How to Schedule Change Design in Magento 2

How to Schedule Change Design in Magento 2
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Set the schedule to change design feature is supported in Magento 2 that helps you effectively create the variation of design and manage them easily. You will probably change your store design and theme many times to fit with your seasonal promotions, marketing strategies, even creation new images. Moreover, configuring the period of time to change the design helps you save time a lot and the new design will be changed well-timed.

To schedule change design in Magento 2

  • On the Admin panel, click Content. In the Design section, select Schedule.
  • Click on the Add Design Change button in the upper-right corner.
  • Under General Settings, do the following: How to Schedule Change Design How to Schedule Change Design
    • In the Store field, choose place where the change applies.
    • In the Custom Design field, choose the theme that you want to show when changing
    • In the Date From and Date To field, set the period of time or schedule you want to change design
  • When complete, click Save.

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