Magento 2 Delivery Time

Magento 2 Delivery Time

Magento 2 Delivery Time featured from Mageplaza 2 One Step Checkout is an advanced function which can productively improve user-experience on your store site.

In reality, Mageplaza Delivery Time is one of the optional fields in the checkout page. The shoppers use the delivery time to note their favored time to received the products. From that point, the store owner can manage the shipping to avoid time-wasting when a shopper is unavailable at the location.

Additionally, Delivery Time from Mageplaza One Step Checkout for Magento 2 is developed with the calendar button to select the delivery date and time right on the smart calendar. It is undeniable that your shoppers will totally be interested in this feature and purchase more on your site.

delivery time gif

Benefit of Delivery time

Optional Delivery Time

Delivery Time is an optional field in the checkout page. Your shoppers can choose to type in the blank box manually or using the calendar button to the right of the box. With the simple process and clear view of time delivery, the user-experience of your store is definitely improved.

Optional Delivery Time

Smart Calendar in Delivery Date

When your visitors feel complicated to fill the delivery time field manually or store owners make sure that shoppers can have convenience while being capable of viewing the calendar when selecting the delivery date, the Calendar Button with smart calendar function will totally be useful. After clicking on the calendar button in the right of delivery time box, the smart calendar will appear for your shoppers to view and choose their preferred date.

Smart Calendar

Shipping Days Off

The shipping service also has their own working time. Hence, to let the shoppers skip the days off of shipping company, One Step Checkout extension allows store admin to configure it in the backend. The result is the days off will be hidden in the smart calendar.

Shipping Days Off

Time Slider

Interestingly, One Step Checkout extension for Magento 2 is designed with the time slider in delivery time feature which concludes of Hour slider and Minute sliders. The slider bars are arranged below the smart calendar. To set the hours, visitors only need to click, hold, and drag to the position that corresponds to the decided time.

Time Slider

Auto-update of Delivery time

When shoppers determine the delivery time, the information in the delivery box will be auto-update to match with their choice.

Configuration for Delivery time

Actually, the delivery time feature is completely easy to configure. To explore how store admin control this feature in One Step Checkout extension for Magento 2, please follow these steps:

  • First, log in your admin account and follow the path Store > Settings > Configuration
  • Next, in the left menu, choose Mageplaza Extensions > One Step Checkout
  • Then expand the Display Configuration section and keep scrolling till you see the configuration of delivery time.

delivery time backend

  • To enable the delivery time feature, set the Enable Delivery Time field to Yes
  • In the Date Format field, choose the format that is suitable for your store
  • In the Days Off field, select the days of the week that the shipping service of your store is not working.
  • Finally, click on Save Config to let all the settings become effective.

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