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How to Automate Your Campaign in Magento 2

Dotmailer have a blank template that you can use to create custom programs. When you want to create an automated campaign, you have 2 choices: using existing campaigns, or making for new ones. Using SMTP module is recommended since it will assist you the technical process in Magento 2 better.

You can set up an Email Marketing Automation Campaign in Magento 2 by the following steps:

How to set up an Email Marketing Automation Campaign in Magento 2

Step 1: Make a New Program

  • In the top left corner of dotmailer, select Automation. Tap My Program then click New program to new to create a program.

My Program

  • Drag mouse pointer into Welcome program template, tap Select.

Welcome program

  • A table Give your program a name appears, tap Continue or change information what you want. You can change this later.
  • The Edit Program workspace consists of a flowchart of the program. Each box in the chart is a node. The left panel includes nodes that can be added to the program and function of each node.

Edit program

Step 2: Fulfil the Start Options

In this flowchart, tap the Start node.


  • The panel on the right side provides steps of the process:
    • Click Set enrolment schedule under 1. Enrolment scheduling section.
    • The Welcome program is arranged to run Daily by default. You can set the time you want then click Apply

For this example:


  • Click Trigger from contact date field under 2. Enrolment rule section: Whenever a new account is created, this options will help your web show your content of campaign. Complete the trigger description as follows:
    • Select the option Trigger from contact date field.
    • Select default entry 0 days after
    • Set the Date field to Create date.
    • Then click Apply.
  • Click Set enrolment limits under 3. Enrolment limits.
    • Select the option Re-enrol contacts every day they meet the start criteria. This option makes sure that everyone who have a new account on your web will be engaged in the next scheduled mailing.
    • Then click Apply

Enrolment Limits

Step 3: Select the Campaign

In the flowchart, click the Campaign node.

Send Campaign

  • If you have an existing campaign, choose Select Campaign
  • If not, tap Create Campaign
    • Type the Campaign name, and accept the default Campaigns location: Campaign then tap Create
    • Click Apply to end the Campaign box.

Step 4: Set the Delay

  • In the flowchart, tap the Delay node
  • Select the default Wait 7 days.
  • Click Apply


Step 5: Make a Follow-up Campaign

You do the same as Step 3 with the name: Follow-up Campaign

Step 6: Define the End of the Program

Final step:

  • Click the End node
  • Type the name campaign
  • Tap Apply

End of the Program

➤ Note: If you want to make new campaigns, you have to fulfill the definition of each campaign.

  • On the Automation button, choose Trigger campaign content.
  • Choose the campaign and click Edit editicon.

My Campaigns

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