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13 Best Speed Test Tools for Magento 2 (Free & Paid) in 2024

When it comes to eCommerce, customers are those who prefer the convenience of shopping online rather than visiting a physical store.

However, the competition in the digital world is much more challenging since it gets rid of geographical limitations. Though for shoppers, this is definitely a benefit, sellers have to struggle in the crowded marketplace.

In this case, 2 determinants influence customers’ purchase decision directly:

  • User experience on the online store

  • SEO ranking on Google

Both are not something new to eCommerce marketers. Still, they can be significantly improved by one factor: Page speed.

By listing top 13 Magento 2 speed test tools, this post offers all information you need to enhance your site’s performance.


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Table of Contents

1. PageSpeed Insight (Google)

Let’s start off with Google PageSpeed Insights. Google tool kit might be too famous for most digital marketers these days, for instance, Google Analytics or Google Trends.

In terms of SEO tools, particularly for web speed optimization, Google PageSpeed Insight is a tool that should not be overlooked. As its name suggests, this is a tool owned by Google that enables users to evaluate a web page’s overall performance.

The report summary of Google PageSpeed Insight
The report summary of Google PageSpeed Insight

Great featured of PageSpeed Insight (Google):

  • Main reported metrics are based on a web’s performance on both mobile and desktop devices. So that you can prioritize your site’s performance (particularly page speed) enhancement on mobiles or desktops more effectively

  • Display important figures on the report in 3 colors: Green, Yellow, and Red. This helps users get to know web performance right at their glance at the report

  • All you need to do is copy and paste a random web page’s URL into the search bar. Click the Analyze button and wait for the results

  • Get an overview of a web page’s performance evaluated by Google through the main score with 3 tiers: 0 – 49 (low web speed), 50 – 89 (average web speed), 90 – 100 (well-performed web speed)

Solutions suggested by the Google PageSpeed Insight
Some of solutions suggested by the Google PageSpeed Insight

Once the test finishes, you get a quiet board report. It includes Field Data, Lab Data, Opportunities (recommended solutions to speed up a Magento site), Diagnostics, and Paused Audit.

PageSpeed Insights analyzes the website’s performance based on Google’s standards (a plus point) and offers some suggestions to make your page faster. Though this free tool might give some struggles for novices, developers can get more benefits.

2. Mageplaza Speed Optimization Service

Mageplaza is on the list of top popular extension builders for Magento 2. Compared to other speed test tools in the marketplace, they offer a comprehensive solution for eCommerce web improvement in overall, not limited to increasing the load speed.

Focus on to improve the page load time
Priority aspects Mageplaza service focuses on to improve the page load time

Merchants’ benefits when subscribing to Mageplaza 2 Performance Optimization service:

  • Have a team of experts who will start analyzing your web performance in all aspects with different tools to find the bottlenecks that slow down the web and trigger cart abandonment

  • At the end, the web’s owner will receive a detailed report regarding all your existing issues and potential solutions for these problems

  • Magento’s expert team’s then responsible for speeding up your whole website and keeping you updated on the plan progress

Guaranteed results
Guaranteed results

The best thing about Mageplaza’s Speed Optimization service is that you’re completely guaranteed your web performance with specific figures after the web optimization process.

3. Pingdom

The next free tool on this list we’re about to mention is Pingdom. What differentiates Pingdom significantly from others, including one of Google, is its ability to test your site performance from 7 default locations.

7 options to test a site performance on Pingdom
7 options to test a site performance on Pingdom

Other interesting things about Pingdom:

  • Offer a wide range of valuable metrics to help Pingdom’s users make the tweaks needed for a Magento site’s speed optimization

  • Come with a performance mark, along with your ranking based on the recorded speed of other websites using Pingdom

  • Design the report’s interface to be colorful and graphic-oriented. This allows you to immediately identify site issues and take instant actions

  • Simple to use and easy to understand at the same time for both novices and web developers

  • Provide simple instruction for new users to get used to the tool, which is my most favorite point of Pingdom

  • Able to share and download the results

The report summary of Pingdom
The report summary of Pingdom

For the free plan, your results will display the 0verall site evaluation (Performance grade, Page size, Load time, Requests), Improve page performance, Response codes, Content size by content type, and so forth. Just try it yourself!

2 current pricing plans of Pingdom
2 current pricing plans of Pingdom

For more advanced analysis, Pingdom’s premium versions will be a better choice. You can try the free 14-day trial for all plans. The cost varies based on your requirements and typically starts at $15 per month for monthly payment.

4. GTmetrix

Just like Google PageSpeed Insights, GTmetrix is also a free speed test tool for any web type, not limited to Magento sites only.

In essence, GTmetrix does its best on tracking delivering results for businesses’ site performance. Once you can you page with GTmetrix, it gives you a detailed report of your site’s quality in several aspects, for instance:

  • Summary section: Include Speed Visualization, Top Issues, and Page Details

  • Performance Metrics, Browser Timings, and Structure

  • Waterfall, Video, and History

Key indicators when testing your site with GTmetrix
A summary of key indicators when testing your site with GTmetrix

Like other speed test tools, you will get a summary of key indicators reflecting web performance. What people love on GTmetrix:

  • Enable users to keep track closely of all aspects affecting a site’s load speed with graphs and alerts

  • Like Pingdom, able to test pages from different regions

  • Able to compare your site with another URL

  • Provide a detailed introduction box next to all metrics so that even novices can easily approach the report

  • Allow taking the report link or sharing on Twitter and Facebook

GTmetrix is a simple speed test tool that can be used to test a Magento site load time. It provides lots of details about your site’s specific aspects. Hence, you can identify precisely the existing and potential problems for further improvement.

4 plans for GTmetrix’s users
4 plans for GTmetrix’s users

Some features will require you to sign up for an account to use, for instance, browser settings (Google/ Firefox) or connection types (Cable/ Dial-up). For the best use out of GTmetrix, it’s recommended to subscribe to a Pro subscription (from $10/month).

5. DareBoost

To be honest, we get amused by the number of a site’s aspects that are listed and analyzed by DareBoost. Compared to the mentioned tool, the monitoring and analytics power of this free tool is truly outstanding.


DareBoost provides users with very precise and personalized technical reports and advice. It’s more like an all-in-one tool to manage and improve UX performance, including page speed optimization.

Outstanding features of DareBoost:

  • Reflect essential metrics directly related to UX with Video Playback, Filmstrip. Allow users better-improving web quality

  • Users can implement speed test and web’s performance monitoring from 13 locations and seven devices

  • Enable to simulate a speed test in the environment with and without ad-blocking for a specific domain. Give more precise results for better issue identification

The summary report of DareBoost
The summary report of DareBoost

Apart from that, Dareboost also offers speed tester functions like any speed test tool provided on the marketplace. The displayed results come with an overall score of core web vitals and solutions for prioritized issues.

5 pricing plans of DareBoost
5 pricing plans of DareBoost

Businesses who want more advanced and professional features can try different Dareboost’s paid versions.

6. WebPage Test

Report from WebPage Test
Report from WebPage Test

WebPageTest is another free option for merchants to test Magento page speed. Some critical features of this speed test tool:

  • Generate custom settings for each time running the test.

  • Test page speed in different locations to know where your eCommerce site ranks against others

  • Indicate which browser your site performs best, plus where tweaks need to be made

  • Generate an extreme in-depth evaluation of your site performance, including content, domains, waterfall, page load times, and so many more

Like other speed test tools, you just have to submit your web’s URL as required then wait for the result. However, the WebPage Test does have a downside when it comes to practice implementation. Its reports and diagnostics might not be friendly to every user.

Waterfall View Report from Webpage Test
Waterfall View Report from Webpage Test

Waterfall View Report from Webpage Test

WebPage Test can be a potent tool with a wealth of enhanced information if you know it well.

7. YSlow

The following tool that can be used for the Magento speed test is YSlow. The interesting point is that it’s an extension. In other words, you need to integrate YSlow in your browser for further test actions.

YSlow's highlight features
YSlow's highlight features

YSlow’s highlight features

What you get when using YSlow:

  • Have a clean and easy to navigate interface, allowing you to pinpoint exact segments that require your attention

  • Get a final result of your web’s performance, of course including page load timeless based on 34 criteria that constitute a matrix

  • Scan your site using a matrix constituted by 34 criteria to give you the most precise result

An example of web report from YSlow
An example of web report from YSlow

The YSlow will grade each aspect of your site from A to F. With this feature, users can have a better understanding of their eCommerce site and which area needs improvement.

8. Dotcom-Tools

Compared to other tools that enable speed tests on 5 - 10 locations, Dotcom-Tools differentiates itself by supporting up to 21 locations. A huge plus point for Dotcom-Tools in this area.

Allow testing website performance in 21 different locations
Allow testing website performance in 21 different locations

For those who’re searching for a free Magento speed test tool, Dotcom-Tools give them the ability to:

  • Test website performance in 21 different locations around the world. But this function can take you a long time for final results

  • Display detailedly the average loading time of a web page, page sizes, along with the number of errors from the selected locations

  • Conduct the test with different browser types, for example, Google Chrome or Firefox on the desktops and Android or iOS for mobile devices

  • Report detailed waterfall graphs. Thus users can know exactly the order in which your web page loads and optimize them for a better user experience

  • Run the Web speed test based on the user’s test purpose. Dotcom-Tools identifies your test’s goal via 2 options: Page Optimization vs. Global Performance. This will generate more precise results

Specify the test via multiple setting options
Specify the test via multiple setting options

What Dotcom-Tools has, while others don’t, is its ability to let you specify your test requirements for each selected browser. Besides, its interface is designed like a professional web analytics app with sections reflecting every aspect of your eStore.

3 pricing plans of Dotcom-Tools
3 pricing plans of Dotcom-Tools

Above are all pricing plans you can consider for more advanced requirements.

9. Uptrends

There is nothing much to say about the Free Website Speed Test of Uptrends since it has all the features a speed test tool needs like recommended improvements, page-load progression, page metrics, waterfall report, etc.

Watterfall report from Uptrends
Watterfall report from Uptrends

Uptrend’s results displayed in the waterfall remind me quite much of the WebPage Test’s interface. Anyway, it’s highly recommended for its well-designed and captivating web monitoring tool. A worth-trying Magento speed test tool that enables merchants:

  • Diagnose the site’s troublesome issues

  • Run the web speed test on different environments of competing browser, device model, and bandwidth throttling

  • Check your Magento speed from 10 worldwide locations (Up to 226 checkpoints for the Business plan)

  • Optimize with Google PageSpeed Insights

  • Organize and categorize the resources into 8 groups: first-party, statistics, CDN, social, ads, uncategorized, first-party overall, and third party overall.

Organize and categorize the resources into 8 groups
Organize and categorize the resources into 8 groups

Basically, merchants or marketers use Uptrends for monitoring many web aspects such as web application, real-time performance, API, server, and so forth.

The report summary from Uptrends
The report summary from Uptrends

It also comes with 3 pricing plans for a higher level of application for businesses and enterprises.

10. Yellow Lab Tools

Yellow Lab Tools offers users front-end quality testing and in-depth web performance reports more than a primary Magento speed test tool.

Offer advanced settings before running the test
Yellow Lab Tools offers advanced settings before running the test

It comes with several options for advanced settings, which is a huge plus point for those who need precise data and professional user experience.

The global score provided by Yellow Lab Tools is based on both primary and unique qualifiers, including:

  • Page weight and Requests

  • DOM complexity and DOM manipulations

  • Scroll bottlenecks, Bad Javascript, jQuery, and CSS complexity

In this way, some reported results can only be analyzed on Yellow Lab Tools, and other tools don’t offer, such as viewing JavaScript interactions with the DOM while the page is loading.

Score Details
Score Details

However, the final results of your site on this free tool might not be as detailed as other tools mentioned above. Still, it’s free so that you can use Yellow Lab Tools as an additional choice for a more comprehensive look over your site performance.

11. Geek Flare

There are not many differences in tools between Geek Flare and other Magento Speed test tools in the marketplace.

Geek Flare has a simple interface that enables you to test your page load speed from a wide range of locations regardless of several devices. You can see some web metrics commonly appeared on most speed test’s results, such as:

  • Page Speed, Page Size, and Time to First Byte

  • Contentful Paint, Total Blocking Time, and so forth

A report summary from Geek Flare
A report summary from Geek Flare

You can use Geek Flare to test CDN, security, network, and SEO performance as well. But it doesn’t mean there’s nothing special about this free tool. In fact, Geek Flare is a set of 39 web testing tools divided into 6 groups:

  • SEO, DNS, and Hosting

  • Security, Performance, and Other

Offers you multiple test tools for websites
Geek Falre offers you multiple test tools for websites

There’re many things you can explore in a multi-functional platform like Geek Flare.

12. Sucuri Load Time Tester

Sucuri Load Time Tester gives Magento merchants a fast solution to evaluate their sites’ performance in different locations. The results are based on 2 main factors:

  • The amount of time it takes for Sucuri to connect to the tested site

  • The length of time a web page is fully loaded

As a user, you can quickly confirm the speed load times in 3 aspects:

  • Connection Time

  • First Byte Time

  • Total Load Time

Test result from Sucuri Load Time Tester
Test result from Sucuri Load Time Tester

After the test, Sucuri analyzes and gives you the tested result for Average response time and Global Performance Grade (based on total time) from A to F. User-friendliness is what Magento site’s owners love about this speed test tool.

13. MobiReady

The final tool on this list will be MobiReady, a free Magento testing tool for web developers, designers, and marketers. The test will be conducted based on the W3C standards, Google PageSpeed Insights, and Yahoo’s YSlow.

Compared to others, MobiReady’s testing system focuses mainly on evaluating a web’s mobile readiness.

Come with great test visualization
Come with great test visualization

However, you can still get a summary report of your site’s quality based on the web’s performance on 4 different types of devices. Moreover, you can actually interact with the web that shows up on each device, such as scrolling up and down, opening a blog post, or navigating to any web page.

An example of test results from MobiReady
An example of test results from MobiReady

The thing that impresses me the most is definitely the interface of the result page on MobiReady. It’s straightforward, highly understandable to even the novice. If you want a basic Magento speed test tool, MobiReady can be a good choice.

How to optimize Magento web loading speed

After scanning your web with a speed test tool mentioned above, let’s move on to the optimization. There are many ways to maximize a Magento site’s website speed. Below are tips web developers or even SEO experts use widely.

Increase the page load with Ajax loading

Ajax Loading is an incredible application of Ajax technology to make the page loading quicker and more seamless when navigating from one page to another. This means that users don’t have to wait for the whole page to load.

As a result, your online store becomes much more user-friendly. This directly affects the shopping experience of visitors and their purchase decisions as well.

Magento 2 Layered Navigation extensinon
Magento 2 Layered Navigation extensinon

Ajax Loading is a small feature on the out-of-the-box feature list of the Magento 2 Layered Navigation, one of the most best-selling extensions of Mageplaza.

Automate compression with the Magento 2 Image Optimizer

For online shops, images are undoubtedly vital. Still, high-resolution images (when not needed) are among the top reasons causing slow load speed. The smaller your image sizes, the faster your pages will load. But you still have to keep them high-quality for the best shopping experience.

Magento 2 Image Optimizer
Magento 2 Image Optimizer

One of the easiest ways to systematically manage all the image file sizes on your Magento store is using Magento 2 Image Optimizer. A tool allows compressing and optimizing web images in bulk.

Plus, this module also comes with the ability to backup, restore original images, and automate the optimization process perfectly.

Image Optimizer

Image Optimizer for Magento 2

Speed up page loading & enhance the user experience for your store

Check it out!

Prioritize above-the-fold content with Magento 2 Lazy Loading

Magento 2 Lazy Loading
Magento 2 Lazy Loading

When it comes to web speed optimization, a Magento 2 Lazy Loading extension is definitely a good option. The operational mechanism of this extension allows your site to load images only at a demanding time.

In other words, images are only loaded until reaching the user’s viewpoint. This action significantly speeds up your site with tons of images, as a result, enhances user experience and reduces bounce rates.

More tips to speed up your website

  • Avoid unnecessary packages and scripts. They cause a burden of loading to your webpage in the long run

  • Minimize CSS and JavaScrip. By removing unused code like comments, space, tabs from the file, you can reduce up to 50% of the file size, thus improving the web speed

  • Reduce server response time with a CND. Or Content Delivery Network to deliver media, images as well as JS/CSS files much faster

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The bottom line!

Speed is a critical element of running a successful eCommerce site in the long run. A fast loading page always gives shoppers a much more satisfying experience and a professional look in customers’ eyes.

Thus, speed optimization affects not only a business’s conversation rate but also SEO rankings, web performance, user engagement, and so much more.

To find the most suitable tool for your needs, start by trying out some of your most preferable ones on the list.

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