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Customer Approval for Magento 2   v1.0.0

Customer Approval for Magento 2
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Magento 2 Customer Approval extension is a solution which helps store owner to approve or reject new account registration from customers in specific cases. This is regarded as an effective control method of customer accounts in e-commerce stores.



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Compatible With

CE, EE 2.1.x, 2.2.x, 2.3.x


Benefits and Practicals of Magento 2 Customer Approval

Current issues of online stores

  • help_outline No control of new visitors

    There is a problem that there is no control to the account registration of any visitors. Therefore, creating a fake account and easily access store site is a common issue.

  • bug_report The risk from ill-intentioned access

    No control to customer accounts so stores can face the bad access and attacks from any customer accounts.

The benefits of customer approvals

  • check_circle_outline Pre-verification of every newly registered account

    If any new accounts which have been registered from customers are informed with details to store owners, stores can control better the site access and reject any suspicious accounts to avoid potential risks. Therefore, this protects the store site and reliable customer better.

  • bug_report Prevent any current accounts from login

    In case a customer who already can access store site has bad behaviors, the store owner can easily set that customer’s account to “not approved” status. From the next time, the account will be prevented from login.

  • how_to_reg Prove the credibility to customers

    Account verification will show the credibility of a store to the customers. This helps customers feel the professional system of an online store and pay more attention from the first visit.

Auto or manual approval

One of the most noticeable features of Mageplaza Customer Approval module is that the store owner can give accept customers’ account registration automatically or manually.

In case the approval is automatic, customers will be approved immediately when finishing account registration and can log in easily. By contrast, if store owners would like to control carefully visitors, the approval can be managed manually from store backend.

This flexibility in the approval methods supports stores in specific purposes and strategies, suitably in various types of business, various strategies in different periods.

Magento 2 Customer Approval extension

Error Notice or redirect

Magento 2 Customer Approval

What will happen when customers try to log in without approved accounts? Magento 2 Customer Approval extension offers two options with different actions: Error Notice or Redirect.

Error notice In case a customer uses their accounts which have not received permission to log in, an error notice will appear to notify them with a specific message. Admins can set any messages with ease from the backend.

Redirect visitors to another page In another way, customers whose accounts have not approved yet can be redirected to a specific page configured by the store admin. This is the page which is allowed to freely access without accounts or a simple notice page.
The store owner can choose redirected URL which suits a particular purpose such as introduction or marketing and so on. This navigation can avoid customers to feel disappointed or annoyed by their login failure. They take time with the recommended page and wait for the account acceptance.

Mass or Partial Approval

Another feature of Customer Approval extension is multi-select to approve or disapproved many accounts on the backend list. From admin backend, admins can select one, many or all customer accounts. Then, the select accounts can be approved or disapproved by just one click on a button as Approve or Not Approve quickly.

This helps admin can save a deal of time significantly in case there are a number of customer accounts waiting for verification. Moreover, it is very easy to change the status of already-approved accounts to prevent from login for some reason.

Customer Approval for Magento 2

Instant notification emails

Customer Approval extension for Magento 2

Notification emails are supported in Customer Approval Magento 2. Both customers and admins can be informed instantly on any account updates.

With admins, when a new account has been registered, they will receive emails with details of customer accounts and remind them of approval.
Besides, with customers, they will receive the notification emails accordingly when they register accounts successfully and when the accounts are approved or not approved.

API is supported

API is generated to support data among systems in stores. API can help systems in collecting the list of approved customer accounts, approving or not newly registered emails.

API access the extension components so the delivery of functions and information is more flexible. Through API, businesses can update workflows to make them quicker and more productive.

More features

Select customer groups

Set approval for accounts of specific customer groups.

Notification label

The content of notice message can be customized easily.

Email template

Templates for emails to admins and customers are supported.

Command line

Quickly approve/ disapprove via command lines.

Compatible with SMTP

Prevent emails to spam box with Mageplaza SMTP extension

Mobile friendly

Properly display on both PC and mobile devices

Full Magento 2 Customer Approval Features

For store admins

  • Enable/ Disable the module
  • Set account approval to be automatic or manual
  • Set notification after an account is registered
  • Show error notice when an account is not approved
  • Redirected to another page when an account is not approved
  • Enable sending emails to admins when customers register new accounts
  • Select the sender and input recipients of admin notification emails
  • Select email templates for admin notification emails
  • Enable sending emails to customers when they register successfully
  • Enable sending emails to customers when their accounts are approved
  • Enable sending emails to customers when their accounts are not approved
  • Compatible with other extensions: reCaptcha, Membership, Backend Reindex, Login as Customer

For customers

  • Be informed after registering new accounts
  • Be informed when the accounts are approved
  • Be informed when the accounts are not approved


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  • filter_drama How can I send customers the notification when their accounts has not been approved?
  • filter_drama If customers are not approved to access page, can I redirect them to another page?

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