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Mageplaza Starter Pack, a ready-made pack for every new Magento 2 store. Providing the most important basic features, this solution will be a must-have to grow up your store


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Magento 2 Starter Pack for Magento 2.2.x, 2.3.x, 2.4.x

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Starter Pack for Magento 2

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Just launched an online store? You might want to improve these elements

Case #1: Add advanced product filters to let customers find product quickly

  • Enable customers to find the wanted products through filters of all kinds (e.g., color, event, material, brand name, climate, category, rating, price etc.)
  • Stop the annoying “whole page loading” every time


Display filters on the store front: category page.

  • Attributes: colors, material, event, etc.
  • Price slider: customer can slide to narrow down the price range
  • Allow multiple values of the same filter
  • Load the needed part only when customers filter

Mageplaza solution

1-step settings on the backend: open the Layer Navigation configuration, turn the tool on.

Display on the frontend

  • Customers can always find these filters on the left side of the category page and easily narrow down the search results
  • Every loading page is Ajax load: load the need-to-change section only

Case #2: Show "New" category on the layered navigation

  • You want to take advantage of the pleasure when a customer buy a “new arrival” item from your store
  • Always show the filter value “New” on category pages

Mageplaza solution

  • Add “New” value to the filter on the layered navigation
  • The products after filtering will match with products of the already-set attribute “New”

Setting on the backend

  • We already added the “New” filter to the solution
  • You just need to find the “New” filter in back end, under Configuration, turn it on and use right away

Display on the frontend

Customers can filter the “New” products right on the layered navigation

Case #3: Show "Rating" category on the side bar

You want to boost sales of certain products (e.g. high-rated products, products with higher margins, etc.)

Mageplaza solution

Display the “Rating” field filter on the store front: category page

Setting on the backend

  • We already added the “Rating” filter to the solutio
  • You just need to find the “Rating” filter in back end, under Configuration tab, turn it on and use right away

Case #4: Present "On-sale" category on the side bar

Let customers quickly find “On sale” products right on the category page.

Mageplaza solution

  • Add “On-sale” value to the filter on the layered navigation
  • The products after filtering will match with products of the already-set attribute “On-sale”

Setting on the backend

  • We already added the “On-sale” filter to the solution
  • You just need to find the “On-sale” filter in back end, under Configuration, turn it on and use right away

Display on the frontend

Customers can filter the “On sale” products instanly right on the store front

Case #5: Remove SEO mistakes from your store

You need to make sure that your store doesn’t violate simple SEO rules and it’s ready to be listed on the SERPs:

  • Duplicated content
  • Missing metadata
  • Low word count pages
  • 404 pages

Mageplaza solution

Incorporate a SEO report that automatically detech SEO issues and notify you right in the back end

Case #6: Add Rich Snippets to all pages

  • Make your product link look outstanding on the SERPs
  • Customers can get the products’ key features right on the short-form search result

Mageplaza solution

  • Add a form which is called “structured data” into the product setting on the backende
  • In this form, merchants can submit “rich” information about your product and it will be automatically

Easy settings on the backend

  • Step 1: Work with the Search Engine Optimization tab in any Product setting page
  • Step 2: Type in the desired metadata then click Save!

Successful outcome

Now, customer can know more about you right on the SERPs with additional useful information

Case #7: Add Hrefland Tags to all pages

You have several store views with different languages, you probably need to tell Google which language you are using on each store view. By doing this, the content can find the right audiences.

Mageplaza solution

Add a setting form into the backend where you can easily edit the Hreflang Tags (a tag added to your site that signifies the language of the store view).

Settings on the backend

1 step only: Find the “Hreflang Tags” tab and select the language

Case #8: Use Quick View pop ups on your store

When a customer is at a product listing page, he/she can easily check out any product’s detail right on the same page.

Mageplaza solution

  • Show a “quick view” pop up when customer click on the product picture thumbnail image on the product listing page
  • The pop-up resembles a product page (keep all product images and details) but in a small size and shorten form
  • Customer can add product to cart right on the pop up

Setting on the backend

You just need to find the Quick View configuration on the backend and turn it on.

Case #9: Use Ajax when customers add item to cart/wishlist/compare

When customers add an item to cart/wishlist/compare, the default will load the whole page, if the internet connection is slow, he/she might lose temper and leave the cart.

Mageplaza solution

When a customer add a product to cart/wishlist/compare, the page will not be loaded, only the cart reload with the new information:

  • With “add to cart”, you will notify customers with a pop-up
  • With “add to wishlist/compare” only the wishlist/compare list loads

Setting on the backend

1 step only: You just need to find the Ajax Cart configuration on the backend and turn it on.

Case #10: Use One Step Checkout

You want to stop the customers from abandoning their shopping cart before completing a purchase because of a multiple-step checkout process. Going from one page to another one “just to checkout” brings a feeling of time-wasting because customers might feel checkout takes even more time than browsing for products!

Mageplaza solution

Combine multiple steps of the default checkout process into “one-step” in one page only:

  • Shipping address
  • Shipping method
  • Payment methods
  • Order summary

Setting on the backend

1 step only: Just open the backend, find the One step checkout configuration and turn it on

Successful outcome

When customers checkout, they can type in all needed fields and complete rapidly in one page

Case #11: Add Delivery Time and Date to the checkout page

Allow customer to inform about their preferable time and date of delivery (e.g specific time interval, specific date)

Mageplaza solution

Add a “Delivery date/time” field to the checkout page to let customer freely choose the desired delivery date and time

Easy settings on the backend

1 step only: find the “Delivery time/date” section and configure

Display on the frontend

Customer can see the delivery date/time and note fields while they checkout

Case #12: Add "Notes" field to the checkout page

Let busy customers select their preferable date and time of delivery and add special instructions on how to prepare and deliver products (e.g. ship after 7 PM, call before ship, leave at the front door or to your leasing office, etc.)

Mageplaza solution

Add new fields to the checkout page:

  • Delivery date
  • Delivery date
  • Note on delivery

Case #13: Set up automatic Recover Abandoned Cart emails

You need to follow up customers when they abandon carts. However, that would be great if you don’t have to use a third-party solution at some begging stage of your business.

Mageplaza solution

  • Build-in automatic cart abandoned recovery email
  • Cart abandoned report (top 5 abandoned products)
  • Abandoned behavior report (customers abandoned cart at which steps while checkout)

Easy settings on the backend

  • Find each feature configuration in the backend. Configure them to your need easily
  • Set multiple cart abandoned emails rules flexibly. For example: 3 hours after leaving, 1 day after leaving, etc.
  • Create discount codes for customers who receive emails
  • Reports are already available in the backend

Successful outcome

You need to follow up customers when they abandon carts. However, that would be great if you don’t have to use a third-party solution at some begging stage of your business.

Case #14: Use diversified promotions to boost sales

Without special promotions, your new store will be much less appealing:

  • Buy X get Y (products) of the same type
  • Buy X products of the same type, discount $Z for each item
  • Buy X items get Y% discounted of each item
  • For each $X spent, get $Y discounted on certain items in cart

However, Magento 2 default limit the discount rule with a lack of important conditions:

  • Total quantity: (e.g., buy 3 items to get discount)
  • Total paid amount (e.g., reach the total amount of above $200 to get discount)
  • Order Created Date (e.g., order completed on June 6 to get discount)
  • Order Created Within (days) (e.g., order created from August 1 to 5 to get discount)
  • For each $X spent, get $Y discount
  • For each $X spent, get $Y discount for the whole cart
  • Apply discount to the cheapest items
  • Apply discount to the most expensive items

Mageplaza solution

  • Add a number of conditions to apply for different discounts
  • Merchant can flexibly configure these conditions to create different discount rules for cart

Easy settings on the backend

  • Step 1: Choose the promotion type
  • Step 2: Assign value to each field
  • Step 3: Save the rule. Ready to use

Successful outcome

Now, you can carry out promotion campaign with a great flexibility of conditions and rules. Let's design your promotions to drive the most lucrative results

Case #15: "Rocket sales with promotions" plan

Customers need less than 3 seconds to type in their shipping address because the longer time challenges their patience

Mageplaza solution

However, Magento 2 default limit the discount rule with a lack of important conditions:

Easy settings on the backend

  • Step 1: We have integrated the Auto suggestion into the solution, you just need to turn the feature on
  • Step 2: There is no step 2

Successful outcome

Customer can choose their shipping address rapidly on the 1 step checkout page

Optimized checkout page

Mageplaza Starter Pack replaces the default multiple-step checkout by a responsive, user-friendly and simplified one-step-checkout page:

  • Friendly checkout interface
  • Show all information on one page checkout
  • Remove all unnecessary fields

Recover abandoned carts

Automatically send emails to remind customers of their abandoned carts and encourage them to come back to your store with a pre-generated discount code.

Built-in report to help you update on important metrics (e.g., cart abandonment rate, recovery rate and sent error.)

Ready-made 5 email templates to tackle your cart abandonment problem.

Checkout even more quickly with Advanced Quick Cart

The Quick Cart will be entirely upgraded with more friendly design and convenient functions.

Customers can instantly see all cart information, apply coupon code to go to the checkout page right on the minicart. You can also customize the layout and effect to bring an exciting experience.

Anytime customers scroll up or down, they can still see the minicart at a fixed position.

Ajax Loading when filter products

When a customer filters items on product listing pages, they will find such a smooth effect with Ajax Load.

This technology makes all of the matching results visible instantly after filtering any product attribute instead of reloading a whole page.

The shopping experiences will be less disrupted and enjoyable.

Multi-value filter

With advanced layered navigation, shoppers can select multiple values for each product attribute.

For example, buyers are able to look for both 'cotton' and 'fleece' in the Material section. The options can be shown as buttons or checkboxes for selecting.

Also, you can add special filters: Ratings, New, Sales or In stock products.Your customer will find this much more convenient for their shopping decision as well as boost sales with some emotional tricks.

Ajax Add to Cart & Quick View Popup

AJAX supports customers to add their favorite items to cart quickly without being redirected to another page.

Customers will view product details via a pop-up, select product attributes such as color, size, quantity and add the item to cart right via the pop-up.

Exciting Special Promotions based on order value, status & history

With Magento 2 Special Promotions, store owners can create flexible sales rules for excting special conditions:

  • The amount basement: total quantity, total amount, total paid amount, total refunded amount and average amount
  • The order created date
  • The orders created within (days)

For example, the discount rule will be applied for the orders whose total paid amount equals or greater than $200 and order status as complete.

With the enhancement in order conditions, the promotions are applied more exactly and suitably.

Organize important SEO data automatically with metadata templates

With Magento 2 SEO Starter Pack, you can set mass and dynamic metadata information for products, categories, pages, layered navigation.

By doing this, you will simplify the creating metadata process for all pages and reducing a lot of time on manual work.

Drive more traffic with Rich Snippet

Starter Pack by Mageplaza helps your link look significantly attractive with Rich Snippet on the Search Engine Result Pages.

How to do that? The SEO tool will add schema structured data to pages on your Magento 2 store automatically. By doing this, all outstanding information or features will be "highlighted" on the SERPs.

Explore Starter Pack's More features

Responsive layout

Checkout page with Responsive functionality is able to well adapt to any screen sizes and any devices such as PC, tables and mobiles.

Delivery time

The smart calendar field not only allows the customer to note their favored time to receive the items but also helps to build a better management system.

Checkout login

Starter Pack supports your shoppers to log in right on the checkout page. Also, the extension allows checkout as a guest or register at the same time.

GEO IP location detection

Automatically detect the customer’s location based on its IP address, then set default Country field.

Auto detect email address

Auto-detect the entered existing email which customer used to register on your site.

Custom success page

The pack allows you to add a custom CMS static block on the thank you/success page. You can easily customize promoting cross-sell products, services on the success page.

SEO-friendly URL

SEO-friendly URL is not only well-organized for the high rank on the SERP but it is also easy to navigate and remember for the next search.

Out-of-stock options

Store admin can choose to display or hide the options that do not have any product.

"Infinite scrolling

It's implemented in a all-products page so as to enhance your shoppers' pleasure while surfing your online store.

Link alternate tag

Easily to provide a link to an alternate version of the site by adding the rel=”alternate”.

Configuring robots metadata tag

Make your site content to be more readable by the search engines by adding options: Follow/Nofollow/Noindex for Products, Categories, CMS Pages.

SEO checklist

A complete list of SEO works to make sure that your SEO process is always in the right way with the best performance.

Discount breakdown

Display all discount rules separately

Developer Mode

Allow special IP addresses to view discount in details for products

Restrict total discount

Set the maximum of the discount amount for a whole cart (by fixed amount or by percent of cart subtotal)

Full Starter Pack Features

One Step Checkout Ultimate

General configuration
Enable/Disable the module
Allow adding check out page title and description 
Set default shipping method(s)
Set a default payment method
Allow guest checkout 
Auto-redirect to checkout page after products are put on the cart
Enable showing Billing address 
Integrate with Google Address Suggestion
Restrict auto-suggestion for specific countries
automatically suggest shopper's address
Display configuration
Allow showing login link for visitors
Allow showing/hiding header/footer on the checkout page
Allow a discount code in Payment or Review area
Order comments
Gift messages
Terms & Conditions popup box
Enable/Disable Review cart section
Gift wrap
Display a newsletter checkbox
Enable pop out a Survey after successful checkout
Enable various types of Seal block under Place Order button
Display CMS static block at the top/bottom of the checkout page or in Success page
Design Configuration
Different configuration, designs, layouts for different store views
Support 1, 2, 3 columns layout 
Choose among of 3 design styles: Default, Flat or Material
Select the Heading Text and Background color for Flat style
Select the Radio and Checkbox button styles for Material style
Select Place Order button color
Support custom CSS
Drag and drop to change the position of checkout fields
Custom Fields Configuration
Include Delivery time module
Include Abandoned Cart Email extension
Include Quick Cart extension
Popup box for Login. Integrated with Social Login
Compatible with SMTP
Compatible with Order Attributes
Compatible with Customer Attributes
Cart abandonment solutions
Flexible configuration to resolve abandoned cart issues
Abandoned Cart Reports
Pre-made email templates for cart abandonment rates
Email Logs
Support Google Analytics UTM
Automatically Generate Coupons
Personalize Emails Easily with variables
Abandoned Cart Email Checkout analysis
Real-time cart board
Auto-fit with every device (Mobile, Tablet, PC)
Support multiple stores
Support multiple languages
Fully compatible with Mageplaza extensions
1-year free support
Lifetime updates
60 days guarantee money back

Special Promotion

  • Flexibly set discounts
  • Set the maximum discount for the whole cart
  • Display details of discount
  • View full features list

For store admins

Create/ Manage Cart Price Rules

  • View all cart price rules via a grid
  • Input rules general information: Rule Name, Description, Websites, Customer Groups, Priority
  • Input coupon information: Coupon, Coupon Code, Uses, Valid Time
  • Set the conditions to apply the rules: product attribute combination, product subselection, order subselection, cart attribute, condition combination. In case using order conditions, select extra conditions: total value base, order history, order status
  • Set actions for the rules based on available default Magento options
  • Set actions for the rules based on new options of the module: To-fixed amount discount, For each $X spent, get $Y discount, For each $X spent, get $Y discount for the whole cart
  • Set a discount number according to each action type
  • Set maximum Qty discount
  • Set Discount Qty Step (Buy X)
  • Select Maximum Discount Type: No, Fixed amount, Percent of cart subtotal
  • Allow/ Disallow discount applied to shipping amount
  • Allow/ Disallow discarding subsequent rules
  • Select free shipping condition
  • Set conditions and actions for cart items
  • Compatible with other extensions: Save cart, Tier Price, Coupon Code, Daily Deal.

General Configuration

  • Enable/ Disable the extension
  • Display details of discount
  • Set the maximum discount for the whole cart

Developer Mode

  • Enable/ Disable the developer mode
  • Input the whitelist IP(s)

For customers

  • More chances with diverse discounts
  • Have better experience with interesting promotions

Ajax cart

  • Activate/ Deactivate Quick View feature
  • Choose animation effect style for Quick View pop-up
  • Allow displaying AJAX Cart

Layered Navigation Ultimate

  • Include Shop by brands
  • Include Advanced Ajax Search
  • Vertical and Horizontal Navigation
  • Infinite scrolling
  • View full features list
  • Ultimate
    General configuration
    Enable/Disable the module
    Ajax page-loading
    Price slider
    Scroll to top after filtering
    Quick lookup option
    Out-of-stock filter
    Display product quantities
    Attributes group can be expanded by default
    Add/Remove the Apply filter button
    Supports 6 types of slider
    Support custom CSS for design adjustment
    Show Type <div class="d-inline-block fas fa-question-circle small" data-toggle="tooltip" data-placement="right" titlediv"Choose attribute display option types: Normal, Hidden, Scroll"></i>
    Number of options
    Enable Infinite scroll
    Vertical and Horizontal Navigation
    Additional filters configuration
    Product states filter
    Enable Group label
    New-product filter
    On-Sales filter
    Stock filter
    Rating filter
    Set position for product state filter and rating filter
    Allow customizing new product page
    Configure the SEO attributes for the all products page
    SubCategory Slider
    Choose category to show on slider
    Select displaying type: label, image & label
    Enable auto play slider
    Set limit of item number per slider
    Attribute Configuration
    Configure the quick lookup options for each attribute
    Allow/disallow multi-filters for each attribute
    Set the expand by default for each attribute
    Allow filter with decimal attribute (list, slider)
    Set the display style of each attribute
    Add tooltip for filterable attributes: thumbnail and content
    Integration and other features
    SEO-friendly URL 
    Color swatches
    Include Shop By Brand
    Display unlimited brands with names, logos 
    Instant Search brands
    Bulk Import brands
    Support SEO-Friendly Brand Pages
    Auto-fit with every device (Mobile, Tablet, PC)
    Support multiple stores
    Support multiple languages
    Fully compatible with Mageplaza extensions
    1-year free support
    Lifetime updates
    60 days guarantee money back

SEO Ultimate

  • SEO Checklist
  • SEO Report
  • Structured Data
  • Page Analysis
  • View full features list
  • Ultimate
    General configuration
    Enable/Disable the module
    Prevent Duplicate Content
    Use Canonical Link Meta Tag For Categories
    Use Canonical Link Meta Tag For Products
    Structured Data
    Enable Product Structured Data
    Enable Sitelinks Searchbox
    Business information
    Enable Business information
    Register Business Name
    Customer Service Phone/ Contact Option/ Area Serve
    Technical Support Phone/ Contact Option/ Area Serve
    Sales Phone/ Contact Option/ Area Serve
    Support SEO on Various Social Channels
    Site Verifications
    Google Search Console
    Bing Webmaster Tools
    Yandex Webmaster Tools
    SEO and Search Functions
    Add URL Rewrite
    Add New Search Term
    Support Search Synonyms
    Site Map Integration
    Canonical URLs
    Add Canonical URL Meta Header
    Disable Canonical URL for Certain Pages with NOINDEX robots
    Exclude Canonical URL from Specific pages
    Meta Tag Rules
    Custom Meta Tags
    SEO Layered  Navigation
    SEO Redirect
    Cross Link
    Create/Edit/Delete crosslinks to insert to keywords
    Restrict the number of keywords to insert cross links
    Choose the displayed type of content when click to cross links
    Select type to insert cross links: Top-Down, Down-Top or Random
    Set priority for terms to insert cross links
    SEO Checklist
    SEO Report
    Page Analysis
    Hreflang Tags
    Image Optimizer function
    Optimize multiple image types
    Image Optimization Quality - Lossless or Lossy
    Automated optimization process
    Back up original images
    Included and excluded image directories
    Force File Permission
    Record, requeue and restore optimized images
    Bulk images compress
    Manual images compress
    Command line supported
    Support multiple stores
    Support multiple languages
    Fully compatible with Mageplaza extensions
    1-year free support
    Lifetime updates
    60 days money back guarantee


Mageplaza Starter Pack is one-time payment. We commit that there is no extra or hidden fee. You might have to pay subscription fees after one year if you need the package updates and technical support. Please learn more here ->

Yes. Starter Pack consists of One Step Checkout Ultimate, Layered Navigation Ultimate, SEO Ultimate, Ajac Cart and Special Promotion. We want to provide every store with a comprehensive package that enable you to grow your business.

Sure. The package will work normal with all features on your store. If you have any question about the compatibility, please do not hesitate to contact us righ here.

Yes, definitely. We highly recommend this package for new stores because it provides the most basic features which enable you to please customers' demand and be a solid bedrock for your growth

Yes, of course. You can install it like installing any extensions to website, follow our Installation Guide. Otherwise, you can purchase Installation Service option, our Magento experts will install on your website within 24 hours and resolve any issue arise during the installation.


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25 January 2021

Great to start

I've just started my business and this is exactly what I'm looking for. One Step Checkout and Layered Navigation at the same time. Totally worth the price! The installation guide is easy to follow. Big thumbs up to Mageplaza!

Harper -Verified Purchase
19 January 2021

Wonderful pack

This pack has many other extensions that aren't listed in the description. I found a great surprise after installing it when I discovered that it also has Image Optimizer, Shop by Brand, Quick View, Quick Cart and Abandoned Cart. I'm really satisfied with this purchase

Simona -Verified Purchase
11 November 2020

Great pack and fast support

This Pack contains several very useful extensions for Magento 2.4 - it's worth considering instead of buying them as single extensions. Support was able to fix some of the issues during installation within a short time.

Torsten -Verified Purchase

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