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How to translate Mageplaza extensions to other languages?

Multiples language is one of default features in Magento 2and so does our extensions include it. Languages can be translated both in backend and frontend. In this guide, we will show you how to translate One Step Checkout extension from Mageplaza to your languages such as French, German …


Let’s take an example of translate to French.

To go

1.1 Select a language

You will see a list of flags, let’s select French flag i1

1.2 Select csv file of an extension

Then you will see a list of csv files, and let’s click on Osc > i18n > en_US.csv i2

1.3 Sign in Crowing account

You may be asked for signing in. If you don’t have Crowdin account, you can sign in with Facebook, Github, Google or Twitter account. i3


After logging, you will see this translation tool. i4

    1. Needs translation: all words need to be translated to another language.
    1. Translated string: translate the translation source to your language.
    1. Suggestions : Machine Translation Suggestions displays a translated string.
    1. Save: Save the translated string and show next string in the list
    1. Comments from other people: This zone for discussion of current needs translation string.


1. Download translated file

Now time for downloading your works. Go to Mageplaza page > French flag > Magento 2 > Osc > i18n > en_US.csv Open Options menu > Click on Download button and get en_US.csv file. i5

2. Change csv file name

Changing en_US.csv into your language code, in this guide, we change to fr_FR.csv. Looking up for a language code here

3. Upload csv to server

Upload fr_FR.csv into app/code/Mageplaza/Osc/i18n

Note: Osc is extension name. It can be: Blog, Seo, Affiliate, LayeredNavigation, SocialLogin …


Now clean Magento 2 Cache and check result

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