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Quick Cart for Magento 2 modifies the minicart in Magento 2 Default in both design and function. With Quick Cart, customers can grab quickly all necessary information, add coupon code and go to checkout instantly. The advanced quick cart simplifies the checkout and increases conversion rate in Magento 2 online stores.


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Quick Cart for Magento 2

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Quick Cart for Magento 2

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Problems and Solutions

By default, the mini cart of Magento 2 default only shows the subtotal - the total of product prices. However, this is not the final price because it does not show the discount, the shipping and tax rate, etc.

Customers can not apply the coupon code right on the mini cart. They have to go to the shopping cart to apply and checkout.

In fact, the default mini cart shows very little information (items, quantity, item price, subtotal) which makes customers not ready to checkout. They have to go to the Shopping Cart page to view the other types of fees and discount before their checkout. This is bad for customer experience.

Quick Cart modifies the layout of the default minicart to make it more friendly and easy-to-use with customers. Besides, the module also adds some animation effects to show the mini cart to appeal to customers.

With Quick Cart, all the details related to price and fee are listed clearly on the mini cart. Also, customers can apply the coupon codes right from here. In general, the minicart contain all the functions as the shopping cart page. Therefore, customers can go to checkout from here quickly.

The checkout process from the mini cart becomes simple and easy for customers. Therefore, this will improve user experience and increase conversion rate considerably.

Update Minicart in layout & effect

With Quick Cart, the minicart is enhanced properly both in arrangement layout and animation effect. Compared to the minicart in Magento 2 Default, minicart by Quick Cart is upgraded in the layout more clearly and easily to view:

  • The buttons to edit cart and checkout are positioned next to each other, highlighted at the end of the minicart.
  • The subtotal section is placed below the item section

Besides, the minicart is enhanced with the addition of the popup effect triggered by a certain action.

  • Hover-over popup: The minicart will be shown when customers hover the mouse over the mini cart icon
  • Slide-in popup: The minicart will popup as a slide from the right of the screen.

The improvement in the interface of minicart brings a better experience to customers, decreasing the cart abandonment and increasing the conversion rate effectively.

More informative in Minicart

Another outstanding feature of Quick Cart module is the improvement in displaying information. With the upgraded mini cart, customers can see the price in details:

  • Subtotal (the only one shown in Magento 2 Default)
  • Shipping & Handling fee
  • Tax
  • Grand Total
  • Reward points spent/ earned and balance

Customers can easily grab all the price details quickly but adequately via their mini cart and manage their current shopping cart better.

Apply coupon code from the Minicart

Motivate customers to finish their purchase quickly right from the mini cart by allowing them to add coupons here. Customers can directly add their coupon code on an extra section of their mini cart quickly, without having to go to the shopping cart page. After entering the code, the grand total will be updated correspondingly.

Customers can use this function to test and find out the grand total after being discounted. Customers can apply, then cancel the coupon codes right from the quick cart easily. This feature helps customers stay on the shopping page without having to go to the Shopping Cart page to add or remove their coupons.

Customizable quick cart

Store admins can design the advanced mini-cart with ease to match well with the site theme. In details, customers can design almost elements of the mini cart easily including:

  • Header Background Color
  • Header Text Color
  • Subtotal Background Color
  • Subtotal Text Color

Especially, custom CSS is supported to customize the mini cart freely and comprehensively.

Fixed quick cart on scroll

To enhance customer experience better, fixed position on scroll is applied to the mini cart. The mini cart icon always displays on the screen when customers scroll up and down the page.

Therefore, customers can easily check their minicart anytime during their shopping journey on the store site. This is a small modification but enhances customer experience significantly. Updating the current shopping carts shortly motivates customers to complete their purchase more easily.

More features

Quantity increment button

Change the quantity of any item in the mini cart easily and conveniently with quantity increment button to improve user experience.

Auto open mini cart

On the page supported with Ajax, the minicart will automatically open when customers add an item to their cart.


Quick Cart is properly compatible with Mageplaza Quick View, Multiple Coupons

Full Features List

For store admins


  • Enable/ Disable the extension
  • Select popup effect to show quick cart: hover-over or slide-in
  • Allow/ Disallow auto-opening the quick cart
  • Allow/ Disallow showing coupon codes
  • Select information to show on the quick cart: Full total information or only subtotal information
  • Allow fixing the mini cart when mouse scrolling
  • Compatible with other extensions: Save Cart, Advanced Sorting, Share Cart, Quick Order,


  • Select Header Background Color
  • Select Header Text Color
  • Select Subtotal Background Color
  • Select Subtotal Text Color
  • Custom CSS

For customers

  • View information easily and adequately
  • Process checkout quickly from the minicart without going to the Shopping Cart page
  • Have a better shopping experience


The minicart by Quick Cart is updated in layout (the positions of buttons), the addition of effects to open the minicart. Besides, customers can apply coupon codes right at the minicart. Especially, the price details are displayed clearly and adequately including shipping fee, tax, reward points, discount and grand total.

Yes, of course. You can design the color of Quick Cart elements easily including Header Background Color, Header Text Color, Subtotal Background Color, Subtotal Text Color. Besides, Quick Cart module supports Custom CSS to help you design freely.

Yes, you can. From the backend configuration, please enable the “Fixed position on scroll”, the button of minicart will be fixed on the screen while you scroll the page up and down. You can open the minicart anytime.


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13 April 2021

Great Solution

this is an amazing extension. I am using this extension when installing this extension we are facing some issues but Mageplaza resolved my all issues very quickly. And this extension is very helpful for customers to procced order quickly Thanks, Mageplaza

faraz bashir -Verified Purchase
04 February 2021


This is one neccesary extension you must have if you want to give customers the best experience at your store. The support is reliable and almost instant. I'm quite surprised by that fact. Overall, it's a good experience.

Kian -Verified Purchase
02 February 2021

Mini Cart is great

Mini Cart works great and I can even customize it so everything sounds great. Easy to install following the guide, so I had no problem solving it by myself. Love it!

Yvonne -Verified Purchase
14 December 2020

Fast proceed to checkout

I really like this extension, works very well on my website, it fastens the purchase process letting the customer going straight to the checkout.

faraz -Verified Purchase

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