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Product Grid for Magento 2


Improve your product management with Magento 2 Product Grid extension. Easily filter and search for products and perform bulk actions directly from the grid view.

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Magento 2 Product Grid Extension for Magento 2.3.x, 2.4.x CE/EE/B2B/Cloud/ Adobe Commerce 2.3.x, 2.4.x

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Product Grid Extension



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In Magento Default, product data are all located in a product column tab with no logical classification. As a result, it likely takes more time, more mistakes for admin to find and manage these columns in the product grid. How admin can make adjustments in product data at grid? For default Magento, unluckily, there is NO way. Admins must open product detail pages to adjust them one by one separately. This process is, undoubtedly, a time killer if the amount of data need to be changed is relatively huge.

Although Magento 2 supports a quite large number of product attribute columns, it seems some very crucial ones are missing, such as Product Category, Availability, Qty sold, Frontend Product Link, etc. Hence, admins have no choice but to go to each product details to track/edit these information.


  • Organize product data more conveniently
  • Default Group and Attribute Group
  • Full-control of product inventory
  • Related items at product grid
  • Up to 13 extra product columns
  • Update product data right on the grid
  • Rapidly sort out of specific items

Classify the column tab into different groups

Instead of an all-in-one tab, Advanced Product Grid extension divides the Magento 2 available columns into the Default Group and Attribute Group for better allocation and finding certain product data.

Default Group includes: ID, Name, Thumbnail, Type, Attribute Set, SKU, Price, Quantity, Visibility, Status, Websites, Special, Cost, Action

Attribute Group contains: Short Description, Special Price From Date, Special Price To Date, Weight, Manufacturer, Meta Title, Meta Keywords, Meta Description, and the rest of Default attributes. Also, admins can import new attributes in this group.

Add 13 needful columns into product grid

With the Extra Group added in Magento 2 Product Grid extension, Magento 2 admins now can control all essential product info from its stock status to the related items right on the Grid.

The additional columns are:

Qty Sold
Frontend Product Link
Creation Date
Last Modified Date
Related Products
Low Stock
Tier Price
Last Purchase Date
Recent Order

Edit details of Related/Cross-sell/Up-sell columns

In order to bring in the best convenience for store admins in product data viewing and managing, Product Grid extension is also integrated with the child columns of three-parent columns: Related product, Up-sell and Cross-sell product. All of those small columns are located in Product Info Group tab.

More details, admins can see/edit the following information of Related/Cross-sell/Up-sell products:


Add product thumbnail right on the product grid

Product thumbnail should be updated over time so that customers can see the closet photos of items on your website. Understand that, Product Grid module supports Magento 2 admins to upload product thumbnails for better illustration.

Magento 2 admins can click to "upload image" to add the new thumbnail. These images are imported instantly via popup right at the product grid. Admin can delete any uploaded product image as well.

AJAX edit grid inline

With Magento 2 Product Grid module, admins do not need to open each Product Detail Page to make a small correction. Instead of that, they can quickly edit product data right on the product grid in three modes:

Multiple Cells: Allow editing multiple cells of different products at the same time.
Single Cell: Edit one cell of a product each time. When moving to another cell, the last edit will be saved automatically.
Multiple Rows: All editable cells will be shown. Admins can edit a/multiple products at once.

More Features
Check out more details of Product Grid


Change column header

Every column title in product grid can be edited quickly at column tab


Filter by product attributes

Almost product columns can be filtered at product grid


Export all product columns

Admin can export any information at product grid


Edit product grid with all input types

Support edit for input types: Text Field, Text Area, Date, Yes/No, Multiple Select, Dropdown, Price


Change quantity directly on grid

The module allows admin to add/deduct product quantity by using plus/minus sign


Auto availability based on quantity

Stock statuses are updated automatically depending on product' s quantity


Frontend product link

Admins can preview frontend product page right at product grid


Compatible with Mageplaza extension

Admin can upload more product attachments right on the grid when installing Product Attachments

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Crafted for a great webstore start $ 199 first year

  • 1-year extension updates
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  • Supports for Magento 2 Community Edition

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Great for an enterprise solution $ 399 first year

  • Free updates within subscription time
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Full features list

You can filter by almost all product columns both Magento Default and New added columns such as category, website, short description, URL key, qty sold, etc.

Sure, you can drag and drop to move the column’ position.

In the configuration of Product Grid module, admins can set the maximum qty of items shown in those three columns.

Yes, all of Mageplaza extensions are 100% open-source, you can customize it yourself.

Reviews (5)

04 May 2022

Easy installation

Extra columns are what I need, and the thumbnail photo is also useful. The installation is quite easy, so I'll give it 10 out of 10.

Charlotte -Verified Purchase
19 April 2022


I can organize and modify my product grid better thanks to this extension. Customizable as well. Recommend!

Barbara -Verified Purchase
28 January 2021

One fo my best purchase

I was looking for something that would let me change product stock quantity, price and upload image. I hated to have to load products page each time I needed to make some changes. I found this extension and it does exactly what I needed. It's extremely useful and let me spare a lot of time.

Simona -Verified Purchase
28 October 2020

Good extension but not for the latest Magento editions

The extension itself works as advertised and is very useful. Also, Mageplaza support was very helpful with an issue we had that made the extension to slow down the product grid. However, we are waiting for months now for Mageplaza to make this extension compatible with Magento 2.3.5 or higher. This currently keeps as from updating our Magento installation.

Stefan Heule -Verified Purchase
02 March 2020

Works great

Does perfectly what it is set to do. Very customizable.

Marc Pingen -Verified Purchase

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Release Notes

  • v4.0.3 (Magento v2.4.x)

    23 June 2023

    • Compatible with Magento v2.4.6
    • Fixed some minor bugs
  • v4.0.2 (Magento v2.4.x)

    30 January 2023

    • Compatible with Magento 2.4.4
    • Fix some minor bugs
  • v1.0.3 (Magento v2.3.x)

    27 October 2021

    • Compatible with Magento 2.3.7
    • Fix some minor bugs
  • v4.0.1 (Magento v2.4.x)

    06 June 2021

    • Compatible with Magento v2.4.2
    • Fix minor bugs
  • v4.0.0 (Magento v2.4.x)

    10 November 2020

    • Supported Magento v2.4
  • v1.0.2 (Magento v2.3.x)

    10 November 2020

    • Compatible with Magento v2.3.5
  • v1.0.1 (Magento v2.3.x)

    20 July 2020

    • Fixed minor bugs
  • v1.0.0 (Magento v2.3.x)

    31 December 2019

    Initial release

Product Grid actions

  • Show/hide any columns
  • Select which columns can be edited/ filtered
  • Directly change column titles on column tab
  • Upload thumbnail images for products via popup
  • Edit one cell each time
  • Edit multiple cells of different products at the same time
  • Save all edition at once
  • Edit details info of Related/Cross-sell/Up-sell columns: ID, Thumbnail, Name, Status, SKU, Price
  • Manage more product data at grid: Qty Sold, Categories, Frontend Product Link, Availability, Creation Date, Last Modified Date, Related Products, Up-Sells, Cross-Sells, Low Stock, Tier Price, Backorders, Last Purchase Date, Recent Order
  • Preview frontend product page after editing at backend
  • Export all product column data
  • Edit product grid with all input types
  • Change quantity directly on grid

Product Grid General Configuration

Qty Sold Configuration

  • Specify the start date to count the products as "Sold"
  • Define the end date to count the product as "Sold"
  • Select the order statuses to be counted as "Sold"

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