specific code.

Use the filter menu

The corresponding code is only issued to a client in the customer overview if the consumer registers in your store using the URL that you have set. Customers who have already registered but who make an order using the URL will not be issued a new code in the overview. On the other hand, the code is associated with the order in the order overview.

3 best plugins to enhance affiliate marketing in Shopware

Affiliate Marketing for New customers through partner program

The Affiliate Marketing for New customers through partner program plugin will help you quickly obtain a large number of new consumers for your online store. You have complete control over which goods are eligible for affiliate marketing and their commission rate with this plugin. If you want to apply the same provision rate for all interests in an affiliate product group, you may do so simply so that you don’t lose track. In addition, affiliates are easy to keep track of: In an affiliate overview, you may manage all of a customer’s preferences as soon as they sign up for your affiliate program by inputting a brief phrase and the desired affiliate code.

Affiliate Marketing for New customers through partner program

Outstanding features:

  • The use of affiliate marketing has the potential to boost reach significantly.
  • A fully automated system that relieves you of a significant amount of effort.
  • Provision rates are assigned on an individual basis.
  • Activating Lifetime-Affiliates may be done via the plugin setup.
  • During the purchase process, you will have the option to choose an affiliate.

Price: €799.99 for an annual subscription.

ADCELL Affiliate Tracking Retargeting SW6

ADCELL provides a robust affiliate marketing network with 100% performance-based pricing to affiliate program operators in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland regardless of the market niche. ADCELL currently has access to over 59,000 active publishers from various performance marketing disciplines (SEM, SEO, newsletters, etc.). Each month, they create millions of dollars in sales for our advertisers and are some of the most potent sales partners for major brands and online retailers, respectively. With the ADCELL Affiliate Tracking + Retargeting SW6 plugin, you can easily access the affiliate network in Europe.

ADCELL Affiliate Tracking + Retargeting SW6

Outstanding features:

  • Optimization of your advertising revenue via the use of cutting-edge equipment and the assistance of knowledgeable professionals.
  • ADCELL provides detailed information from assessments that are updated in real-time.
  • Compatibility with the Shopware Cookie is guaranteed.
  • ADCELL has a network of over 59,000 active publishers that may be contacted.

Price: €50 for an annual subscription.

Partner program, affiliate, commissions for customers

The Partner program, affiliate, commissions for customers plugin provides you with an affiliate program for Shopware 6, which you may be familiar with from its previous version, Shopware 5. Additionally, the partner program has been expanded so that your clients may register themselves and promote for a commission on your behalf to their friends, in forums, and other places as well. You must enroll clients in the partner program using their customer accounts to do this. Afterward, they will have the option to construct links that incorporate your affiliate code as a component. Orders placed with this partner code are produced and shown in the customer’s order history and statistics.

Partner program, affiliate, commissions for customers

Outstanding features:

  • Using just a button, your partner may copy any link from the store and apply your own partner code to it, allowing the link to be easily shared and spread.
  • You may also specify whether or not a partner voucher should be produced.
  • A partner is automatically assigned to that consumer when a customer logs in and registers.
  • Every time a commission is determined, it is done so on the basis of net sales prices (which excludes shipping charges).

Price: €499 for an annual subscription.

Final Words

We hope that this blog post will clear your mind on how to create an affiliate URL in the Shopware store. Making a profit with affiliate marketing programs may be a great way to add a new income stream to your business without having to take on too much risk. All it will cost you is some of your valuable time. By putting in the time upfront, you will enjoy the benefits in the future. You can also use the plugins listed above to enhance your affiliate marketing process and peak your sales!

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