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Product Finder for Magento 2


Magento 2 Product Finder extension is the advanced finder tool for Magento 2 store, which facilitates customers to find out their desired products quickly via multiple product filters. Product Finder saves customers a lot of their shopping time, enhances user experience and increases the conversion rate for online stores.

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Magento 2 Product Finder for Magento 2.3.x, 2.4.x CE/EE/B2B/Cloud/ Adobe Commerce 2.3.x, 2.4.x

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When it comes to shopping, customers often have in their minds certain general key parameters to identify desired products. Therefore, providing customers with a finder tool with multiple filters will support them to find their preferred items more quickly and exactly.

The patience of customers is limited. The more time they have to spend searching, the more likely they leave the store site. Therefore, with product finder, customers can easily narrow the relevant products, find out their preferred ones in a few minutes and finish with purchase.

Advanced finder tool on the store site will enhance customer experience and impress them better at their first-time visit.


A finder includes multiple filters that are created by store admins. Then, each filter contains different selection options. These options can be assigned manually or automatically based on certain attributes.The results of a finder are generated manually by store admins or automatically and displayed on the Finder Result Page.

For example, Car is a finder. The filters are Year (with options as 2019, 2018, 2017), Model (with options A, B, C), Color (with options as black, white, red). Typical results are A1, A2, A3 when the selected options as 2019, A, Black.

Advanced product finder with multi filters

Product Finder is equipped to the store site to facilitate shoppers to find out their desired products quickly and effectively. This is a kind of personalized search to meet the key parameters of customers.

For example, a product finder of cars includes many different filters such as Year, Model, Color, Country, etc will help customers to narrow the relevant products to their demands easily. This tool is essential to the stores whose diversity of products is considerable.

Beautify product filter options' display by images

With Product Finder, there is no limitation to the number of options per filter. Especially, it is easy to make the product options visual and attractive to customers with multiple choices:

  • Text-based Swatch: display options as buttons with text labels
  • Image: Show options as images
  • Image and Text: Images above Text
  • Dropdown: Simple and usual display type

Depending on the number of options of each filter, the complexity of options, etc, the store admin should select display type suitably and clearly.

Auto or manual product finder mode

Another noticeable feature of Product Finder is that there are different modes which options and filter results will be assigned automatically or manually.

With manual mode, store admins will assign options and results for each filter manually. This mode helps store admins can design the filters and the targeted products as they wish.

With automatic mode, the options and filter results will be collected automatically based on the selected attributes. With each attribute, the corresponding value will be displayed. When the store products have many attributes, auto mode will save a lot of workload for the store admin.

Product Finders on any category pages and anywhere

Finders are mainly effective on the Category Page where customers can go to find their expected products. From the admin backend, store admins can select any category pages to show the corresponding finder.

Besides, there is no limitation with the positions of product finders thanks to the support of widget and snippet. The widget supports store owners to place product finders easily by selecting available positions. Meanwhile, using the generated snippet code helps store admins who are familiar with coding to add the finders anywhere on the store site flexibly.

The flexibility in displaying product finders facilitates customers to reach their preferred items easily and conveniently. As a result, it increases the conversion rate for the store thanks to the efficiency of the advanced search.

Promote products on Product Finder Page

One of the interesting features of Product Finder is cross-selling or up-selling other products right on the result page of each finder. The promoted products will be displayed at the end of the corresponding finder result page. Store admins can add promoted products by entering SKU or importing by CSV file.

The promoting function helps the store promote the related products as suggestions to retain customers, motivate them to discover more and increase sales.

More Features
Check out more details of Product Finder

Questions Rating

Popup support

All assigning tasks at the admin backend are supported by popup, without any redirection required.

Social Sharing

Import results for a finder

Allow assigning results for a finder via an imported file in the manual mode. The supported format is CSV.

Restrict FAQs

Comparison tab

Allow showing comparison tab on the Product Page when customers click on any product on Finder Result Page

FAQ Reports

Finder layout

Support two types of layout for a finder. The filters of a finder can be arranged vertically or horizontally.

GDPR Compliance

Positions on page

3 positions can be placed a finder on a page: Top Content, Bottom Content, Main Sidebar

reCAPTCHA in Question Form

Finder result URL

Set the URL to a certain page to show results after clicking Find button

reCAPTCHA in Question Form

Condition for Find button

Set the condition to enable Find button: Always enable, All filters are selected, At least one filter is selected

reCAPTCHA in Question Form

Condition to reset finder

Set the condition to reset finder: Always enable, No, At least a filter is selected

reCAPTCHA in Question Form

Chosen plugin

Allow using the Chosen Plugin to make the filter more beautiful and user-friendly

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Full features list

There is no restriction to the places of product finders on the store site. You can place on any category pages and CMS pages. With the support of widget and snippet, you can add finders on any positions you want.

There are two ways: Automatic and Manual. In the manual way, you will create options with name, images. With automatic mode, the options are generated automatically from the selected attributes.

What are the promoted products?

Promoted products are the ones which you set from the admin backend to cross-sell or up-sell on the Finder Page. You can add the promoted products by entering SKU(s) or importing products via a CSV file.

Reviews (5)

04 May 2022


Display filter options with images is amazing, and if there's anything else worth mentioning, I'm actually quite impressed with Mageplaza's friendly support!

Aled -Verified Purchase
19 April 2022


The support service answered very quickly and solved an issue swiftly and without any problem. Thanks a lot!

Percy -Verified Purchase
05 February 2021

Huge support

Product filter options can be edited and displayed with images, wonderful feature. This makes my store look stunning and attracts more attention. You deserve huge support from me!

Frank Gibson -Verified Purchase
01 February 2021

Useful extension

Wonderful extension I must say. Easy to set up and easy to search for products with lots of different attributes to choose from. I can even promote products on the page, very useful.

Janette -Verified Purchase
26 January 2021

Reasonable price

I have such an amazing experience with this extension. Great features at a great price. Can't believe there is such a module. It really helped!

Sally -Verified Purchase

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Release Notes

  • v4.0.6 (Magento v2.4.x)

    06 March 2024

    -Bug Fix: Fixed minor bugs

  • v4.0.5 (Magento v2.4.x)

    25 May 2023

    • Compatible with Magento v2.4.6
    • Compatible with Mageplaza Layer Navigation
    • Fixed some minor bugs
  • v4.0.4 (Magento v2.4.x)

    28 February 2023

    • Fix some minor bugs
  • v1.0.4 (Magento v2.3.x)

    28 December 2021

    • Fixed minor bugs
  • v4.0.3 (Magento v2.4.x)

    28 December 2021

    • Fixed minor bugs
  • v1.0.3 (Magento v2.3.x)

    27 October 2021

    • Fix some minor bugs
  • v4.0.2 (Magento v2.4.x)

    27 October 2021

    • Fix some minor bugs
  • v4.0.1 (Magento v2.4.x)

    09 July 2021

    • Compatible with Magento 2.4.2
    • Fixed minor bugs
  • v1.0.2 (Magento v2.3.x)

    09 April 2021

    • Improved compatible with Magento v2.3.6
    • Fixed minor bugs
  • v4.0.0 (Magento v2.4.x)

    23 March 2021

    Supported Magento v2.4

  • v1.0.1 (Magento v2.3.x)

    29 May 2020

    • Fixed minor bugs
  • v1.0.0 (Magento v2.3.x)

    24 October 2019

    Initial release

For store admins

General configuration

  • Enable/ Disable the extension
  • Select condition to enable the Find button: Always enable, All filters are selected, At least one filter is selected
  • Set the condition to reset finder: Always enable, No, At least a filter is selected
  • Select the redirection page after resetting the finder
  • Allow/ Disallow automatically redirecting to the result page when all filters are selected
  • Allow/ Disallow resetting the unselected finders when a finder is selected
  • Allow/ Disallow redirecting to the Product page when the result has only one product
  • Enable/ Disable the Chosen Plugin to make the filter more beautiful and user-friendly
  • Allow/ Disallow showing the promoted products at the end of the corresponding Finder Result Page
  • Allow/ Disallow showing comparison tab on the Product Detail Page.
  • Compatiple with: Layered Navigation, Ajax Search, Free Layered Navigation, Quick View Product,

General configuration for a product finder

  • Set the name for the finder
  • Set status for the finder
  • Select the layout for the finder: vertical or horizontal
  • Select finder mode to generate filter options and results
  • Select the position of finder on a page: Top Content, Bottom Content, Main Sidebar
  • Set finder result page’s URL
  • Select category page to show the product finder
  • Set the sort order for the finder
  • Add/import promoted products to show on the Product Finder Page

Configure finder filters - options and results

  • Add a new filter for the finder
  • Set name for each filter of a finder
  • Set the arrangement by alphabet: descending or ascending
  • Set the display type of option: Dropdown, Text-based Swatch, Image and Text, Image
  • Automatic mode: Select attributes to auto-generate filter options and results
  • Manual mode: Set options manually via popup - name, image.
  • Manual mode: Add results (products) via popup or Import by CSV file

For customers

  • Easy to find out relevant products matching specific parameters
  • View similar products at the Comparison tab on the Product Page
  • View the promoted products on the Product Finder Page

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