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Membership for Magento 2   v1.0.0

Membership for Magento 2
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Magento 2 Membership extension allows store owners to create unlimited membership levels with diverse incentives. This is supportive extension which increases loyal customers for online stores and enhance the shopping experience significantly.



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Compatible With

CE, EE 2.1.x, 2.2.x, 2.3.x

Great Benefits and Practical Case Studies of Membership

Benefits of Membership to Store Owners

  • groupSegment customer groups effectively

    Mageplaza Membership extension helps to divide customers into different groups such as Silver, Gold, Diamond and more. Each group will different benefits and customer care policies so the stores can take care of their customers better and more effectively.

  • local_atmIncrease average order value
  • syncRepeat sales and tighten the customer relationship
  • group_addIncrease more loyal customers

Great Benefits of Membership to customers

  • beenhereHave great chances to gain more benefits

    With membership level, customers are eligible to special benefits from the store such as discounts, extra service, and other priorities. Customers will get more better chances when they go shopping at the store.

  • access_timeTime-saving for shopping
  • moodBetter shopping experience

Typical Applications of Membership Packages

  • card_travelMembership application in courses

    Various training courses around the world are applying membership to motivate learners. For example, language courses, drawing courses. The learners buy the longer courses will get better prices.

  • accessibility_newMembership application in fitness centres
  • all_inboxMembership application in gaming service
  • camera_enhanceMembership applied with film service

Easy to create unlimited membership products

Magento 2 Membership module by Mageplaza allows store owners to create without limitation the number of special products which will lead customers to specific membership groups.

Store admins can add a newly-released item as a membership product or pick a current item depending on specific purposes or campaigns easily.

For example, if customers buy item SKU 002 or 007 or 010, they will be added to the Gold Membership Group.

Add multiple benefits for membership owners

When customers are eligible for particular membership, they will have specific benefits based on their membership ranks. Store owners can easily add multiple benefits for each membership from the admin backend.

For example, with a 12-month membership at a fitness brand, customers can use the service at every club and get a 20% discount on buying equipment. Store owners can add any benefits to any memberships as they want to motivate customers to make purchases.

Upgrade membership package with discount

The current membership owners can upgrade to the higher membership package from My Membership Dashboard at the frontend.

Customers are allowed to upgrade to the higher level when the current membership package is not expired. Admins can configure the price for upper level is full price or discounted based on the remaining time of the current level.

Upgrade membership for Magento 2

Add different price levels for one membership package

Magento 2 membership different price

With one membership package, store owners would like motivate customers’ commitment by offering a lower price for the longer duration. Therefore, Mageplaza Membership for Magento 2 allows store admins to divide the apply different prices for the same membership package based on the usage time.

For example, with the Gold membership package, there are three options: 200$ for 3 months, 150$ for 6 months and 100$ for 12 months.

Freely customize membership cards

To attract customers’ notice, store admins can upload any images as the membership card. Also, the featured labels can be added easily to make the membership card outstanding. The colorful and attractive images, catchy labels can attract shoppers quickly and motivate them to make purchases.

Besides, the background of membership card (title, add to cart button) can be set color easily to match well with the card design.

More features

Membership management

Store admins can manage membership plans easily

Renew membership package

Show Renew button when the membership package is expired.

Membership dashboard at toplink

A link redirecting to membership dashboard at the toplink after customers log in.

Membership approval time

Set the time for membership approval: after creating invoice or after completing orders.

Snippet supported

Display the membership page anywhere via snippet

Extension compatibility

Well compatible with Mageplaza extensions: One Step Checkout, Quick View, Ajax Cart, Name Your Price, Reward Points PRO, Loyalty Program.

Full Features

For store admins

General Configuration

  • Enable/ Disable the extension Magento 2 Membership Module can activate by click Yes at the enable field in the admin backend. If they want to disallow this module, they can easily click No.
  • Select default group When the membership package is expired, the customers will get back to default customers.
  • Allow overriding membership Customers in Silver membership group can buy these products which are for Gold membership group.
  • Allow upgrading membership Admins can allow customers to upgrade their membership packages from My Membership Dashboard at the frontend.
  • Select upgrading cost: Full or Deduct Admins can choose the price for upper level whether it is full price or discounted based on the remaining time of the current level.
  • Show membership dashboard link at the Toplink The membership dashboard link can be displayed on the Toplink after customers log in.
  • Select time to activate membership Store owners can approve the membership after the customers create their invoice or complete their orders

Membership Page

  • Enable/ Disable the Membership Page From the backend, you can turn on/ turn off the Membership Page at ease
  • Select to place Membership Page Link on: Menu or Footer Links Admins are able to choose Menu as the position for Membership Page Link. They also can put Membership Page Link on Footer Links.
  • Input the route of Membership Page Link It is easy to enter the source of Membership Page Link.
  • Use available Snippet code to place Membership Page Link anywhere With the support of available Snippet code, Membership Page Link can be placed in any places to get more customer attention.

Manage Membership

  • Create new customer group to make a new membership (from Customer Group setting) Store owners have ability to segment customers into new groups. Hence, a new membership package can be made.
  • Set status for the membership: active or inactive From the admin backend, store owners can allow or disallow the membership packages.
  • Set the level for each membership package With Mageplaza Membership extension, you can divide customers into different groups with different levels
  • Set default duration for each membership package Store admins can choose the time for membership package to be expired.
  • Set the name for the membership The membership packages can have any labels basing on the admin wants. The catchy name are likely to help the membership package more outstanding.
  • Upload image for the membership card To make the membership card more attractive, store admins can freely upload any image.
  • Set the background color for the membership card and add to cart Store admins are allowed to customize the membership card by selecting background color of the membership card and add to cart button
  • Set the sort order to display at Membership Page The store owners can configure the sort order to show at Membership Page properly, with the aim to help customers more satisfied.
  • Set the benefits for each membership package Each membership package has particular benefits and customers care policy. It is a good way for stores to show that store always well take care of each customer and make them fall in love with the store.
  • View current members of a membership Store Manager can see the current members of a membership at ease, so they are able to keep an eye on store membership program.
  • View purchase history of a membership It is convenient for store owners to know the purchase history of a membership from the admin backend. Consequently, store admin can more understand customers and give proper plans to motivate customers to buy more.
  • View all membership history: customers, membership packages, actions, durations, purchase date, activation date From the admin backend, store owners can see all membership history. Therefore, they can manage their membership plans efficiently.

For customers

  • Gain more benefits when becoming membership owners As membership owners, customers are able to get the special benefits from the stores such as discounts, extra services, etc.
  • Renew membership package when it expires Once membership package runs out, it can be regenerated by customers from the frontend.
  • Upgrade membership to upper level Customers are allowed to upgrade their membership packages whenever they want with full or discount prices.


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  • filter_drama When can a membership package upgrade?
  • filter_drama What is the price of upgrade membership package?
  • filter_drama Is there any report of all membership updates?
  • filter_drama Can I place the membership page link to anywhere on page?
  • filter_drama How can I set the duration for a membership?

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