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Magento Ultimo Theme Review: Best option for online stores

It is undeniable that appearance is one of the critical factors in assessing a person’s personality. And this is also true for a website. If your website is designed beautifully, lively, and intuitive, of course, it will attract customers to visit your website every day.

Luckily, the Magento development team has built a variety of themes that make your Magento store more beautiful and sparkling in the eyes of customers. One of the most attractive themes for customers is probably the Ultimo Magento theme.

Ultimo Magento theme is a theme that receives many good reviews and impressive sales. So what are you waiting for? Let’s apply the Ultimo template to your online store.

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Why should we integrate the Magento Ultimo theme for online stores?

If you are still hesitant about integrating the Ultimo theme for your Magento store, here are some reasons why you should use it for your business.

  • Offer tons of outstanding features for your online store
  • Provide a friendly interface for customers
  • Improve the customer experience
  • Attract visitors at the first sight
  • Increase traffic on your website

Come on! Let’s dive in and explore all the wonderful features that the Ultimo theme brings to your Magento store.

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Overview Ultimo Magento theme

Ultimo Magento theme is one of the best-selling themes for Magento stores, which comes with a modern design and lots of outstanding features. The templates on the Ultimo theme are all trendy, the colors are eye-catching, and the images are clear, it is sure to be impressed by your clients from the first seconds of visiting.

ultimo theme review

Besides, the Ultimo template is designed based on a fluid grid layout that is compatible with both desktop and mobile browsers. In addition, it also includes an impressive drop-down menu that helps to highlight the products on your website as well as help customers see the products up close.

9 Ultimo theme features

1. Customizable design

The Ultimo theme allows you to change the visual look of most elements in this theme. Besides that, it also doesn’t require any coding knowledge. All you need to do is to edit directly in the powerful admin panel.

In addition, you can also easily choose the color of the theme according to your hobby, using color pickers, setting tons of different options, applying textures to headers, footers, and to the entire page, etc. Moreover, background images are also uploaded quickly with just a few clicks. All other properties like changing the font, and font size are also performed easily.

customizable design

2. Customizable responsive layout

Magento Ultimo theme can adapt to any screen resolution, including widescreen. Besides, you can ultimately choose the maximum width of the page from 1024 to 1680 pixels, or even your custom non-standard width.

customizable responsive layout ultimo theme

3. Fluid width

It’s excellent because the Ultimo theme is compatible with all screen resolutions. If you enable the Fluid Width feature, you can completely set the content to display the maximum width. Otherwise, if you disable Fluid Width, the page width will change and not take up all the available space as you enabled it.

fluid width ultimo theme

4. Fluid grid system

The Ultimo theme is built on top of a fluid grid system. It consists of 12 columns, so this theme always uses the full available space of the screen for display. This will help customers have a clearer view when visiting your website. More interestingly, Magento store owners can also use the grid system to build their own custom content.

fluid grid system

5. Home page sections

The home page sections feature allows you to choose the layout for your Magento store homepage. You can set your homepage to one, two, or three columns. Besides that, you can allow displaying custom content in multiple sidebar blocks. What’s more, you also can enable/ disable Magento’s default sidebar blocks. Below are some additional options you can configure.

  • Allow customizing the slideshow
  • Allow setting additional banners for slideshow (left or right side)
  • Allow enabling “Preface”, it is a custom content block above the columns
  • Allow displaying 3 custom blocks on the left column
  • Allow customizing the main content area for any custom content such as product sliders, banners, etc
  • Allow displaying 3 custom CMS blocks on the right column
  • Allow enabling “Postscript”, it is another custom content block below the columns

home page sections of ultimo theme

6. Customizable product page

For customers, a clean, beautiful, and easy-to-read website will impress them from the first moment. Therefore, all you need to do is create an eye-catching and neat product page for customers to easily find important information about the website.

Customizing the product page is also very important to have a satisfactory product page. With the Ultimo theme, you can easily configure main columns, prominent brand logos, and product images with cloud zoom and Lightbox. In addition, you can also install additional custom tabs and CMS blocks, sliders, up-sell products, social bookmarks, etc. In short, you can completely tailor the product page to your wishes.

7. Customizable product grid view

Fortunately, you can allow the products on your online store to be displayed as a grid in category view. You can completely install one of the options below. Show/ hide/ show only on mouse hover for the following elements: “Add to wishlist” and “Add to compare” button The product name Rating stars and number of reviews Price “Add to cart” button

customizable product grid view

8. Fluid and Auto-adapting product grid

Fluid and Auto-adapting product grid feature allows setting a custom number of columns (product in a row): 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, or 7 for the default screen resolution.

In addition, the number of columns will automatically adapt to the current resolution, it will adjust itself whenever the size of the browser changes. For example, the number of columns will automatically increase to show more products in a row on the widescreen.

9. Mobile-friendly mega menu

Ultimo theme allows you to switch between 2 styles of drop-down menus: wide or classic. In the wide menu, you can enable the display of links in 4-8 columns. Alternatively, you can also enable displaying your custom content in a drop-down block. Furthermore, you can customize the colors according to your hobby.

mobile friendly mega menu

Other features list of Ultimo theme

  • Unlimited colors – Allow store owners to change colors of many elements, apply textures and upload custom background images.
  • Google Fonts – Allow integration with Google Fonts.
  • Custom font stack – Support to choosing standard web-safe fonts or determining custom font stack
  • Custom blocks in the mobile menu – Enable displaying custom content in the mobile menu.
  • Customizable size – Allow adjusting the height and width of the menu bar, and the number of columns inside the drop-down menu
  • Accordion (mobile menu) – The menu can turn into a collapsible accordion on the mobile device.
  • Category labels – Offer various eye-catching labels for categories.
  • Custom links – Allow displaying custom links in the main menu bar. And the menu can be used for CMS pages.
  • Sidebar menu – Allow displaying the sidebar menu on selected pages. You can ultimately enable individually for category pages, homepage, CMS pages, and product pages. Besides that, you also select the left or right sidebar. You can allow displaying the sidebar menu on any CMS block as well as on any page.
  • Depth of the sidebar menu – Help you to control how many levels in the hierarchy of categories are to be included in the menu
  • Hide on mobile devices – Allow hiding the sidebar menu on mobile devices
  • Size of elements – Easy to control the element’s size such as product name, button, product labels
  • Alternative images– Enable displaying alternative product images on mouse hover
  • Equal height – You can align the items in the product grid to enhance the store’s layout
  • Image thumbnail slider – You can enable this feature in the admin panel. It allows scrolling automatically and quickly when loading the products on the product page.
  • 2 tabs for custom content – Allow showing any static content such as information about shipping, sales, returns, promotions, or any other general information
  • Tabbed reviews - Allow displaying product reviews on the product page to enhance your SEO

  • Lazy loading – If you enable this feature, you can not load the images outside of the viewport before clients scroll to them
  • Slideshow + banners – Allow disabling additional small banners at the right or left side of the slideshow.
  • Hide slideshow on mobile devices – Allow hiding the slideshow or slideshow banners on mobile devices
  • Brand slider - Enable displaying all product brands on the home page or any other CMS page.
  • Multiple sliders – Allow displaying multiple product sliders on a single page.
  • Random products - Enable showing random products in the “Featured Products” slider
  • One-click import - Ability to import CMS blocks and pages with sample content on the demo
  • Multi-level footer – By using predefined CMS blocks or a built-in grid system, you can compose your page footer.
  • Social services bookmarks – Ability to add social widgets to any section such as product page, footer, header, etc by using any CMS block
  • “New” and “Sale” labels - Easy to mark your products with impressive labels
  • Multi-language ready – Ultimo theme can work well with any language on the Magento store

Ultimo theme Compatibility

You wonder if the Ultimo theme is compatible with the Magento store you are using, don’t worry about anything. Because the Ultimo Magento theme can be compatible with both Magento 1 and Magento 2 ( 1.7.x, 1.8.x, 1.9.x, 2.0.x, 2.1.x, 2.2.x, 2.3.x).

Installation and Activation

There are some ways to install the Ultimo theme for your Magento store. Below is an example that you can follow for installing this theme.

Step 1: Select The Right Zip File

You will get many files for different Magento versions if downloading any theme. Please select the correct zip file for your Magento store, and copy it to your Magento root directory in your web server.

Step 2: Unzip Packed File

By using SSH and running the following command: unzip, you can unzip the file in your console

Step 3: Active Theme Module

This is an important step. You need to activate the module in your SSH.

In case your theme is Ultimo, you need to run the following command from the Magento root directory:

bin/magento module:enable Infortis_Base Infortis_Brands Infortis_Cgen Infortis_Dataporter Infortis_Infortis Infortis_Ultimo Infortis_UltraMegamenu Infortis_UltraSlideshow

After enabling modules, update your installation:

php bin/magento setup:upgrade

Next, recreate Magento’s static files:

php bin/magento setup:static-content:deploy -f

Step 4: Set Theme As Active Theme

Now you can log in to your backend. Then navigate to Content -> Design -> Configuration. Right now, you will see Configuration scopes, and please choose to edit and change the theme

Ultimo theme: Support and Price

At present, the regular license for the Ultimo Magento theme is $99. You will get the support within 6 months. In case you want to extend up to 12 months, you will need to pay $31.50. In addition, you can contact Ultimo theme’s supporters if you get any problems such as bugs, issues, or any related questions, etc. All you have to do is create a ticket, describe your situation; then, the support team will help you in resolving it.

You can also get more details by visiting: Official documentation .

Final thoughts

Magento Ultimo theme is a wise choice if you are finding a theme for designing your online store. It comes up with a variety of outstanding features, which surely improve your business as well as bring the best user experience.

We hope that this article will help you have an overview of the Ultimo theme. You also can have a look on our alternative articles about bundle themes . Ultimately, don’t hesitate to leave your comment on the box and contact us if you have any questions.

Thank you for reading!

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