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Magento 2 Porto Theme Review - The most popular theme on Stores

There is no denying that the e-commerce business is becoming a trend, and the Magento platform is the first choice for any merchant. The reason for choosing the Magento e-commerce platform is simple, as it is a highly customizable platform with a variety of wonderful functions.

More importantly, the Magento e-commerce platform is integrated with a wide variety of popular themes and templates, so please take advantage of them.

Thanks to these themes, you can give your customers an objective look at your online store. In addition, tons of other great features on a theme will also help your online store become eye-catching customers at first sight.

Yeah, in this article, we will review one of the perfect themes, called Porto Magento Theme. We believe that you will enjoy this fascinating theme. Let’s dive in!

Why you need a Porto theme for Magento stores?

Would you like to visit a website that looks cluttered and messy? The answer is, of course, no. An untidy and unclean website will not give you the excitement and desire to explore. Now, it’s time to decorate your Magento shop with the Porto theme.

Here are some of main reasons why you should choose the Porto theme for your online store:

  • Attract visitors at first sight
  • Make a clean and friendly user interface
  • Increase traffic to shop every day
  • Support tons of helpful functionality

Understanding your concern, let’s discuss more Porto Magento Theme.

Overview about Porto Magento Theme

Porto Magento theme is an intelligent template that offers a clean and attractive theme coming with 25+ homepage layouts and lots of other valuable features. As one of the most popular themes, the Magento Porto theme is constantly developed and updated with modern design trends, which are tailored to the needs of the client.

Porto theme review

With a 95% speed score, the Porto theme proves that it is one of the fastest page loading themes compared to other themes. Besides that, the Porto theme can be suitable for any type of business as well as compatible on all devices. What’s more, the Magento Porto theme is very easy to use. Whether you are not a developer, you can easily customize this theme’s impressive features.

10 Outstanding features of Porto Magento theme

1. Optimize for the best speed and performance

Porto theme offers a lightweight layout based on SEO standards, so it provides the perfect page loading speed, which helps to maximize website speed as well as improve user usability.

Interestingly, the Porto theme also provides website speed optimization tips, helping to reduce page load times for clients when they visit your Magento store.

2. Be easy to use and customize

As a flexibility theme, the Magento Porto theme provides clients with an easy tool for using whether they are beginners. Besides that, this theme can be suitable for any type of business like the blog, portfolio, eCommerce, etc. It deserves to be one of the favorite themes of Magento 2 store owners.

3. Be the top designs created by eCommerce professionals

All Magento Porto theme layouts are designed and developed by leading eCommerce experts, which deliver a great customer experience. Moreover, over 60k + e-commerce stores have used Porto as a figure that shows their love for this particular theme.

Porto theme review

4. Bring the best user experience

Designed with creativity and simplicity in mind, the Magento Porto theme is an attractive theme suitable for all customers. Above all, they have a knowledgeable and enthusiastic customer service team who is ready to help customers whenever they are in trouble.

5. Compatible with fantastic Magento extensions

For e-commerce stores, choosing a theme for their online store not only meant making a beautiful website that attracted customers, but they also focused on integrated extensions on their website as well.

Below is a list of the extensions that are compatible with the Porto Magento theme.

6. Slider

The slider feature enables you to highlight your best-selling products, categories, etc. When you hover your mouse over the slider, you’ll see two buttons on the left and right sides of the slider, where you can use the arrow icons to switch between new and previous slides. This is so great because the Porto Magento 2 theme allows the user to locate the home page where the slider appears. In addition, it also allows you to customize the sliders easily.

Slider feature on Porto theme

7. Shop by Category

Shop by Categoryfeature allows displaying products from a specific category on the home page. It will show the category name, images, and number of items in the category.

Shop by category feature on Porto theme

8. Mega-menu

Menu is one of the essential elements of the Porto eCommerce site. If you are observant, you will see that the top shopping websites like Amazon and Best Buy, etc., have a vast and complicated menu that displays items from each category of the website.

With just a few clicks, you can quickly create different types of menus in the Porto theme. Moreover, this theme also enables you to specify large menu types so that the users can go to the smallest detail of an item.

Mega menu feature

9. Category Page Customization

With the Category Page Customization feature, you can completely set a banner image for the product catalog page on your online store. Banners will help customers more quickly identify your business. Besides that, you can also add sliders or change the category layout to “boxed” or “full width” etc. Furthermore, the Porto theme also allows you to specify the width and height of the images that are displayed on the category page. You can also configure the Magento theme to display the “add to compare” or “add to wishlist” buttons.

category page customization

10. Product Labels and Configuration

It’s excellent because labels let you mark items for sale or discount. Product Labels & Configuration feature is a tool that helps increase conversion rates significantly for your Magento store.

product laebls

product labels

Product Labels for Magento 2

Create eye-catching product labels to grab more customer attention

Check it out!

Other Porto theme’ features list

  • 100% fully responsive: Porto theme can work on any screen resolutions, even if small resolutions. It comes with wonderful layouts, which brings the best customer experiences.
  • Retina Ready: Porto theme not only provides many beautiful layouts, but it also works well on any device, such as computers, tablets, mobile, etc.
  • Easy to set and install: After installing and activating the Porto theme, you can select a demo and import it. Also, you can perform some requirements during the installation.
  • Optimize page loading speed: High-speed performance is a leading goal of online store owners, and Porto theme provides a quick page loading speed in all themes on Themeforest.
  • Ajax Ready: Ajax is a wonderful technology that all websites are oriented for installing by store owners. And the Porto theme comes with this excellent feature.
  • Fully Customized: You can completely customize all sections from each demo as well as combine some features on the demo according to your needs.
  • SEO Friendly: This is one of the top improved features of the Porto theme. Thanks to this feature, you can completely improve better SEO performance.
  • Unlimited Colors and Skins: Interestingly, you can customize any color you want on all pages or a certain section.
  • Demo Content Import: This is an awesome feature of the Porto theme. With this feature, the Porto demo import process will be smooth, even if your server level is low.
  • Powerful admin panel: With the admin panel, customization becomes easier. You can easily configure all-powerful admin features for your website without any coding knowledge.
  • Integrate Quick View extension: With the Quick View feature, you can see the detailed product you want quickly by clicking that product. It’s very convenient and clean.
  • Support RTL: If you are wondering whether the Porto theme is compatible with Right to Left languages or not, the answer is yes.
  • Translation ready: Porto theme is always ready for multiple languages, whether you need any language for customer support.
  • CSS3 animations: Porto theme always updates the latest CSS 3 technologies; you can apply exclusive and beautiful css3 animation effects on the demos.
  • Top-level support: Porto is always keen on customer satisfaction. And the support service is the most important job of the experts.

Installation and Activation

Before downloading the Magento Porto theme, you need to purchase and download the license code, so please make sure about that. After you download the Porto theme successfully, you can use an FTP tool or access the SSH of Magento hosting for installing.

To activate the Porto theme, please log in to the Magento dashboard, click “Porto”, and choose the “Activation” button. Then, click the license or activate code, “license code” text file will be displayed on your screen.

You can also get more details by visiting: Official documentation .


Magento Porto Theme is totally compatible with Magento Community Edition from 1.9.x to 2.0.x, 2.1.x, 2.2.x, 2.3.x, and the latest version of Magento 2.4.x.

More importantly, the Porto theme is built based on a variety of free/ premium extensions for Magento 2, such as One Step Checkout, Layer Navigation, Ajax Search, Social Login, Blog, Affiliate, Quick View, etc. These extensions can help your Magento store increase traffic and revenue efficiently. What’s more, it’s also compatible with Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and the Microsoft Internet Explorer 9+ browsers.

Support and Pricing

Up to now, the regular license of the Magento Porto theme is $129. You can completely get the free support within 6 months. In case you get any problems such as issues and bugs on the site, complications with third-parties extensions, any questions, you only need to create a ticket, then send it to the support team of Porto theme.


Magento Porto theme is a perfect choice if you need a theme to design and build for your Magento store. All you need to do now is to install this theme and wait for the support from the Porto team.

In case you get any problems relating to the Porto theme, please leave them in the comment box. We are always willing to help and support you!

Thank you for reading!

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