Shopify Pricing Plans (2024): Which Shopify Plan is For You?

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Thomas Nguyen Last updated: May 01, 2024

In this guide, we will look at how the Shopify pricing plans work and discuss which one is right for you.

Shopify Pricing Plans: How Much Do They Cost?

There are currently five Shopify pricing plans available to choose from. Each plan has its own feature set that suit certain business types.

  • Starter - $5 per month
  • Basic - $39 per month
  • Shopify plan - $105 per month
  • Advanced plan - $399 per month
  • Shopify Plus - Negotiable, but around $2000 per month

Note: Depending on your territory, you can get up to 50% off your subscription charge if you are willing to pay for one year of service upfront. After that, signing up for 2 or 3 years of service gives you a 20% and 25% discount, respectively.

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How to Check Shopify Pricing for Your Store Location?

Shopify prices change depending on your store’s target country. So make sure to check Shopify’s region-specific prices for your target country.

Here’s how to do it manually.

Step 1: Visit, then scroll down to the bottom of the page.

Step 2: Choose where you want to locate your store and select the country from the list.

Step 3: Visit the pricing page of Shopify to see your region-specific prices and deals( It’s usually located at the page’s header).

Note: You can use a VPN to check Shopify deals for your target country (if you are outside the target country).

There is also a Shopify free trial available that allows you to test out all the Shopify features at no cost. Once the 3-day free trial ends, that’s when the Shopify 1 dollar for 3 months deal kicks in, providing you with full access to Shopify for 90 days at $3 only.

Here is how much you will be billed monthly if you pay annually for the three main Shopify plans.

Monthly Plan Yearly Plan (Save 25%)
Shopify Basic $39 $29
Shopify Plan $105 $79
Shopify Advanced $399 $299

Note: The prices listed in the table above are for the US and Canada.

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Features Available on All Shopify Pricing Plans

The following features are standard in all five Shopify plans:

  • 24/7 customer support
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Automatic updates to orders, products, and inventory.
  • Fraud analysis
  • Discount codes
  • Abandoned cart recovery
  • Staff login management
  • Analytics page

The higher tier plan you sign up for, the more additional features you get, including everything from inventory management to fraud analysis and language localization.

Here is a breakdown of each Shopify plan offering.

Shopify Starter plan

Shopify Starter is Shopify’s entry-level pricing plan for online selling. At $5 per month, the Starter plan lets you sell across social media platforms or on your existing websites.

Shopify Starter Plan Core Features Overview

Shopify Starter does not let you create a fully-functional online store. Instead, it focuses on online selling on social media and messaging apps. Shopify Starter allows you to:

  • Sell an unlimited number of products on your existing websites.
  • Sell on social media platforms and other sales channels (Facebook, Instagram, Amazon, eBay, etc.).
  • Sell on messaging apps (Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, etc.).

Abandoned Cart Recovery

Abandoned cart recovery comes bundled with the Shopify Starter plan, providing the cheapest way to identify who leaves your site and does not follow through on their purchase.

You can automatically email either anyone who abandons their checkout or only your store subscribers.

Customer Support

24/7 support comes bundled with all the Shopify pricing plans. With the Shopify Starter plan, the support is limited to email and live chat only.

Transaction Fees and Credit Card Fees

Transaction fees (US-based merchants):

  • 0% if you are using Shopify Payments
  • 5% per transaction if you are using a third-party payment gateway (which will also have its own fees)

Online credit card fees (US-based merchants):

  • Online purchase: 5% + 30¢
  • In-person with Shopify POS: 2.7% + 0¢

Note: The credit card processing fee varies depending on your country. The ones mentioned in this article are for the US and Canada.

There’s a catch here for some users, as Shopify Payments, Shopify’s in-house payment gateway, is not yet available in all countries. The list of supported countries includes the US, Australia, Austria, and Canada.

Who is the Shopify Starter Plan Right For?

The Shopify Starter plan best suits merchants who.

  • want to add e-commerce functionality to their existing websites.
  • want to sell on social media and messaging apps (Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, etc).
  • are looking for affordable access to the abandoned cart recovery feature.

Basic Shopify Plan

Shopify Basic is the cheapest Shopify plan that lets you sell products on a fully-functional online store.

At $39 per month, the Basic Shopify plan lets you create and customize your online store and manage your inventory, orders, and customers from your Shopify admin.

Basic Shopify Plan Core Features Overview

The Basic Shopify plan includes all the features of the Starter plan while adding the following perks:

  • Ability to create an online Shopify store with full eCommerce features
  • Support for in-person sales via point-of-sale features
  • Support for two staff accounts
  • 24/7 support via live chat, email, and phone
  • Ability to create new orders manually
  • Support for SSL certificates
  • Ability to publish blog posts
  • Discounted shipping rates of up to 77%
  • Shipping label printing
  • Point of sale features via Shopify POS hardware

Shopify Themes

Once on a Basic Shopify tier or higher, you can choose from over 100 free and premium themes on Shopify. Paid-for Shopify Themes cost between $180 and $350 and come in different variants.

You can quickly locate and download a suitable theme from the Shopify Theme Store, which features handy search filters and an intuitive UI.

Both free and premium themes have support, but the kind of support may vary depending on your chosen theme. Shopify will assist you with any questions regarding the themes they have developed, but you may be referred elsewhere if you paid for a theme.

Point-of-sale Features (Shopify POS)

With the Basic Shopify plan, you can sell your products in physical locations and use Shopify POS hardware to accept payments. This is something you need help getting with the Starter plan.

There is also a point-of-sale (POS) add-on called Shopify POS Pro, which costs $89 per location per month and unlocks more advanced functionality.

Multilingual Selling

Unlike the Shopify Starter plan, the Basic plan allows you to sell products in multiple languages - up to 20 in total.

24/7 Customer Support via Phone

Customer service comes with all Shopify plans. Starting with the Basic plan, you get 24/7 support via phone call.


With the Basic Shopify plan, you can write and publish keyword-rich posts to increase traffic.

Transaction fees and credit card fees

Transaction fees:

  • 2% per transaction if you are using a third-party payment gateway (which will also have its own fees).
  • 0% if you are using Shopify Payments

Credit card fees:

  • Online purchases via credit cards: 2.9% + 30¢
  • In-person sales with Shopify POS: 2.7% + 0¢

Who is the Basic Shopify Right for?

The Basic Shopify plan bests fit merchants who

  • are looking for the cheapest way to sell on Shopify with a fully-editable online store.
  • want to add basic e-commerce functionality to their store.
  • are looking for a solution to accept payments and manage inventory when selling in physical locations.
  • want to use blogging to boost traffic.

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Shopify Plan

‘Shopify’ is the standard Shopify plan that supports growing businesses with a higher volume of online sales.

Shopify Plan Core Features Overview

The Shopify plan offers all the features of the Basic plan while adding some extra perks. They are as follows:

  • Comprehensive reporting
  • Support for USPS Priority Mail Cubic pricing (US users only)
  • Support for international commerce
  • Lower transaction and credit card fees

Advanced Reporting

  • The Shopify plan gives you access to a more comprehensive reporting feature. From your Shopify admin dashboard, you will get the following reports:

  • Order reports
  • Sales reports
  • Profit reports
  • Retail sales reports
  • Customers reports

USPS Priority Mail Cubic Pricing

US-based users can upgrade to the Shopify plan and receive discount rates on priority mail for small, heavy packages.

There are two options available to merchants in the US:

  • USPS Priority Mail Cubic: discounted rates on priority mail for all packages measuring less than 20 pounds in weight and 0.5 cubic feet in volume.
  • USPS Parcel Select Ground: discounted rates on priority mail for all packages measuring less than 20 pounds in weight and one cubic foot in volume.

Support for International Domains

The Shopify plan supports using international domains through Shopify Markets, Shopify’s in-house cross-border management tool that lets you configure your specific-region Shopify store.

The Shopify plan allows you to set up region-specific domains within search results to help customers find your store.

You can use top-level domains or subdomains to create localized shopping experiences. For example, if you sell in both the US and South Korea, you can set up the following international domains:

  • for the US
  • for South Korea

Transaction Fees & Credit Card Fees

Transaction fees:

  • 0% if you are using Shopify Payments
  • 1% per transaction if you are using a third-party payment gateway (which will also have its own fees).

Credit card fee:

  • Online purchase: 2.6%+30¢
  • In-person sales with Shopify POS: 2.5%

Who is the Shopify Plan Right For?

The Shopify plan is great for merchants who.

  • have a growing business with a high volume of online sales
  • want professional reporting
  • need to use Cubic Pricing
  • want to use discounted shipping rates

Advanced Shopify Plan

The Advanced Shopify plan is a slight upgrade over the Shopify plan, containing all the features of the Basic tier and Standard tier while introducing lower fees with credit card processing.

Advanced Shopify Plan Core Features

Upgrading to the Advanced Shopify plan adds three key features to your online Shopify store, including:

  • Advanced report building
  • Real-time carrier shipping quotations
  • Product price adjustment for specific countries

Advanced Report Building

The Advanced Shopify plan offers the most comprehensive reporting features that help you keep track of your Shopify store’s performance and create your custom reports. You can select from various dimensions and metrics to create your reports. You can also apply a broad set of filters to your data.

Real-Time Carrier Shipping

Real-time carrier shipping means your customers get the exact shipping rates that carriers charge when they place their orders. You can link your third-party carrier accounts to your Shopify account and then display carrier-calculated shipping rates to your customers at checkout.

Set Individual Product Prices for different countries

With the Advanced Shopify plan, you can set the prices for individual products to suit a particular country’s market. Here is how to do it.

Step 1: From your Shopify admin, click Settings > Markets.

Step 2: From the Other Markets section, click Manage next to the market you want to set prices for.

Step 3: Click Manage next to Currency and Pricing.

Step 4: In the Price adjustment section,

  • Price increase: set a price adjustment increase
  • Price decrease: set a price adjustment decrease

Step 5: Enter the percent value and hit Save.

Transaction Fees and Credit Card Fees

Transaction fees:

  • 0%, if you are using Shopify Payments
  • 0.5% per transaction if you are using a third-party payment gateway (which will also have its own fees)

Credit card fees:

  • Online purchases: 2.4% + 30¢
  • In-person sales with Shopify POS: 2.4% + 0¢

Who is Advanced Shopify Right For?

The Advanced Shopify plan is right for merchants who.

  • have a large inventory with a high volume of online sales
  • need an in-depth report analysis
  • want to add a real-time carrier shipping rate to checkout
  • want to take control of the prices in different markets

Shopify Plus

Shopify Plus is Shopify’s highest subscription tier that provides large enterprises with everything they need to create and manage their Shopify online store.

Shopify Plus Core Features Overview

The Shopify Plus plan comes with all the features provided by the above Shopify plans while adding the following perks to the package:

Shopify organization admin

The Shopify Plus plan lets you manage users, edit stores, and build automation for any of your stores, all from a single Shopify admin dashboard.

Advanced Shopify apps

Shopify Plus gives you access to over 8,000 Shopify apps on the Shopify App Store. Some apps and channels that are exclusive to the Shopify Plus plan include:

  • Wholesale channel
  • Launchpad
  • Script Editor
  • Transporter app
  • Bulk Account Inviter

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Customizable checkout

The Shopify Plus plan allows you to customize your checkout process fully. Specifically, you have full access to the code behind the Shopify checkout page template.

Additional API calls

The Shopify Plus plan gives you full access to the Shopify API - Application Programming Interface. This way, you can use it to build more Shopify integrations and custom apps.

Launch Team Support

When you sign up for a Plus plan, a Launch Team can assist with store integrations and migrations, thus getting your store online with effective marketing strategies.

Unlimited users & more staff permissions

Shopify Plus allows an unlimited number of staff members to access your account. In this way, you can give them more reports and gain more control over your team members’ access rights to customer data.

Access to Shopify POS Pro features

Shopify POS Pro - an upgraded version of the standard POS feature comes bundled with the Shopify Plus subscription, giving you exclusive access to premium point-of-sale features at no extra cost.

These features include:

  • An unlimited number of sales staff
  • The ability to facilitate exchanges
  • The option to create purchase orders
  • The ability to define staff roles and permissions
  • Access to daily sales reports
  • The ability to attribute sales to particular staff members

Transaction Fees & Credit Card Fees

Transaction fees:

  • 0%, if you are using Shopify Payments
  • 0.15% per transaction if you are using a third-party payment gateway (which will also have its own fees)

Credit card fees:

  • Visa & Mastercard fees (US customers): 2.15% + $0.30 per transaction
  • American Express credit card fees (US customers): 3.15% + $0.30 per transaction
  • Credit card fees (international customers): 3.15% + $0.30 per transaction

Who is Shopify Plus Right For?

Shopify Plus is for merchants who.

  • have an extremely high volume of online sales
  • require a higher store location limit
  • have a large budget
  • need to automate workflows

Additional Shopify Costs

In addition to the costs of Shopify subscription plans, you often pay extra for Shopify adds-on and advanced functionality. Below are some of the most common costs associated with running a Shopify store.

Premium Themes

Themes play a vital role in determining how your Shopify store looks. Shopify currently offers more than 100 free and premium themes on the Shopify Theme Store. If you choose to pay for a Shopify theme, you are looking at between $75 and $350.

Domain name

While all Shopify plans come with domain hosting services, you can go for a third-party domain provider. You can purchase domain names for your Shopify stores from Google Domains for around $15 per year.

Shopify Apps & Plugins

There are lots of Shopify apps that you can use to enhance your store’s functionality. Some of them are free, but the majority will cost you some cash down the line. Pricing varies depending on the Shopify apps or plugins you go for. However, they usually cost around $5 to over $100.

Development Costs

If you want to hire a professional Shopify guy to help you with various stuff, you will pay at least $15 - $20 per hour. These fees will be higher if you hire a Shopify expert, which may cost up to $85 per hour. Shopify even has its own marketplace for experts called Shopify Experts.

Shopify Email Hosting

Email hosting does not come bundled with Shopify pricing plans. However, you can send up to 10,000 emails for free each month. After that, each email costs $0.001 USD. For example, if you send 2,000 additional emails, you will pay $2.

Bottom Line

Choosing the best plan for you depends on your budget, business scale, and goals. We hope this blog post on Shopify pricing plans has helped clarify which plan is right for you and your business.

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